Qualities of A Good Student!

Hello my beautiful friends and family! Thank you so much for visiting my site. Today, I am going to share with you top qualities of a good student.

Top qualities of a good student are;

  1. Be kind to your fellow student
  2. Be on time for lectures
  3. Read your books
  4. Do some research on the best schools before you start your studies
  5. Take your studies seriously
  6. Do your assignments on time
  7. Go to bed early
  8. Make friends and study together with your fellow students
  9. Buy text books for studies
  10. Eat properly, make sure you have some extra money on you if need be, you can buy some vitamins supplements.
  11. When you are writing your thesis, make sure you write it properly, a great thesis will enable you to pass and achieve your university degree.

Are you planning to study at Oxford university London, Cambridge, university of dundee, Erasmus university or at hogeschool Rotterdam, cool! You have done so well for your self! Please make sure you study well in order to excel.

In 2006/2007, I was living in Apapa for almost six months with my girlfriend, later when my friends from Port Harcourt moved to Ajah Lagos, I moved in with them, then I made some great friends at tincan island Lagos, I had a serious relationship, but was not yet ready to get married or  to have children then, then I was totally focused on job search and off course start my masters programme at the university of Lagos, Nigeria. Me and my friends lived together peacefully and happily in Apapa Lagos Nigeria.

University of Lagos is a great university to study. After living at Apapa for several months with my several friends then, I moved in to live with my girlfriends in Lagos. I lived with my girlfriends for some months, during that period, I was searching for a job and also on the verge of starting my national youth service. During my youth service at Ekiti state, I lived with my girlfriend then at Ado Ekiti state in one room.

I truelly enjoyed my university days in Nigeria. I also had so much fun at the university of nigeria Nsukka during my thesis. I shared an accomodation with several teachers and students then. The essence of this story is that if you are a student and do not have sufficient money to rent your own accomodation, please share with flat mates or offer them a room for accomodation. If your fellow student need help with the exact documents for registration at your home address, please give them a hand in preparing the documents.

I had a very serious relationship then at Apapa then I wanted to start a family then with my partner then at apapa, bear kids, rent a home together, but then we were not ready.

I first met my Apapa friend in Port Harcourt, later when I went to Apapa, we met each other there again, I moved in with him, we had so much fun and happy moments together. I stayed at his home for several months. He bought me so many beautiful items then at Apapa. I was so happy with the beautiful outfits then he bought for me then, he also gave me weekly allowance which I used to take care of myself very well aa a woman. I had intention to wear the beautiful clothing and shoes  them very often when I finally gain admission at the university of Lagos Nigeria.

Few months after leaving at Apapa, I applied at the university of Lagos Nigeria for my masters degree, I also applied to study at Singapore via an agency in Ikoyi, but later I decided to work instead in Lagos Nigeria.

My advice to parent or a prospective student guardian is please make sure you provide all the essentials a student need, book, skincare items, shoes, cloths, extra pocket money incase of emergency at school, feeding, travel cost, telephone cost and more!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

Have a nice day!


Ekene Patience





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