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4 Top Real Estate Companies In Edinburgh

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you ? I hope you all are doing well.

 Today, i am going to share with you four top real estate companies in dundee and edinburgh in my own opinion.

1. Arnold clark

2. Regus

3. Truscott property

4. Home sweet home letting agency


Finding a home might be a little challenging but , not to worry, you need to be perfect to find the right home for you.

In order to get a home from these above mentioned companies, you need to give them a call and ask if you can come over to visit the home.

You might also need to look up for accomodation on gumtree is a great place to find a home.

Edinburgh and dundee  are two great cities in Scotland very beautiful cities and you might want to live there too.

I have had the ample opportunity to have studied at the university of dundee.

I hope this blog post inspired you.


Please do share with me how you tend to find a nice property for rent in scotland, i would love to learn from you.


Ekene Patience

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BEAUTY, Fabulous Beauties, LIFESTYLE

Travelling is Great!

Hello my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing great. Travelling is awesome. I enjoy travelling because of the great experience. You may want to travel with;

  1. Eurostar
  2. Flixbus
  3. Mega Bus
  4. National Express
  5. Klm
  6. By car

These above mentioned companies are highly recommended .If you do want to travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, you may want to travel with Eurostar or  by flight. Travelling by train is cool because its faster.

If you do want to improve your english language speaking skills, please visit london, if you do want to improve your italian speaking skills, please travel to milan or modena, if you do want to improve your duits speaking skills, please travel to munich, frankfurt or to berlin. I also recommend travelling by bus if you do want to travel by road!

I hope this blog post inspired you


Ekene Patience

p.s. I offer basic dutch and English lessons, if you are interested in learning simple English and the Dutch language, please contact me!

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Trendy Hair Style Idea 2020!

Hello my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing great. This is a requested blog post. I love styling my hair. Summer is here! We all wants to have a nice hair style, good manicure and pedicure so that when we go to the beach, we feel very good. I like wearing nice hair. I like to brush my hair and feel the texture of my hair too. I am so happy to be  hair stylist. I get to feel different hair texture, advice regarding cool hair trends, dye and give hair cut.

Below are some of the hair styles I do recommend this year! Women, you can wear your hair in a knot behind your head, dye it, blow dry it, tong it, braid it, wash it at least twice a week. Men, wash your hair too regularly, go for hair cut once in a month at lest, dye your hair if you do have grey hair. I do recommend loreal hair dye.  You can use channel hair mist and spray on your hair, that would make your hair smell really nice.

I love wearing wigs and fixing weavon. I am currently trying to grow my own natural hair. So I am using the home made remedy for it. Rice water. I spray this on my hair. I have been using this for one week and I can see the result. it is  a brilliant way to grow your hair. I also use the hair growth vitamin from De tuinen.


I hope these hair styling tips inspires you. I am a hair stylist, please contact me if you need some guidance on how to makeyour hair look better and more fabulous.


Ekene Patience

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Fab Beauties


Hi, My name is Ekene Patience. I am the co-founder of Fabulous beautiesWatch star  founder of fab beauties  and Ekene Schoonmak bderijf in The Netherlands.

Ekene schoonmaakbedrijf is registered under fab beauties. We offer home and facilities cleaning services.

Fab beauties offers you various services, such as:

* Manicure

* Pedicure

* Make-up

* Photography

* Photostudio rent

* Modelling

* Hair Styling

* Beauty consultancy

* Skin care

*Home  and facilities cleaning 

We are located in Middelburg in the province of Zeeland. Our services can also be offered at location.


Middelburg Zeeland

Phone : WhatsApp  +31620175330 / +31657088182


We have registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Middelburg nr. 71867449



fab beauties biedt u diverse diensten, zoals:

* Manicure

* Pedicure

* Make-up

* Photography

* Photostudio rent

* Modelling

* Kapster

*Huis houdelijke hulp!

Wij zijn gevestigd in Middelburg in de provincie Zeeland. Onze diensten bieden wij ook aan op locatie.


Middelburg Zeeland WhatsApp 00316 20175330 / 00316 57088182

E-mail :

We have registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Middelburg nr. 71867449


Fabulous beauties biedt u diverse diensten, zoals:

* Manicure

* Pedicure

* Make-up

* Fotografie

* Fotostudio huur

* Model

Wij zijn gevestigd in Middelburg in de provincie Zeeland. Onze diensten bieden wij ook aan op locatie.

Contact: 0633651998 / 06 57088182

E-mail :

Pedicure behandelingen

Basis pedicure behandeling

Desinfecteren van de voeten, nagelverzorging, eelt verwijderen, eventueel behandelen van likdoorns en ingroeiende nagels (30-45 minuten).

Voet Spa behandeling

Een heerlijk verzorgend voetenbad met etherische oliën gevolgd door een korte massage van voeten en

onderbenen (30 minuten).

Pedicure behandeling met Voet Spa behandeling

De basis pedicure behandeling gevolgd door de Voet Spa behandeling (60 minuten).

