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Hello, my beautiful angels! I hope you all are doing well. I and my very talented cousin sells beautiful beads worldwide. I feel so blessed to have a very big family members whom lives in Nigeria and different parts of the world. My sisters, brothers, cousins, niece, uncles and very dear friends, has several talents that may wow you! Recently, I was in Nigeria, I had the ample opportunity to spend very quality time with my cousin, she thought me how to make, repair and sell beads. She gave me several beads to sell. We have a bead warehouse in Nigeria, whenever she receives order from different parts of the world, she ships the beads with, dpd,dhl, ups, fedex and other post agencies. My cousin also makes very stylish clothing, ranging from wedding gowns, traditional marriage outfits with very pretty colourful African fabrics,, stylish glamour wears and more!

Do you need very unique outfits or jewelry, please do contact me.

Thank you so much for reading!

I love you


Ekene Patience


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Hello my beautiful friends and family! My cousin and co sells customised beads worldwide! Please contact me if you are interested. xoxo Ekene Patience WhatsApp +31617339446




Beauty by Ekene PatienceGood morning friends. Do like the beads am wearing in this video or do you need a customised bead? i and my cousin sells customised beads worldwide. please do contact me if you are ekenepatience@yahoo.comwebsite -



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