Winter Makeup, Skincare and Outfits ideas!

Hey Sweetness!  Winter is officially here! are you looking for a winter date idea to try? Or maybe you’re totally single and just looking for a fun idea for a girl’s trip, a birthday, or just an “i-need-to-treat-myself-because-im-awesome” date! Here’s a fun date Idea that I’d highly recommend for winter. I usually spend most of my time indoors during winter period, working, writing, working on school assignments, reading or just giving myself a nice treat. Do remember to treat your skin with good skin care products. Some very affordabe skincare product i like aot is Nivea, it helps to reduce dry skin. Nivea has showergel, body oil and bodycream. For kids, Zwitsal bad foam is amazing, and baby oil. Do remember to keep your hair and entire body tidy and fabulous . Primark  and Marks and Spencers in Europe has very affordable clothing for winter period

Few months ago, I went for a car tour in Rotterdam, I love cars such as Porsche and Lamgboghini. It was great fun!

Thank you all so much for reading my blog and for watching my videos. Please feel free to drop me a note on what you do like to read about on my blog.

I love you so so much!


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