Pedicure behandeling met voetmasker

De basis pedicure behandeling gevolgd door een verzorgend voetmasker (60 minuten).

French pedicure

Nagels knippen en vijlen, nagelriem verwijderen, French pedicure acryl aanbrengen en verzorgend voetmasker

(45 minuten).

Manicure behandelingen

Basis manicure behandeling

Handen en nagels reinigen, nagelriem verzorging, vijlen en polijsten.

Uitgebreide manicure behandeling

Basis manicure behandeling met scrub en handmassage.

French manicure behandeling

Handen en nagels reinigen, nagelriem verzorging, french tips/kunstnagels met acryl aanbrengen, vijlen en polijsten.

Perfect mannen manicure behandeling

Uitgebreide manicure speciaal voor mannen.

Ontgifting middels Detox Voetenbad

Een goede gezondheid begint met ontgifting. Vele ziektes ontstaan door het achterblijven van schadelijke

stoffen in het menselijk lichaam c.q. de menselijke cel.

Door de voeten in het Detox warmwaterbad te plaatsen zorgt een electrode voor automatische afvoer van

afvalstoffen via de huid van de voeten (30 minuten).

Reeds na een eerste behandeling is er sprake van een eerste optimale ontgifting.




Basis pedicure behandeling € 22,00

Basis pedicure behandeling incl. nagels lakken € 25,00

Basis pedicure behandeling langer dan 45 min., extra per kwartier € 7,00

Likdoorn verwijderen € 14,00

Nagels lakken en vijlen € 10,00

Voet Spa behandeling € 30,00

Pedicure behandeling met Voet Spa behandeling € 45,00

Pedicure behandeling met voetmasker € 35,00

French pedicure € 30,00



Basis manicure behandeling € 12,50

Uitgebreide manicure behandeling € 20,00

French manicure behandeling € 32,50

Opvullen natural met acryl € 20,00

Opvullen French manicure met acryl € 20,00

Verwijderen van kunstnagels € 10,00

Verwijderen van kunstnagels bij plaatsing van nieuwe set € 5,00

Perfect mannen manicure behandeling € 21,50

Nagels lakken € 6,00



Ontgifting middels Detox voetenbad € 25,00

Alle behandelingen kunnen ook bij u thuis worden gedaan. Hier wordt afhankelijk van de

afstand een reiskostenvergoeding voor gerekend.

De behandelingen dienen contant te worden afgerekend. Er is geen pinautomaat aanwezig.


maandag-woensdag : 11.00 uur – 18.00 uur

donderdag : 09.00 uur – 18.00 uur en 19.00 uur – 21.30 uur

vrijdag : 09.00 uur – 18.00 uur

zaterdag : 09.00 uur – 13.00 uur

zondag : gesloten


Voor afspraken kunt u bellen met Ekene op 06-20175330 (b.g.g. 06-57088182). U kunt ook een mail sturen naar of een bericht sturen via het contactformulier. Wij zullen dan zo spoedig mogelijk contact met u opnemen. Het is in overleg ook mogelijk om buiten bovenstaande openingstijden een afspraak te maken. Tevens is het mogelijk om bij u aan huis te komen voor de behandeling.

Parkeren : U kunt gratis parkeren bij Fab beauties.




My name is Ekene Patience  and I live in Middelburg Zeeland.  I am qualified beauty consultant and graduated at Beauty Partners in Rotterdam. Also I completed my study Perfumery and did achieved my certificates Skin, Cosmetics, Make-up and Perfumery. Recently I started my own salon at home. But also I can do the treatments at your location. I have a lot of passion for my work and besides, customer service and a good personal contact is very important to me.

Yours sincerely and hopefully see you soon!



As a qualified beauty consultant and experienced model, I will be pleased to do your make-up. Formany years now I do my own make-up during fotoshoots. Furthermore I take care of the make-up of other models during their photoshoots.  Everybody is welcome in my beauty salon in

Middelburg. I work on location too, at your home or for models during their photoshoots.


Epilation € 8,00

Light day make-up € 8,00

Facial massage € 10,00

Hairstyling € 10,00

Application of eyelash (incl.eyelash) € 10,00

Models make-up € 30,00

Bride make-up € 30,00

Workshop make-up 4 persons € 25,00 p.p.

Workshop make-up 6 persons or more € 20,00 p.p.

The workshop takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on the number of persons and includes snacks, drinks and make-up. The workshop can also be given on location.

The services on location excludes travel expenses.nPayment is in cash. There is no atm available.


Als gediplomeerd beauty consultant en ervaren model verzorg ik graag uw make-up. Al jarenlang draag ik zorg voor mijn eigen make-up tijdens fotoshoots. Tevens verzorg ik de make-up voor andere modellen tijdens hun photoshoots.

Iedereen is welkom in mijn beauty salon in ‘s-Gravenpolder. Ik werk ook op locatie, bij u

thuis en voor modellen tijdens hun photoshoots.


