How to Dress Cute During Winter!

Hello muffins! Happy new month! Yes, its almost Christmas, it might snow next month. It is very cold and chilly nowadays. In order to keep your self warm and look pretty this season, these are my  tips for you below, enjoy!

  • Balance a warm, leather coat streamlined leggings that make your legs look slim.
  • On the other hand, if you’re wearing boots, wear a tailored jacket up top.
  • Find a sweater that stays close to your body and falls below the knee. Its streamlined silhouette is a practical way to look chic and elegant.
  • Use different fabrics for winter style with an edge. While it might not keep you warm, a hint of lace or velvet color adds a touch of femininity to traditional sweater fabrics: think a lace short skirt and a wool sweater. Primark has really nice outfits at affordable prices.

Don’t be afraid to play with color. Sure, black on black on black matches, but what about different tones of pink or white. If you an African like me, you may want to add a touch of African prints to your outfit, as a scarf Vlisco has awesome African materials.

Hats helps to keep your head warm, River island shop has some cool accessories for winter such as hat, gloves and scarfs.

I hope you are inspired!

Please share with me your winter looks! I do love to hear from you. New awesome stylish facebook post here


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