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Hello, my fabulous friends and family! Welcome back! Today, I have lip swatch blog post for you guys today!  Yuppie!!! I regard myself as a very lucky woman! I tend to receive items worldwide from time to time to review on my blog! Thank you, Lord!  A few weeks ago, I received Duvolle facial cleanser, recently, I received some lipstick.  The lipstick are matte, the other side of the lipstick has lipgloss. The lipsticks are well pigmented and have a great texture on my lip. I love the way I make my lip feel very smooth and creamy. The lipstick lasts up to ten hours on your lip. The part of the lipstick is that it makes my lip scent like roses! Would you like to try out my lipsticks with me? Please feel free to contact me! Thank you so so much duvolle for sending me these amazing lipstick! You guys are simply the best!

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Shop your fabulous lipstick at

Shop your fabulous lipstick at[email protected]/30664891338/in/dateposted-public/


Shop your awesome lipstick with

Shop your fabulous lipstick with

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