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Travel Guide 2021!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you are doing well. Today, I am going to share with you some awesome travel guide. I enjoy travelling a lot.  These hacks would help you have a successful trip in 2021. Travelling is very important, travelling helps one to become more sociable, versatile and improves one’s knowledge in regards to the culture, food and lifestyle of the environment you do find your self.

  1. Dress smart, wears socks under your shoes in the airport, because sometimes your shoes need to be removed for the check at the airport
  2. Avoid drinking fluids that you are not conversant with in order to avoid running stomach
  3. Be four hour before flight time at the airport
  4. Take with you all the necessary documents for your flight, preferably print them out .
  5. Always drink bottled water from Eva, nestle when you are abroad
  6. You can search on google for uber, bolt for transportation
  7. Sometimes you can find cool affordable hotels via or via Airbnb
  8. Take your toothbrush and toothpaste with you in your hand luggage
  9. Make sure you have a power bank from VR-i and a headset from VR-i in order to charge your phone and listen to music while waiting for your flight
  10. Please turn off electronics while in the aeroplane and endevour to sit at he sit number assigned to you.
  11. I do recommend British Airways, KLM, Ethiopian airlines and airfrance for your trip to countries such as Nigeria etc
  12. You can actually do your PCR test at Schiphol airport
  13. Have fun!

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7 Top European Countries I Have Been To!

Hello angels! I hope you all are doing great. I love traveling! Many of you have been asking me, why do I Live in Zeeland in The Netherlands? What brought me to Holland?  Well, It’s a long story! Today, I am going to share with you top European countries I have visited.

  1. Italy
  2. Spain
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Germany
  5. Belgium
  6. Greece
  7. Great Britain (London and Scotland)

Whenever you want to go to London, Please fly with EasyJet, you would love flying with them. the airline has amazing customer service and delightful staff. You may want to stay in Premier Inn hotel, Novotel London or in an Airbnb in London whenever you for sightseeing, holidays or for business. During my stay in Creta Greece a few years ago, we stayed in a very beautiful hotel for a few days. We booked with Sunweb, it was a great experience. I and my family runs Solite global travels, we can help you book flight tickets and reserve hotels and accommodation worldwide.

I love Europe because it’s very organized, beautiful, clean, modernized and has very wonderful citizens! My lovelies, which European countries have you visited? why did you choose to visit the countries? I would love to learn from you.

Dutch version

Hallo mijn beste vrienden, Vandaag wil ik het met jullie hebben over de 7 mooiste landen binnen Europa die ik heb bezocht. De landen die ik heb bezocht zijn Italie, Spanje, Nederland, Engeland, Duitsland, Belgie en Griekenland. Wat het reizen binnen Europa zo uniek maakt is de verscheidenheid in natuur, cultuur en de volksaard van deze landen.

Wat betreft de natuur zie je het vlakke polderlandschap van Nederland en het bosrijke Noord Duitsland in Noord Europa tegenover het bergachtige en heuvelachtige landschap in Italie, Zuid Duitsland en Griekenland. De cultuur in Europa is werkelijk schitterend, elk land heeft zijn eigen rijk historisch verleden wat je terugziet in de eeuwenoude bouwkunst.

Wat betreft de volksaard, er zit een groot verschil in mentaliteit en levenswijze tussen de mensen in noord en zuid Europa, het calvinistische noorden tegenover het katholieke zuiden. Mensen in noord Europa zijn zuinig en werken hard, je moet eerst het geld verdien voordat je het uitgeeft, mensen in zuid Europa doen en denken precies andersom, ze geven het eerst uit en zien later wel hoe ze het terugverdienen. We spreken wel van het rijke noorden en het arme zuiden.

Dus mijn beste vrienden, een rondreis door deze 7 landen is zeer de moeite waard om te doen.


Ekene Patience

Thank you so much for reading.


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Yuppie! Happy birthday to me! I celebrated it in the beautiful city of Paris! xoxo Ekene Patience

Hello my beautiful friends, Here is some lovely pictures I made today at home in The Netherlands!  I am a photo model in the netherlands Makeup and styling done by me! have a nice week! xoxo Ekene Patience

Yuppie! Happy birthday to me! I celebrated it in the beautiful city of Paris! xoxo Ekene Patience

Yuppie! Happy birthday to me! I celebrated it in the beautiful city of Paris! xoxo Ekene Patience






My Top 5 Favourite European Countries For Shopping, Studies and Holidays!

