A Love Letter To My Amazing Beauties Out There!

Hello my beautiful amazing family and friend, I would love to use this medium to say to you all that I love you all so so much! A very very successful entrepreneur inspired me over five years ago to write often blog post, he said to me,  by so doing, i do help to shine light on less priviledged ones whom would like to learn more about makeup, styling, fashion, self care tips, home care tips, so since then, i vowed to always share my little knowledge with you all the best way i can.

Today’s blog pose is especially to my beautiful friends and family out there, family, kids, friends, collegues, mates: So lets get started:

  1. Take good care of your self
  2. Beleive in your self
  3. Work hard
  4. Seek advice from persons whom can serve as a mentor to you
  5. Be kind
  6. Be respectful
  7. Be  generous
  8. Be humble
  9. Be prayerful
  10. Be relatable
  11. Be sweet
  12. Smile often
  13. Love deeper
  14. Be thankful!

I hope you are inspired, If you have a great message you want to share with the world, you would like me to write on my blog, please do no hesitate to contact me.

I love you so much!

stay fabulous!


Ekene Patience


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