How to Care For A Woman 2021

Hello my beautiful friends and family, How are you? I hope you all are doing well. There are several ways to take care of a woman and make her happier;

1. Buy her nice dress
2. Buy her nice makeup from too faced cosmetics
3. Buy her nice body wash, body scrub and perfume
4. cook nice food for her
5. Take her out on a nice date to a nice hotel such as van der valk or fletchers hotel.
6. Give her a nice hair from luxy hair
7. Listen to nice music together.

A woman that is properly taken cared of would look happier, smell good and have more confidence in herself. A well kept woman would take good care of her self, her partner and the entire family, than a woman that is unkept. I strongly advice men to do support and care for their wife in order to make her happier.

Please avoid nagging, quarelling, indulging in a very long argument, rather pet each other and speak words of kindness to your selfs.

Ekene Patience

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