The Bodyshop Skin Care Line



Helllllo hello! Happy Wednesday!! Few days ago I filmed The Body shop favourites 🙂 I never did a video like this before! I really enjoyed sharing some of my favourite things besides makeup. There is a huge part of me you rarely see in my makeup videos. (Obviously) So it was fun getting to talk about some other stuff! If you guys want me to do another cosmetic video and talk more about the Cosmetic products I love, let me know!! I love all of this stuff, and it really is so important. I hope you enjoy this video! Let me know if you would like to see another one of these in a few months!! XOXO Ekene Patience
Products Mentions
The Body Shop Tee Tree
Tee tree Facial Clearing Wash
The Body shop shower gel
The body shop foaming facial wash
Seaweed pure facial exfoliator


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