Hello beautiful! I hope you all are doing great. Listed below are my five top favourite countries in Europe! I feel so blessed to  have seen beautiful countries in europe such as The Netherlands, Scotland, Spain,Greece, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, London. These countries are fabulous, but see below my top favouries.

The Netherlands is a perfect holiday destination. The people speak dutch and are very friendly.

Spain is a great for holidays  too. I have been to Mallorca, it’s  so beautiful there, the country has fine food and wine.

Italy is great for shopping , cities such as Milan is terrific for spending that big bucks for cloths. I have also been to Modena where Ferrari cars are made.

Germany is a very beautiful city, the people are well disciplined and correct, Always straight to the point.

Scotland especially Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow is terrific. London city is also very beautiful! Scotland also has great universities for studies.

In a nutshell, Europe is a great country! Filled with excitement and lovely cities. Visiting new cities, countries is a great way to learn new cultures, make nwe friends, become more versatile and international!

Please enjoy the pictures below of me during my trips to some of these countries mentioned above. Few years ago, I was a photo model, so I visited alot of fun places too when i had to travel for photosessions.

Thank you so much for reading.

I hope you are inspired.


I love you.


Ekene Patience


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holiday 3

Mallorca Spain


Utrecht Holland


Creta Greece DSC04209 DSC04210 Creta Greece

Greece, Creta DSC05751

Ekene Patience _DSC2781 1111 Ekene Patience 5555 8999 22222



Brussels, Belgium



Paris DSC06167 DSC06185 Hotel Timor DSC06209 DSC06302 Timor-Anlage

P6290381 P6290382 P6290386Antwerpen, Belgium


My Favourite Holidays Destination!!!

Hello angels, Christmas is around the corner, you might be thinking about an exciting environment or destination for an awesome holiday. Today, I decided to write this blog for you to inspire you on great places you can visit for holidays. Travelling is a great way to see new places, have new experience, become more versaltile. I have been to Belgium, United kingdom , Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Nigeria, Greece and many more, so I have a handful of experience of great places you may want to visit. I highly recommend these countries mentioned above. Amsterdam, Rotterdam is incredible, Creta greece is awesome, Paris is terrific, Mallorca Spain is amazing, Scotland, places such as Edinburgh, Glasglow, Dundee, aberdeen is very beautiful, Turkey, Instabul is very cool. You may want to check out cheap ticket with Easy jet or Ryan air.

I hope you are inspired.

Please share with me your favourite holiday destination, I do love to hear from you.


Ekene Patience


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holi 8


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Black and White Holiday Lookbook!

 Hey Beauties! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!!! This weekend there are so many great sales I wanted to tell you about!! Starting with my favourite site Watch Star!! USE CODE; CHRISTMAS SALES for 10% off EVERYTHING on the site!! As you guys probably already know, Watch Star is one of my all-time favourite websites for shopping accessories. They are constantly updating with the newest trends. If you haven’t ordered from them take advantage of this code that is live for the weekend! Let me know what you picked up 🙂 Can you believe the holiday season is approaching!? Time sure flies. This weekend I will probably do most of my holiday shopping. How about you guys??


Ekene Patience


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DSC_0027  DSC_0019 DSC_0035


Outfit Diary – Spain!

Last month, Hubby, the kids and I booked a last minute trip to Mallorca, as the last few weeks in The Netherlands have been cold and rainy. It’s a very unusual weather for this time of year in The Netherlands (based on my 5 year experience living here, haha!) *I still love you Holland* Yet I need my healthy dose of vitamin D. We chose Mallorca because we have already visited Greece last year, a few years ago and fell in love with the magical island. We may go back to Greece and eventually discover all the beautiful and unique islands it’s got to offer again.

Scroll down for outfit details. I hope the outfits inspires you! Most of the outfit I bought in Spain.

We flew with Brussel Airline. Schiphol is also a nice airport in The Netherlands.

Stay beautiful!



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Exploring Paris

Yuppie! Happy birthday to me! I celebrated it in the beautiful city of Paris!  Paris is a beautiful city to visit! I visited so many beautiful places! I recommend you use a city tour bus to see the whole city! I have been to france three times , once for photosession! I made some fantastic pictures during my last trip!Makeup and styling done by me!