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Top Items You need For a Glowing Skin In Winter Period Of 2019!

Hello my amazing friends, how are you today? I hope you are doing well.

Today, I am going to share with you the items you need for glowing skin in 2019. The winter period is the coldest period of the year, especially in The Netherlands. In order to survive and experience a splendid winter period, you need to dress properly.

  1. Wear winter jackets. You can buy good winter jackets with Bomont, The Bijenkorf and at Primark in The Netherlands.
  2.   Use beauty products from Channel, Clarins, Shiseido. These products would enable you to achieve glowing skin. I use body lotion from  Biotherm and Palmers.
  3. Drink lots of juice and fluids.
  4. Make a nice hot cup of thee for your self. Lipton, thee is a must.
  5. Wear winter scarf from Etos or sting
  6. sleep properly.
  7. Use beauty products from brands such as Duvolle.
  8. Read glamour and vogue magazine for winter makeup, fashion inspiration.
  9. If you are very buoyant you may want to travel. or fly to a warm country or island for the great holiday such as Maldive,  Seychelles.etc

P.s. I have been asked severally to write a book from my friends and family members.  Deep down, I truly wish to write a book but I have been contemplating on the topic, etc. Would you like me to write a book? Please let me know.

Thank you so much for your love and inspirations.

I hope these tips inspired you.


Ekene Patience

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Hiya. I am a beauty, model and health consultant in The Netherlands -


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Hello! I am a beauty, business and health consultant, I am also a  personal shopper. I can help you and yours shop for travelling bag, cloths, furnitures, shoes, hotel reservations, flight ticket, Visa application, and more-

Hello! I am a beauty, business and health consultant, I am also a  personal shopper. I can help you  and yours shop for travelling bag, cloths, furnitures, shoes, hotel reservations, flight ticket, Visa application, and more-


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My Awesome Edinburgh Experience!!!

 Hello angels, Most of you know by now that I love travelling. I have been to Edinburgh and absolutely love my experience in Scotland. Below are some of my cool experience in Scotland.

  1. I love Scottish food. In Edinburgh Scotland, Morrison, Tesco, Asda are some cool supermarket with great food variety. I truly love shopping at Marks and spencer as well.
  2. The scottish people are very friendly, their culture is a bit similar to dutch culture in regards to business and social life style. Aside from Edinburgh, I had the amazing opportunity to experience Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth.
  3. The streets are so beautiful with awesome shops such as Zara, Primark, De Benehams and so on.
  4. A great way to  start your day at Edinburgh day is by going to the port and visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia, a large liner used by the Royal family for more than 40 years.
  5. There are so many mountains absolutely terrific for mountain bikers.

I hope you are inspired to travel more! Travelling is a great way to discover the world, enjoy new culture and for fun!

Thnk you so much for reading!

I love you


Ekene Patience

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Edinburgh-Bridge-City Edinburgh-Castle-View Edinburgh-View-Sunset


Winter Makeup, Skincare and Outfits ideas!

Hey Sweetness!  Winter is officially here! are you looking for a winter date idea to try? Or maybe you’re totally single and just looking for a fun idea for a girl’s trip, a birthday, or just an “i-need-to-treat-myself-because-im-awesome” date! Here’s a fun date Idea that I’d highly recommend for winter. I usually spend most of my time indoors during winter period, working, writing, working on school assignments, reading or just giving myself a nice treat. Do remember to treat your skin with good skin care products. Some very affordabe skincare product i like aot is Nivea, it helps to reduce dry skin. Nivea has showergel, body oil and bodycream. For kids, Zwitsal bad foam is amazing, and baby oil. Do remember to keep your hair and entire body tidy and fabulous . Primark  and Marks and Spencers in Europe has very affordable clothing for winter period

Few months ago, I went for a car tour in Rotterdam, I love cars such as Porsche and Lamgboghini. It was great fun!

Thank you all so much for reading my blog and for watching my videos. Please feel free to drop me a note on what you do like to read about on my blog.

I love you so so much!


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Tips on How To Look Younger!

Hiya!!! A lot of people do ask me my age, when ever I ask them to guess, I do hear age guess 10 years younger than my age! I tend to blush all the time. I am in my thirties now but I look few years younger than my actual age. Below are some health care practices that will help you look more young, nourished and well kept.

