Tourist guide In Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2019!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family, I hope you all are doing great. Amsterdam is the biggest city in The Netherlands and many tourists do like to visit Amsterdam because the city has a great tourist attraction. In order to have a very enjoyable holiday in Amsterdam, there are few things you need to know.

  1. Buy tickets via NS online, do not step into the train without a ticket. You may be able to buy your tickets online or via the ticket centre.
  2. For the city tour, you need to check 9292ov online. For example, if you need to travel from Amsterdam central station to Anna Frank museum in Westermarkt.
  3. Amsterdam has great hotels for relaxing such as Van der Valk Hotel, Fletchers, Postillion Hotel, and many others. You may be able to book your room via
  4. Are you travelling from abroad to the Netherlands,  you may want to use the service of KLM, Easyjet for your flight booking
  5. Amsterdam central has a great shopping centre such as De Bijenkorf, Espirit and more
  6. If you like nature, you may want to bike around  the parks in Amsterdam
  7. You want to go for a boat ride in Amsterdam, its absolutely fun.
  8. Solite Global travels or Kes in The Netherlands can assist you with booking your flight.
  9. Popular museum in The Netherlands are Black is beautiful, Van de Gogh museum, Rembrandt and more.
  10. Amsterdam has also a great zoo for sightseeing.

Amsterdam has it all, great food, friendly people, fun shopping, and a fabulous city. I hope these tips inspired you. Make sure you make Amsterdam your next tour destination.


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Good morning my lovelies! Have a blessed day xo

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Good morning my lovelies! Have a blessed day xo

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How to have a great tour in Amsterdam 2019

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