Epileren € 8,00

Lichte dag make-up € 8,00

Gelaatsmassage € 10,00

Haarstyling € 10,00

Wimpers aanbrengen (incl.wimpers) € 10,00

Modellen make-up € 30,00

Bruids make-up € 30,00

Workshop make-up 4 personen € 25,00 p.p. Workshop make-up vanaf 6 personen € 20,00 p.p.

De workshop duurt 2 tot 3 uur afhankelijk van de groepsgrootte en is incl. hapjes, drankjes en

visagie. De workshop kan ook bij u thuis worden gegeven. De diensten op locatie zijn exclusief reiskosten. Er dient contant te worden afgerekend. Er is geen

pinautomaat aanwezig.



Fabulous beauties offers model, individual and group photography




Prijslijst Massages

Nek-/Schoudermassage ±30 min €20,00

Rug/Nek/Schoudermassage ±40 min €25,00

Sportmassage/Beenmassage ±30 min €20,00

Arm massage (beiden) ±30 min €20,00

Zwangerschapsmassage ±60 min €35,00


Ekene Schoonmaak bedrijf


Ekene schoonmaakbedrijf is een dochter bedrijf van fab beauties:

* Reinigen van bedrijf complex


* scholen


Ekene cleaning company is a daughter company of fab beauties

Our services includes:

* Cleaning vocational homes and offices


* schools


Middelburg Zeeland

Phone : +31617339446 / +31657088182


We are registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Middelburg nr. 58179186 for fabulous beauties and the Chamber of Commerce number for fab beauties is 71867449


Shop this great awesome skincare product at -


Hair stling by Ekene Patience DSC03482 d261661fc3b89ff627ef12c1516b7d21--patience-yahoo Hair stling by Ekene Patience



P5280261 P5130006 2D7K2319 Hair stling by Ekene Patience DSC02310 - Copy DSC01756-1024x682 blogger-image--61787804 29166620453_98f6c15520_z Hair stling by Ekene Patience

DSC02952 P1070009-1024x768 P3090134-768x1024 P6290371 DSC05640

Hair stling by Ekene Patience

Hair stling by Ekene Patience DSC02791 17194326239_ae5359fa77_o 20015117980_118f70fb21_b 
Hair stling by Ekene Patience
Hair stling by Ekene Patience Hair stling by Ekene Patience


DSC_0013 DSC_0016 P1010072 male hair cur P1010048

P1010163 P1010166 P1010167 P1010170 P1010199 P1010089 P1010086




Virtual Reality 360 Camera Review!!!

Hello my angels! I hope you all are doing great! Thank you for this amazing camera you sent to me to review! I am so so thankful! I have received several super cool products from the brand manager for review. I have used them, they are amazing. The 360 video camera is a powerful product.

Few months ago, uni and tesco gave me some tesco supermarket gift card, thank you so much. I have also received free makeup, jewelries, lingeries, perfume and so on for review.

Thank you all for all your love and support. If you have cool products or services you do want me to review and place on my blog, please do let me know. My current wish is to review a very pretty hotel room. Lol.

Thanks muffins for reading, check out  recent video below.

I love you!


Ekene Patience


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Ekene Patience Ekene Patience A96103CF-BA57-4B43-B30B-8CD1045105CE P3195110 P3195111


How To Be Happier!!!

Hello muffins, I hope all is well!!! Jogging is a great way to boost your happiness level. I tend to jog at least once a week. Eating healthy is also essentials. I do pamper my self by giving moi  a nice gift such as perfume, good cosmetics, dress up, washing myself properly.

Avoid being fearful! Be more confident and confront your fears. You are perfect just the way you are. If you are in a bad relationship, change it, if you are having a bad diet, change it.  Do Always what you love doing! I love modelling, food, cooking, writing,  sports, makeup and I do that everyday!

Spending quality time with my friends and family makes me happier too! One of my very good friend gave me a great advice few years ago, when I was having difficult times then, he told me, stay closer to your friends and the once that loves you more when you are having challenging times!

Reading a listening to motivational audio is also a great way to boost your mood such as audio from Bob Proctor, Brian Tracey  Dani Johnson, Partricia Bright! Below, I made a video to inspire you with more tips!

I hope you are motivated to become more happy.

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience



DSC04161 DSC04185 DSC04186 DSC04192 DSC04212 DSC04219 DSC04253 DSC04278


Stylish Hair Care Tutorial!

Hello lovelies, here is some cool pictures and video (below) to inspire you on how to style your hair! I hope you are inspired! My favourite hair products are from Alumine, Loreal, Andrelone. I tend to wash my hair at least 3 times a week in order to make my hair less greasy and easy to style.Try to apply good conditioner to hair while washing it  so it  can maintain its texture. You can shop awesome hair extensions from Mimi ikon is the owner of the brand. she makes awesome hair tutorials swell. Please check her out!

I love you


Ekene Patience