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How To Start blogging In 2019!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on how to start blogging in the year 2019! In order to be a successful blogger, you need to decide why you wish to start a blog. You and I know that blogging is trendy and highly recommended for all businesses.

I have been approached by several companies in Africa, Europe and America to promote their goods and services on my blog! It’s such a terrific experience. Making money does not have to be the sole reason for starting a blog!  You need to be very passionate about it and avoid plagiarism.

Blogging enables businesses goods and services to become more visible online, increase traffic to your website to reach more potential customers and eventually make more profit.

 Please follow the steps below for creating your own blog in the year 2019;

1. Register an account with Yahoo or Google

2. Choose a blog name

3.Register with WordPress or and do pay for  the  domain name

4. Decide on a topic you wish to write about, I, for instance, write about, beauty fashion and lifestyle.

5. Write regularly and share on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

I am a business, beauty and health consultant in Europe. Please contact me if you are interested in working with me. I coach individuals and SME’s on how to increase traffic to their site, build a website, become more visible online and more.

Thank you so much for reading my blog!


Ekene Patience


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Hi ya! I am a personal shopper in The Netherlands, I can help you shop for cloths, makeup,  cosmetics , electronics, please let  me  know if you  are interested .


Hi dear! I am a beauty, business and health consultant. Please contact me  of you are interested in my services xo

Hi dear! I am a beauty, business and health consultant. Please contact me  of you are interested in my services xo

Modelling tips



Hi ya! I am a aphoto model and a personal shopper in The Netherlands, I can help you shop for cloths, makeup,  cosmetics , electronics, flight tickets, hotel reservations,  please let  me  know if you  are interested.

DressFor sale ❤   I am a personal shopper. I can help you for these items and beyond.   Please contact me of you are interested to do business with me . We ship worldwide. +31633651998. I am on whatsapp too xo

Hi dear! I am a beauty, business and health consultant. Please contact me  of you are interested in my services xo


How To Start Your Very Own Blog In 2018!

Hello my angels! I hope you all are doing great! Blogging is so much fun, it involves sharing your knowledge with the world. I have had the ample opportunity to meet Linda Ikeji about a decade ago in Lagos Nigeria. She is one of the most successful blogger in Nigeria. Bella naija is also a very cool blog.  Blogging also help you to share your experience with the world. In today’s blog post, am going to share with yu few steps on how to start your own blog,

          Choose a domain name

          Create an account with

          Customise your blog, choose a nice template for your blog

          Buy a good camera or ask photographers to make pictures for you

          Promote your blog on sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube

          Choose from several options to monetise your blog

I hope these few tips inspires you, by the way, I build websites and social media websites updates for companies and SME’s ( small medium size entrepreneurs).

Please do contact me if you do like to work with me.


Ekene Patience


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Bloggen is zo leuk, het gaat om delen van uw kennis met de wereld. Ik heb de ruimschoots de gelegenheid om te voldoen aan Linda Ikeji ongeveer een decennium geleden in Lagos Nigeria. Ze is een van de meest succesvolle blogger in Nigeria. Bella naija is ook een zeer koele blog. Bloggen kan u ook helpen om uw ervaring te delen met de wereld. In de huidige blogbericht, ga delen met u paar stappen op hoe te beginnen met uw eigen blog,

– kies een domeinnaam

– een account aanmaken bij

 – aanpassen van uw blog, kies een mooi sjabloon voor uw blog

 – kopen van een goede camera of vragen fotografen foto’s maken voor yo u

 – Promoot uw blog op sites zoals Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp en YouTube

ik hoop dat deze paar tips inspireert je,  ik  doe websites bouwen en sociale media websites updates voor bedrijven en KMO’s (kleine middelgrote ondernemers) Contacteer me als je wil samen met mij willen werken. 


Ekene Patience


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Cleaning Out My Closet!!!

Hey muffins 🙂 I hope you all are doing great. I have received dozens of request on how I do clean up my closet. I tend to maintain a very tidy closet and love clearing out my entire closet every two months. I also enjoy rearranging all my cloths. You may also want to wash most of your cloths during your clear out. I have been able to help so many of my friends and family members to tidy up their wardrobe! The fun of cleaning your wardrobe is that you get to find lovely cloths hidden in between your pilled up cloths you have not worn for months and also giving to charity is amazing. I have donated lots of my cloths to Dorcas and Leger de Heils in The Netherlands. If you do need any of my clothing items, makeup, shoes or cosmetics please do let me know. Please kindly support my blog by shopping my post.

Thank you so so much for all your love and support.

I do appreciate it so much.

Wishing everyone an amazing week!


Ekene Patience


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African Model In Stylish Outfits!

Hello muffins! I hope you all are having a great week! Please see pictures and video of mine wearing several stylish outfits! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a high heel girl. I got a lot of high heels and cloths during and after my photoshoots as a gift. Recently I got a glass from visual reality glasses. Please check them out. I was hoping to inspire you with these looks. I also love wearing african outfits although I live in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is very multicultural just like Paris, so persons from different part of the world are free to express themselves accordingly. I hope you are inspired! Please do not forget to like my awesome video below!

I love you.