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How To Look More Stylish And Fashionable!


Hello muffins! I hope you all are doing great.

I was inspired by my very stylish and fashionable friends to write this blog post. My friends gave me ideas to share with you all on how to look very stylish on budget. One of my very stylish girl friend i know over a decade mentioned that you do not have to have alot of money to look stylish, you just have to know how to combine the write outfits.  I totally agree with her. Passion for fashion is the key and  essential in order to look great. I do admire some top fashionable personalities such as Tyra banks, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham. I do read some great blogger’s post such as In The frow, and beauty by Carli bel, beauty by jj .

You may search on YouTube, vogue magazine , attend fashion shows for fashion inspirations and style.

Most of all, believe in your self and know that you are unique!

I hope you are inspired.

I love you


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10 Cool Things You Can Do Everyday To Improve Your Life

Hello my amazing fabulous beauties in the house!!! This blog post is dedicated to you in order to inspire you on how you can invest your time and energy in lucrative activities! Without much further ado, lets get started!!!

  1. Sing- Pratice singing, sing praises to God.  if you can not sing, join a music class, you might end up becoming so famous!
  2. Travel, If you do have an european passport, you can visit countries such as Spain, Greece for very affordable prices. Traveling helps you to become more educated, accomodating and versatile. Companies such as Sunweb has great holiday packages at very affordable prices
  3. Get out in nature. Go for walk with your loved ones, spend quality time together visit the streams, hiking, biking. If you are married, go for a dinner date with your husband or wife, plan a secret getaway or do  a simple picnic.
  4. Exercise. Exercise makes you look smarter, happier and feel better.
  5. Practise gratitude, be grateful for your loved ones, kids, family friend, job, gratitude helps to improve your relationship.
  6. Write, write a blog, keep a journal. writing helps to relax the brain. Keeping a journal helps you let go and forgive.
  7. Mediation is also awesome, meditate every day.try to pracise yoga at home. You may watch YouTube videos for inspiration
  8. Declutter your life, try to practice minimalism, live simply, you do not need to have all the best cloths, houses, cars to be happier. just live!!!
  9. Eat healthy food everyday.
  10. Relax, pursue your hobby, keep doing what you love no matter the circumstance.

I hope these tips were hepful!!!
I love you so so much!!!


Ekene Patience










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Party LookBook!

Hi hi hi 🙂 How is your Monday going so far?! I currently edited a new video for you guys!!! Pumpkins, I also shot some lovely pictures to inspire you on how to style your self for a party. Few days ago, I had my birthday. These looks can be used  for a dinner date, shopping in the mall or chilling at home. I do love to know how you style yourself for a party.

I love you.


Ekene Patience.

More stylish outfits of mine  Here

I bought my dresses here

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These few pictures above were shot few years ago, I wore dresses from Nelly, Vlisco etc.


Photo Model In The Netherlands

Hello lovelies, Most of you know am a Photo Model In The Netherlands. These are very few of my modelling Pictures. I have been modelling for several years, besides modelling, I am also a beauty consultant. I do Manicure, Pedicure, Makeup, I also make Youtube Turorials.
 I love what I do and very passionate about it.I also love my family and kids very much.
If you need someone for your beauty tips, Makeup,manicure or Pedicure, Please do not hesitate to contact me.
I hope thse looks inspires you. You can find more of my awesome pictures by checkiing my social media links ( see liks on the right hand side).
I do like to hear from you which of my pictures is your favourites.



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