My Favourite Fruits

Hello my beautiful friends! I just wanted to share with you my favourite fruits. Orange, strawberries and kiwi. I know so many people does not like fruits, but fruits is very good for the skin and full with vitamin c. In case you do not like fruits, you can try to make some milk shake combining fruits to it or slice some kiwi in an icecream. I very good friend of mine gave me a very delicious Italian drink. It was a mixture of blended chocolate, gin and lemon. I think its something we all can make at home. I know some ladies who uses cucumber on their face as beauty routine.

My little advice for those of you facing some challenges, always remember time heals every wound. Just keep your heads up and stay positive! In stressful and stormy life moments like past weeks I always remind myself that “this too shall pass”. Everything comes and goes…nothing is forever, therefore we must learn to embrace the stormy weather of our lives and perhaps even dance under the rain. I do love to hear from you what your favourite fruits is.

I Love you,


Ekene Patience

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