Skincare Advice 2022!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

Today, i am going to share with your ideas on how to maintain your hair and body in my own opinion,

1. Wash your hair and body on daily basis. You may want to use skin care products from the body shop or from rituals. Rituals also sells nice nail polish and makeup items.

2. Use products from lush cosmetics located in Rotterdam, Nivea or Vaseline on your skin. Nivea and Vaseline products helps to relieve dry skin. You may want to shop for nivea or Vaseline from Kruidvat or etos Middelburg. in The Netherland also sells fabulous cosmetics and makeup items

3. Use clean towels to clean your body Blokker Vlissingen nice affordable towels.
4. Sleep on a nice tidy bed.

5. Dresses up, wear clean, tidy clothes. You may want to do your laundry at wasserij en stomerij  kepils Vlissingen Zeeland, The Netherlands.  for laundry.
Ramsburg Middelburg sells very nice affordable fashionable items

6. Use Day and night cream from biotherm or from Chanel. You can shop for these items from Ici Parisxl or from Douglas Middelburg or from Douglas in other cities.


Are you a makeup artist like me or a beauty consultant? it is important to take good care of your skin.

I hope this blog post inspired you! I am a youtuber, I offer beauty and skincare advice. i also offer coaching via WhatsApp video call. Please do contact me if you wish to work with me.


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