Cleaning Out My Closet!!!

Hey muffins 🙂 I hope you all are doing great. I have received dozens of request on how I do clean up my closet. I tend to maintain a very tidy closet and love clearing out my entire closet every two months. I also enjoy rearranging all my cloths. You may also want to wash most of your cloths during your clear out. I have been able to help so many of my friends and family members to tidy up their wardrobe! The fun of cleaning your wardrobe is that you get to find lovely cloths hidden in between your pilled up cloths you have not worn for months and also giving to charity is amazing. I have donated lots of my cloths to Dorcas and Leger de Heils in The Netherlands. If you do need any of my clothing items, makeup, shoes or cosmetics please do let me know. Please kindly support my blog by shopping my post.

Thank you so so much for all your love and support.

I do appreciate it so much.

Wishing everyone an amazing week!


Ekene Patience


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