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5 Businesses To Venture Into in 2018!

Hello, my amazing angels! I hope you all are doing well! Today I have decided to inspire you on five top business ideas you can venture in 2018! These business ideas would enable you to become self-employed and independent. You may decide to indulge in these businesses ideas as a part-time job. You would love these tips friends!

I have been a beauty and business consultant for several years now. I have helped several of my colleagues, family members, and friends to find a job, start their own businesses and also helped them with their social media and digital marketing ( business development) I am currently the student mentor of the University of Dundee in Scotland, I coach freshers(new students) on how to earn good grades during their studies, finance,  find a job, start their own business,socializing, management etc especially by writing on the school blog and via WhatsApp messenger.

Today’s blog post is to inspire you on 5 top business ideas. My oldest son inspired me to share with you this blog post, he is very talented, after making several beautiful pictures of me ( this first picture in the black dress was shot by him a few years ago in Mallorca Spain), I decided to inspire you all my great friends, fans and family.

  1. Real estate business
  2. Modeling
  3. Social media consultant
  4. Personal Shopper
  5. Photography

My Daddy has been a building contractor in Nigeria for over three decades now, he and his colleagues have built several schools, polytechnics, houses, business complex and more in Nigeria. He recently advised me to start a real estate business, he promised to guide and coach me. Real estate business is a very cool business to venture in. If you guys need help with buying or renting a house in Nigeria, Europe, please ask me I can give you some advice.

I have had the ample opportunity to work with over four hundred photographers in Europe, I still have their contacts, they were amazing, kind, very hardworking and talented. I have also learned a lot of photography skills during my photo sessions such s editing pictures with Lightroom, portrait professionals, photoshop and more.

I am also a social media consultant, I help companies to make pictures of their goods and services, post online and tag them, sometimes I build websites, update their social media pages.

I have been a personal shopper for over a decade, 11 years ago, when I visited the  Netherlands very frequently, my banker friends from Lekki Lagos Nigeria, my big family, friends, and neighbors in Treasure Garden Estate Lagos Nigeria then used to ask me to buy clothes, perfumes, telephones, iPad, laptops, mp3 players and more. I really enjoyed my personal shopping experience. I am still a personal shopper till date. Over a decade ago, We had two cars, a Chrysler pt, and a Grand Cherokee, I remembered driving often to ShopRite after a long day at work to buy luxurious makeup, clothes, shoes for my friends and family. I was a very busy woman and all my friends and family always loved all the items I picked out for them at the ShopRite shop in Lekki Lagos Nigeria. I have helped several of my friends with shopping for cars, electronics, furniture, cosmetics that was actually my part time job then.

I hope these tips inspired you.

I love you!


Ekene Patience

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Thank you all so much for all your love, inspirations, and kind words. I truly appreciate it!


Ekene Patience

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Hi angels, I make very pretty customised pictures.please order now. All the money earned would be donated to Amor Agendo stichting. +31620175330

Hi angels, I make very pretty customised pictures.please order now. All the money earned would be donated to Amor Agendo stichting. +31620175330

Hi angels, I make very pretty customised pictures.please order now. All the money earned would be donated to Amor Agendo stichting. +31620175330

Hallo! Mijn naam is Ekene. Bent u opzoek naar ervaren kapster voor bij u Thuis?Ik kan u Haar knipoem en zetten In model.Kleuren is ook mogelijke. Ik Knip dames, heren en

Yupie! I had a fun filled shoot today! Iwish you all a fantastic weekend! xoxo Ekene Patience and family!  In case you need someone for our beautiful pictures, or a photo model in The Netherlands, Please contact me. I also do my make-up and styling. Pleas


7 Top Fashion Shops In The Netherlands!

Hello, my adorable angels, I hope you all are doing fabulous! Today’s blog post is to inspire you all ( My male and female blog readers) shops were you can buy nice decent outfits. My current favorite shops and brands in The Netherlands are;

  1. Esprit
  2. Levi / G- Star
  3. Only
  4. H&M
  5. We
  6. C&A
  7. De Bijenkorf

When am in The United Kingdom, I love shopping for very pretty dresses at De Debenham’s and Quiz! Shein is a great webshop in The Netherlands. I bought the white and blue strip dress from them. I totally recommend at least a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, G-Star and Levi Jeans in every lady’s and gent’s wardrobe. You just can’t go wrong with any of these above jean brands. About a decade ago, I received a very beautiful dress from MarcJacobs,  I still love and cherish the dress to date.

Over a decade ago, when I was living in Lekki Lagos Nigeria, I did my luxurious makeup and stylish outfit shopping from Shoprite The Palms Lekki Nigeria. Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have also very stylish clothing at very affordable prices.. Hunke Moller has very cute and affordable lingerie too!

My lovelies, where do you buy your clothing outfits from?

I do love to learn from you.

Thank you so so much for reading my blog, have a fun filled day!

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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Espirit Shirt, Levi Jeans

Espirit Shirt Levi Jeans


I am a personal shopper. I help male and females shop for cosmetics, shoes, clothing, watches, perfume. please contact me if you need my services

Hello my amazing friends! check out my fun shoots in The Netherlands!  wishing you all an amazing week! Stay fabulous!xo Ekene Patience #Red #Redlips #fashion #Beauty #Fashionmodel #Mua #Ze

Hi love, today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on how to achieve proper healthier glowing skin  Remove makeup before going to bed Use day and night cream from loreal and Nivea. The Body shop  and lush also as amazing skincare items  Eat properly. Drin

Hello my adorable friends! I hope you all are doing great. Here are some amazing websites to advertise your businesses in order to gain potential customers. Online and offline advertising is crucial for business to reach potential customers, like the sayi



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