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4 Ways To Achieve A Stress Free Lifestyle!

Hello my dearest friends,  I have been asked alot by my friends, fans, followers, family members tips on how to become happier. Some of us may become unhappy due to the fact they lost  job, contract lost a loved one or financially drained.  Some  people tend to use anti depressant to combat it. As a biochemist, I learnt during my study years there are some amazing ways you can actually become happier, fight depression and stress with out consuming drugs that can harm your health especially drugs with side effects.

Below are some of my tips:

  1. Distract your self, try as much as you can to look for something you love doing, become a photographer, start a  new study, babysiter, painter, join a dancing class and so on and so forth. look good on daily basis.
  2. Create balance and evacuate your self from an environment, jobs that is risky for your health and wellbeing. I do believe in the saying, health is wealth. Some of us do stay in a job that you love but might be dangerous, be very careful and make the right decision, please never risk your health no matter your circumstance.
  3. Build meaningful connection, make friends, reconcile with your self, fury or whom ever that has ever offended you. The word of God sttes that  God forgives us of all our sins as long as we forgive our neigbours.
  4. Visit musuems, zoo, go for date, jogging, makeover, manicure, pedicure, spa and so on.

I hope you are inspired.

Thank you so so much for reading. Please find video below with tips on how to become happier.

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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Healthy Lunch Ideas!!!

Hello lovelies, Hope you all are doing terrific!!! I was inspired by my girlfriend to write this post. She prepared very delicious pancakes,I tasted it, it was awesome!!! She added cheese and ham to it. She also taught me how to prepare pancaks.

How do you prepare a delicious pancake?  you set a hot pan on the as cooker, add a little oil to the pan and then add the mixed flour in the pan, set the heat very low. After 3 minutes, you have made your self a very delicious pancake. You may add cheese, fish or ham to it.

My other healthy lunch ideas are:

  1. Salad  wth fish, chicken  or beef. Lidl, Emte or albert heign has very affordable packed sald mixed and weel packaged
  2. Fruit salad, you may combine, apple, per, orange, strawberries and add a little honey to it. its so delicious. You may want to eat your fruit salad with yoghurt or a hot cup of thee.
  3. Chicken. I love chicken, KFC and mcdonald chicken nuggets are my favourites. I also love baking chicken at home. I usually add nando’s hot chicken peri-peri source
  4. Preparing smoothie home is a great way to stay healthy. You may want add fresh fruits and vegetables to your smootie.

Avoid too much fatty food, practise meal preping. Please see more pictures of healthy food idea here i specially selected.

I hope you are inspired.

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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My Current Beauty Favourites 2017!!!

HIII!!! Today I am back with  favorites  items! I feel like its been forever since my last one so I wanted to update you on what I’ve been loving this summer!!

I have been loving Mac red lipstick, Mac powder, Mac Concealer from Schipol airport, Guess parfum actually on sales at Douglas perfumery in The Netherlands, DKNY parfum, Hugo boss parfum, Bio oil from Etos, Dove shower cream from Etos/Kruidvat, nail polish from sally Hansen, loreal, and opi, blush from LA girl,  Smashbox eye shadow from Douglas perfumerie, Accesories from watchstar Oral B toothpaste from albert heijn, eye liner from Primark. Body spray such as Victoria secret, Axe, dove are my current favs.

I hope you are inspired!

I love you


Ekene Patience


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Back To School Outfit Ideas!!!!

Hey guys, these pictures and video is a back to school outfits look book, perfect for the first week of school! these are dress codes approved for secondary and universities unless you have to wear uniform.

I hope you are inspired?
I love you!
If you enjoyed this Back To School Look book, please like, comment and share!


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White top – C& A –


dsc089970645AF7A-C5F5-4E1E-9792-E8580B44086B10418260_698425170219965_4499079945498000915_n green 10


11193295_890480350990735_4280617381856197341_n 1507077_851200071585430_5615513740576761622_n 21102_890480024324101_1354974186713046712_n



Jacket – Silver Creek bought in Open 32 Goes, Zeeland The Netherlands


Black trouser – Espirit Middelburg

Shoes – Cruif from Omoda Middelburg

Bag – Calvin Klein De Bijekorf


Dress- Designual

Shoes – Guess bought at De Bijenkorf

Watch – DKNY De Bijenkorf

Necklace – Chanti Jewelries  at


Black suit – We shop –

Car – Porsche – Vanvliet trucks –



Health Care Tips !!!

