How I Keep Going When The Road Is Tough!!!

So this might seem like a random post, and hard to believe from someone who has the following that I have, but this is something I have felt from time to time, and actually I remember at moments like this.

Insecurity affects those in all ranges of achievement, and as a blogger/vlogger/creator, I’ve sometimes felt ‘un-recognized’ by my industry peers and institutions. I have over 5 million views and thousands of followers  in all my social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and so on. Now rather than having a pity-party, and thinking “woe is me”, I am the type of person who reflects and analyses. Is it due to inconsistency, bad quality, or just not being ‘out there’ enough? When I find that none of these are the reason however, it can be a bit disheartening.

Now I actually don’t write this post just for myself, but because I’m realizing that this is the case for SOOO many people, whether it is at work, or school, or amongst a team or within a family some of us are just not getting the ‘recognition’, we think we deserve. Whenever you feel unaccepted or criticized, do not breakdown and feel pity for yourself, rather remember your strong qualities and characteristics you have, you may want to start enhancing your strengths so that it can overshadow your weaknesses.

I have done over four beauty pageants, whereby I won once and the rest of the time I took second and third position, believe me or not, this life is all about competition, you find competition at work place , school and  even in churches. I have had several  businesses for a decade and one of my keys to success is to keep going even when the going is tough, I learn from every experience I have had the opportunity come my way.

So, I just wanted to write this to give some of you a little motivation/inspiration. To understand that although it might seem hard, and there may be moments where you just feel like no one is seeing the effort you are putting in (They probably aren’t), it’s more important to remember to challenge oneself not based on who is watching. Instead pursue all endeavours with excellence, stay in your own lane and be true and consistent no matter the outcome. Also being the only one who gives yourself that round of applause, even in the most embarrassing way is OK!!!

I love you!


Ekene Patience


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