My Favourite September Beauty and Fashion Items 2020!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you today? I hope you all are doing great. Below are some of my current favorite fashion items, activities, cosmetics, and more am loving this month of September 2020!

  1. My pretty nails
  2. My lovely dress from aw bridal
  3. My Dior lipsticks and foundation i bought from Ici Paris shop
  4. My clinique hydrating cream
  5. My rituals skincare products

I have helped several male and female to choose stylish outfits online and offline. Many male and female friends of mine have asked me to help them stylish fabulous outfits for a graduation party, marriage ceremony, traditional marriage ceremony, honeymoon outfit, wedding outfits, birthday outfit, and wedding guest outfits. I have recommended awesome shops shop as WE FASHION in The Netherlands, Boohoo, Fashionova, C&A, H&M, De Bijenkorf, Espirit, and many other awesome companies in The Netherlands.

I also like to wear a nice tidy hair, a decent hair makes a woman feel very beautiful. In order to maintain my hair, Ilike to wash my hair with shampoo. When I was living in Port Harcourt in Nigeria, I had a beauty salon, I usually wash my customers hair with shampoo,then I used m blow dryer to blow dry their hair, sometimes they do sit in the hair dryer machine for half an hour or one hour. I have several girl friends in Lagos and port Harcourt Nigeria, they do have awesome salon. I have done my nails severally at my girlfriends home the, when i was leaving at treasure garden estate, she coached me on how to achieve more beautiful skin during my post partrum period, she also coached me on interior decoration, outfit styling and more, she is an amazing angel.


Recently, I colored my hair red. You might be wondering, how did i do it, well, I bought two hair colour from Kruidvat, the blond and red one, first, I soaked the wig in the blond hair dye, then after one hour, I soaked the wig in a red hair dye. I left it till dawn so that the colour will enter the wig very well. I have done this same procedure formy male and female customers in Nigeria and in europe. pplying hair colour to natural hir is much more easier and simpler.

When I was studying at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I did the makeup, hair styling of some of my friends and customers, they were very happy with the result and with my skills.

Aside from taking good care of my hair, I also like to take good care of my skin too. I also offer skin care advice to persons with dry skin, combined skine and oily skin in regards to the best cosmetics that would suit them better.


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