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Top Items You Need For Your Trip to London 2021!

Hello my beautiful friends and family, how are you? I hope you all are doing well. There are five top items you need to travel with to London.

Are you preparing for an examination in London, do you need a study partner in London, a speech consultant, translator, or someone to help you with your application at any university in London or Scotland. London and scotland would be your best choice and place for your examination or for your Ph.D. study application.

1. Book an Airbnb accommodation or hotel in London. Cool Airbnb accommodation in Devan Street, Bradford, Picadilly, or close to Heathrow would be great. You can pay for Airbnb alone or you can pay for the Airbnb accommodation with a friend or with your brother sister, classmates, or mummy in case you plan to stay more than one week and you do not have a high income.

If you have enough money rent your own accommodation, or you may purchase the house, if you are very generous to allow your friends and family member to stay in the accommodation ( rented or newly bought ) accommodation for free for few days.

2. Book a flight from Amsterdam to London with klm, easy jet or a train with Euros star to london.

 3. Visit friends leaving in Bradford, Uxbridge, Picadilly, Victoria London. You can also visit friends and family in Edinburgh or Dundee in Scotland.  You can use your Dutch bank card for contactless payment. A Bank card within, ABN Ambro Rabo bank or with asn bank would be great. Or you can get a money card from the London Post office.

4. Stay in a nice hotel such as citizen m hotel London,  madmaison in London best western view, ibis hotel, Novotel in London.

 I for instance used to have some friends whom came from london to rotterdam few years ago  we wrote a nice project together on how to start an icecream brand.  when I was studying at in holland University and Rotterdam University of applied sciences


Then i used to travel by train then ns train, then I was pregnant with my second son then and was studying most time at home, that was in the year 2013,  fabulous year. I had a very nice support group whom supported me then, by the way i would like to use this opprtunity to sayn i am grateful to my lecturers whom came to my home then to coach me and my girlfriend whom drove from leiden to come and take good care of me after giving birth to my second baby.

If you are living in the Netherlands and have made some new friends in London via Facebook, you have not visited or can not visit immediately because you are taking care of your loved ones such as your mummy, daddy, and children, whenever your child or mummy or daddy is on holiday, please make out time to go and visit your friends in London.

Make sure you look nice when visiting your friend in London, you can wear a nice perfume from a channel, shoes from shabby, a nice jacket from Vero Moda, a nice Marlies  Dekker lingerie, nice makeup from ysl, channel, Dior foundation, mac powder, mac eyeshadow, mac eyeliner, blush from macor blush from Dior and nail polish from OPI. Boots or superdrugs such are cool shops for shopping for cosmetics in london. You shop for nice food at tesco, mark and spencer, or at sainbury in london . A nice body lotion from Biotherm would be great and body oil from bio-oil would be awesome to maintain a nice even skin and prevent discoloration, stretchmark and create an even-toned body. 

When you have finished visiting your girlfriend, male friend, alumni friend in London, please do go back to the Airbnb accommodation you Paid for, please do not keep late night or sleep out.

When i was in middelburg, i had some friends whom came from london and rotterdam to visit me at my home then, we had so much fun, my friends whom came from london were very happy with my house and admired the house. I was told i am very lucky to have had the opportunity to have gotten such a beautiful home, the men was well spoken and very handsome, we all sat down together in the living room and had a very nice chat. 

If you eventually get pregnant in London during your visit, whenever you travel back to the Netherlands, please make sure you visit your doctor. In case you have given birth once, twice or three times with a cesarean section there is a possibility that your doctor might advise you regarding giving birth to your fourth baby or fifth baby with a Cesarean section. Please visit the doctor in Middelburg or Rotterdam, Amsterdam whichever city you lived in with your husband. If you do not have a husband or partner to visit the doctor with, please visit your doctor and discuss the best solutions and options.

Are you planning to participate in a beauty pageant, host a birthday party, write an examination to become a doctor or a lawyer or to become a master’s student, i do recommend you go to London. In the year 2012, i participated in a beauty pageant, which took place in denhaag, alot of friends and family came from london for the beauty pageant, travelling with ns is absolutely great from London to The Netherlnds.

Always take your hospital card with you when you travel from the Netherlands to London.

 If you do eventually decide to keep your baby, please make sure you agree to keep your baby with your officially married husband, partner. If both have agreed to keep your baby, both partners should shop for nice baby clothes at prenatal, furniture’s from a baby dump, nice cosmetics to prevent stretch marks on the mummy belly and so on, nice warm accommodation for mummy and daddy and Offcourse  nice nutritional food from the supermarket such as Lidl shop rite. nice baby wagon, baby bed, baby cloths, for your newly born baby.