  1. Exercise often by walking, biking or going to the gym
  2. Sleep at least 8 hours every night
  3. Drink lot of water
  4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  5. wear makeup, concealers can help women hide wrinkes, day and night cream can help you look fabulous and younger
  6.  Wear new cloths, primark, H&M has really affordable cloths that will help you look modern.
  7. Avoid drinking or eating food that might stain your teeth such as coffee, cola etc
  8. Dress your hair
  9. Do your manicure and pedicure regularly

I hope these tips wear helpful! If you need some more advice for your grooming, please do not hesitate to contact me. I give male and female advice. you may send me an email here

I love you so much!


Ekene Patience


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My Current Beauty Favourites 2017!!!

HIII!!! Today I am back with  favorites  items! I feel like its been forever since my last one so I wanted to update you on what I’ve been loving this summer!!

I have been loving Mac red lipstick, Mac powder, Mac Concealer from Schipol airport, Guess parfum actually on sales at Douglas perfumery in The Netherlands, DKNY parfum, Hugo boss parfum, Bio oil from Etos, Dove shower cream from Etos/Kruidvat, nail polish from sally Hansen, loreal, and opi, blush from LA girl,  Smashbox eye shadow from Douglas perfumerie, Accesories from watchstar Oral B toothpaste from albert heijn, eye liner from Primark. Body spray such as Victoria secret, Axe, dove are my current favs.

I hope you are inspired!

I love you


Ekene Patience


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RIK_0162 RIK_0006



Back To School Outfit Ideas!!!!

Hey guys, these pictures and video is a back to school outfits look book, perfect for the first week of school! these are dress codes approved for secondary and universities unless you have to wear uniform.

I hope you are inspired?
I love you!
If you enjoyed this Back To School Look book, please like, comment and share!


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White top – C& A –


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Jacket – Silver Creek bought in Open 32 Goes, Zeeland The Netherlands


Black trouser – Espirit Middelburg

Shoes – Cruif from Omoda Middelburg

Bag – Calvin Klein De Bijekorf


Dress- Designual

Shoes – Guess bought at De Bijenkorf

Watch – DKNY De Bijenkorf

Necklace – Chanti Jewelries  at


Black suit – We shop –

Car – Porsche – Vanvliet trucks –



Fun Weekend with a Top Dutch Models!!!

Hey lovelies, I hope you all are having a great week. Last weekend, I had the pleasure to do the beautiful makeup of this very talented and amiable model. She has been my photo model for over three years. Few years ago I did her makeup with that of several other young ladies during an organised event in zeeland.

Makeup is great way we all can use to enhance our look. My advice to all ladies in the house is to practice self love, take good care of your self, eat healthy, wear makeup, make sure you wash and keep all your makeup items clean and sterelised.

I hope you are inspired.

My white top, glasses is from Primark. My pretty queen star bag is a lovely gift from my sister in Nigeria, model has a black dress from Zara, jean from H&M, lipstick from Loreal, Black up foundation and powder from Makeup studio!!!

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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Shopping In Rotterdam



Hello lovelies! I hope you are doing well! This is an awesome vlog to share with you my awesome shopping exerience in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is an awesome city in The Netherlands. Rotterdam is the second most biggest city in Holland. There are awesome shps such as De Bijenkorf, Primark, H&M, We,Van Haren, Omoda,Mexx,The Sing and many more. I usually shop from Pprimar, H&M, We fashion, Omoda,Manfield in the Netherlands. For my mkeup and cosmetics, I buy them in Kruidvat, Douglas, Ici Paris,Etos nd De tuinen. Parfumstar in Hoogstraat Rotterdam is also an awesome shop for makeup and cosmetics for very affordable prices.
Rotterdam is also known for shipping port and international university. It is very diversified wth alot of international and global persons from China, India, Japan, Suriname,Africa thus highly multicultural.

The shirt am wearing while playing with my child in the sitting room is from Primark. C&A is also a great shop for male and female clothing. I usually buy toys from Blokker and Bartsmith for my little boys. they love playing with lego, cars etc.

I hope this video inspires you.

I do love to know where you do your shopping!

Stay fabulous.

Ekene Patience