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8 Great Restaurants In The Netherlands!

Hello, my beautiful friends! I hope you all are doing great. I enjoy very delicious food in the restaurant. Good food is very important for healthcare and great looks. Lots of fruits, salad, and meat would help you achieve great looking skin. During my biochemistry studies in Nigeria, I took classes in Nutrition. I learned that the food we eat contributes to how we reason, think. Good balance diet would help with great thoughts, but unbalanced diet will deteriorate your ability to think properly. Aside from eating proper meals, good hygiene. self-care and regular exercise is very important.

Below are awesome restaurants in The Netherlands.

  1. Olijventuin
  2. Van der Valk
  3. Restaurant Fred
  4. Restaurant old dutch
  5. Sazanka
  6. Amadore restaurant Middelburg
  7. Toro dorado Amsterdam
  8. Jamie Oliver

Aside from the above-mentioned restaurants, I enjoy Italian meals such as meals sold by Julia, the thaise restaurant in Antwerpen, Chinese food and Chinny Suriname’s rice and chicken in Rotterdam. I love the dutch Smuller food, whereby you can buy hamburger by throwing coins into the food machine, so awesome. My great friends, where do you wine and dine in The Netherlands? I would love to learn from you.


Ekene Patience

Dutch Version

Hallo mijn lieve vrienden, hoe gaat het met jullie? Ik hou van lekker eten. Dit zijn de toprestaurants in Nederland waar je goed uit eten kunt gaan. Goed eten is heel belangrijk voor jullie gezondheid. Graag wil ik van jullie weten waar jullie heen gaan om te genieten. Veel leesplezier!


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Carbonara met penne echt lekker hmmm

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Working In The Netherlands

Hey muffins, this is a note to share with you my working experience in Horeca- Hotels, restaurants and cafes in the Netherlands. it was amazing!- Ik vond het erg leuk – that means, I loved it.

While I was a student at Rotterdam University, I did some in between jobs in Restaurants such as Olijven Tuin in Rotterdam and Toro dorado, Markt Cafe, these above mentioned restaurants are awesome!

I also worked for Amadore , Amadore has a great customer service system, well trained staffs and also great ambiance in their restaurants.

if you are searching for a student job, restaurants, cleaning jobs and hotel receptionist can be a great start.

I also worked in some awesome hotels as part time jobs. I was fired several times because I lacked some experience. so my advice to you young lad out there, you need to be well experienced before you apply a job, choose a field you are good at, and be the best.

I hope this tip inspires you.

I am currently looking for a job, am good at makeup,sales and marketing and also has some experience in cleaning , so please do contact me if you know about a job offer in The Netherlands.

I love you