Hey lovelies , I  hope you all are doing well. I recently created a video ( see below) to inspire you on how to  look  more  fabulous  and some heathcare tips. I used to work at de.tuinen and Kruidvat as assistent drogist. During my working experience with these prestigieus companies, I  learnt alot about how to give customers advice related to oral hygiëne, Hair care and skincare.

I purchased lots of vitamines from de tuinen; Etos and Kruidvat . Vitamins are essential for the body such as vitamine a, b,c, d, e and k for healthy skin, hair and body.

I also got  some  vitamines for free from my awesome doctor friend.

I was a photo model few years ago. I used to make awesome pictures then, i still do now but ocaasionally. Sometimes i get items for free after my phtosession. I have received lots of cloths jewelries shoes for free as a gift after my shoot.

As a young aspiring model, my advise to you is  always be polite, look decent and fabulous. In case a photographer does not have money to offer you as compensation,  ask for jewelries , cloths  etc.

I hope you are inspired

P.s i am always looking for photographers to help me expand my portfolio, please feel free  to contact me if you do like to work with me.

I love you.


Ekene Patience

DSCX2583 DSCX2592 DSCX2593 DSCX2600 DSCX2601


Fun Pictures from Spain!

Hey muffins, I hope you all are doing well! I had an awesome stay with my family in Spain!

Mallorca is such a beautiful place, we really enjoyed hanging out by the se side. We got great deal with Sun Web a ticketing agency in Holland!

Ladies, I hope these outfits inspires you on how to style your self during your holadays!

Few years ago, we also visited Nigeria and  Creta Greece ( please video below)

I love you


Ekene PatienceDSC06440 DSC06453 DSC06459 DSC06471


Modelling Tips!!!


Hello beauty lovers! I have been a photo model for over a decade. I love modelling because am able to express myself with pictures. Like the saying goes, pictures speaks a million words. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to have worked with very talented photographers and models.

If you are aspiring model, you may want to send emails or messages to photographers via Facebook, twitter other social media asking them you would like to improve your modelling portfolio. You may want to register on awesome sites such as or modelmayhem, and many more.

I am a youtuber now, I love making tutorials and writing articles to share my knowledge and passion, I receive alot of feedbacks which am very thankful for!

In order to be a great model, great grooming is required, make sure you have nice skin,in shape, exercise often and watch what you eat. There are also plus size models out there but is better to be in shape.

You may also look for top models that inspires you. My role models are Oluchi Onweagba, Naomi cambell, Katemoss. I love their pictures. You may also search on google for top modes and style, pose as they do. Last but not the least tip, do not be shy, be yourself!

I hove these few tips inspires you.

I love you so much!





2014_07_30; Diana (01) Zeeland (37)



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March Favourites!

10710264_712738035508563_9018146106733018975_o (1)IMG_2245Hello lovelies, I hope you all are doing well. Recently, I created a video to share with you my awesome March Favourite Items. The month of March has been very inspiring for me.  I have been reading alot and listening to inspirational audios by great motivators such as Brian Tracey, Dani Johnson and Bob Proctor. I got an awesome book as a gift from a phd student from Egypt called No Excuses written by Brian Tracey. I absolutely love the book. I also love listening to music by One Direction, Taylor swift, Beyonce , Rihanna. I am currently loving the song my The Weekend called I feel it coming

I also shered with you my current favourite stylish sunglasses, outfit, my hair styles and more.

I hope you are inspired. Please send me an email, tweet me to share with me your March Favourites!

My email address is

I love you so much.


Ekene Patience 


1459065_655244821180957_2098947340_n 3 




Manicure, Pedicure and Make-up Done By Me

I am so thankful to all the ladies and gentlemen I have had the ample opportunity to work with in The Netherlands. I do manicure, Pedicure and makeup. I have been a beauty consultant and a photo model in The Netherlands for many years. I am also grateful to all the amazing photographers I have worked it. I hope these pictures inspires you.

I am also a you tuber!!! I create makeup, styling and fashion video to help inspires you and make you my amazing friends look and feel more fabulous! see below my recent video

If you need someone for your manicure, pedicure, makeup, please contact me.

I love you so much.

more photos here  










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28940048865_336044ada6_k 30141571092_c1c664f310_k 31584940496_18018dfca9_b 33365730346_1a7441a87d_k 33406025565_1d6bea2bdc_k