I do remember vividly, I was in London in February 2019, I went to the court in Middelburg, I was supposed to travel on Thursday, I could not travel because I had to attend a court hearing, after the court case, my lawyer dropped me off at my home in Middelburg and then after I traveled to London by flight, I believe I flew with easy jet to London in February 2019. I really had so much fun at the Airbnb accommodation. the two men that hosted me then were fabulous. they provided me with nice clean towels. I used the towels to wipe my body after taking my shower, I also lay down in the nice bed provided at the Airbnb accommodation at devon road London close to Bradford in February 2019.

We sat down together in the living room, watched a tv program by RuPaul, I really enjoyed the company of the men in London who were the host for the Airbnb accommodation.  then the next day, I traveled to visit my friend. In the airbnb accommodation, during the first night, three men and one woman, that is me, slept in the house. 

Please when giving birth to your baby, if you need to give birth with cesarean section, please do not go to the theater alone, make sure that your mummy, daddy, and sister is with you, during cesarean section delivery, there is a chance that your Tommy will be cut open, you might lose a lot of blood, be unconscious and lay in a hospital bed for weeks. Make sure you have some great parents taking care of your toddler if you have toddler 7 or 9 years old and you are about to enter the theater for operation, make sure you have mummy daddy or a voluntary parent taking care of your children because if you are in the theater before and after cesarean section, u might not be able to take care of your children alone. You might need at least 2 weeks of operation.

If you have done a cesarean section twice, you might need to practice abstinence. Please speak to your doctor as well in this regard.

All in all, i do recommend you travel to london, please stay in an airbnb accomodation or at a student flat when you do so.

 When I was studying at the University of Dundee, I really had fun, i like the student accommodation I shared the two toilets and bathrooms with two ladies, I truly loved it. London is a fabulous great city to visit.

I hope you are inspired.

Thank you so much for reading my blog


Ekene Patience


Ekene Patience

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7 Top European Countries I Have Been To!

Hello angels! I hope you all are doing great. I love traveling! Many of you have been asking me, why do I Live in Zeeland in The Netherlands? What brought me to Holland?  Well, It’s a long story! Today, I am going to share with you top European countries I have visited.

  1. Italy
  2. Spain
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Germany
  5. Belgium
  6. Greece
  7. Great Britain (London and Scotland)

Whenever you want to go to London, Please fly with EasyJet, you would love flying with them. the airline has amazing customer service and delightful staff. You may want to stay in Premier Inn hotel, Novotel London or in an Airbnb in London whenever you for sightseeing, holidays or for business. During my stay in Creta Greece a few years ago, we stayed in a very beautiful hotel for a few days. We booked with Sunweb, it was a great experience. I and my family runs Solite global travels, we can help you book flight tickets and reserve hotels and accommodation worldwide.

I love Europe because it’s very organized, beautiful, clean, modernized and has very wonderful citizens! My lovelies, which European countries have you visited? why did you choose to visit the countries? I would love to learn from you.

Dutch version

Hallo mijn beste vrienden, Vandaag wil ik het met jullie hebben over de 7 mooiste landen binnen Europa die ik heb bezocht. De landen die ik heb bezocht zijn Italie, Spanje, Nederland, Engeland, Duitsland, Belgie en Griekenland. Wat het reizen binnen Europa zo uniek maakt is de verscheidenheid in natuur, cultuur en de volksaard van deze landen.

Wat betreft de natuur zie je het vlakke polderlandschap van Nederland en het bosrijke Noord Duitsland in Noord Europa tegenover het bergachtige en heuvelachtige landschap in Italie, Zuid Duitsland en Griekenland. De cultuur in Europa is werkelijk schitterend, elk land heeft zijn eigen rijk historisch verleden wat je terugziet in de eeuwenoude bouwkunst.

Wat betreft de volksaard, er zit een groot verschil in mentaliteit en levenswijze tussen de mensen in noord en zuid Europa, het calvinistische noorden tegenover het katholieke zuiden. Mensen in noord Europa zijn zuinig en werken hard, je moet eerst het geld verdien voordat je het uitgeeft, mensen in zuid Europa doen en denken precies andersom, ze geven het eerst uit en zien later wel hoe ze het terugverdienen. We spreken wel van het rijke noorden en het arme zuiden.

Dus mijn beste vrienden, een rondreis door deze 7 landen is zeer de moeite waard om te doen.


Ekene Patience

Thank you so much for reading.


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Yuppie! Happy birthday to me! I celebrated it in the beautiful city of Paris! xoxo Ekene Patience

Hello my beautiful friends, Here is some lovely pictures I made today at home in The Netherlands!  I am a photo model in the netherlands Makeup and styling done by me! have a nice week! xoxo Ekene Patience

Yuppie! Happy birthday to me! I celebrated it in the beautiful city of Paris! xoxo Ekene Patience

Yuppie! Happy birthday to me! I celebrated it in the beautiful city of Paris! xoxo Ekene Patience