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My Favourite Fashion Brands!

Hello, my amazing friends and family! I hope you all are doing great! I am very very passionate about fashion. I started fashion business over a decade ago, while I was living in Port Harcourt Nigeria, I used to have my own hair salon and also sold clothes to Port Harcourt babes in Nigeria. I was then studying biochemistry at Anambra State University in Nigeria. I sold lots of clothes, shoes, and handbags. I used to buy very high-end brands then such as Gucci, Marc Jacob, Cartier clothing and bags from my American and international friends living in Nigeria.I used the money I earned then to pay my tuition fees and house rent during my five years of Biochemistry study in Nigeria.  Today, I am going to share with you my top favorite fashion brands.

  1. Dior
  2. Channel
  3. Prada
  4. Armani
  5. Cartier
  6. Ysl
  7. Fendi
  8. G-Star
  9. Tommy Hilfiger
  10. Michael Kors
  11. Dolce and Gabbana


I love these above-mentioned brands because of the quality clothing, makeup, parfums they produce. When I was young, I learned that looking good is good business. I highly recommend these brands. In The Netherlands, you can buy from De Bijenkorf, online or from Milan. De Bijenkorf is a great shop in The Netherlands. De Bijenkorf is in Amsterdam and In Rotterdam.

I am a personal shopper, If you do need me to buy you nice clothing, shoes, perfumes from Europe, Please do contact me.

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Makeup done by me xo

Need these fabulous cosmetic items from Europe?Hello dear! I am a beauty, health and business consultant in The Netherlands. Would you like me to write an article regarding your business on my blog? Please contact me. xo

Paris vibes

Hello! I am a photo model and a beauty consultant in The Netherlands.  Please contact me if you need goods and services from Europe. +31633651998 xo

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Hiya! I am a beauty and health consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me for your beauty and health care tips xo +31633651998


My Current Favourite Comfy Dresses!!!

Hello, my beautiful angels! Summer period is finally coming to an end. I truly truly love wearing beautiful dresses. I remember eight years ago, when I was studying at Inholland University in Rotterdam in the Netherlands before I later completed my studies at Hogeschool Rotterdam in The Netherlands, I used to live close to the  Rijn haven, near the Erasmus bridge, I was new in Holland, I could hardly speak the Dutch language than.  I went often to the Erasmus bridge to make pictures with very talented photographers, sometimes we made pictures at uncompleted buildings, parks and forest in Holland. Rotterdam looks amazing.  I have made several photo shots in Rotterdam and other amazing cities.  I made lovely pictures for several cosmetic companies, hair salon and makeup companies.
Dresses can make you feel more ladylike, feminine and presentable. I admire Kate Middleton a lot in her stylish dresses,    she always looks well kept and put together.  A few years ago I had the ample opportunities to work with Dutch top models such as  Leila Aigbedion whom i contested with during the beauty pageant of Beautiful African day organised by African t.v. (aftv) in the Netherlands and Dian Bieman whom I did her makeup eight years ago when I was still studying with Beauty Partners in Rotterdam.  I do admire them a lot.

Naomi Campbell, Doutzen Kroes, and Tyra banks are also great international models.  If you would you like to improve your makeup, hair styling and fashion skills, please check out my video’s on Youtube and my blog post. You may also want to have a look at Victoria Beckham styles on Pinterest, beautybyjj, beautybybel, nikkis tutorial and always read fashion magazine such as Linda, cosmopolitan, vogue and more.

Amsterdam  Bijenkorf, Rotterdam Bijenkorf, De Beneham’s in the united kingdom   and Breda has Amazing shops to shop your very stylish outfits, hair, from designers channel, Prada,  Gucci, ysl
I hope this blog post inspired you.

I love you so much with all my heart.


Ekene Patience

Shop – Here

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My Current Favourite Jeans!

Hello my amazing fashionistas in da house! I hope you all are doing great. These are my current favourite jeans! I love wearing jeans from brand names such as Levi, G- Star, Gaastra, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Car Jeans, Only, H&M, We. You can not go wrong with few pair of branded jeans in your wardrobe. These above mentioned brands has jeans for male and females. I do buy my jeans from open 32 in Goes, In The Netherlands, De Bijenkorf and on Zalando. Bos Men in The Netherlands has awesome suits for male. C& A has also high quality clothing for male, females and kids.

My lovelies, where do you purchase your lovely cloths? I would love to learn from you.Bythe way, I am a personal shopper, if you need items such as perfums, cloths, cars , wrist watches from europe, please do let me know.

Thank you so much for reading my blogs and for all your love and kindness, I do appreciate each and everyone of you. I love your inspirations and above all,

I love you!


Ekene Patience

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dkny hand bag, tommy hilfiger jeans, silver creek tops, model, photo model, model in the netherlands virtual reality, virtual reality headphone,, model, ekene patience, middelburg

man 2

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Tommy Hilfiger Jeans




Levi Jeans – Open 32 Gos, The Netherlands


jean, black jeans,


G- Star Jeans

university of dundee, dundee, model, photomodel

university of Dundee



My Current Favourite Cosmetics and Make-Up!

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all are doing great! If you have been reading my blog or have been watching my videos, you must have noticed I enjoy applying makeup. I do love to shop for my favourite makeup at Douglas, Ici Parijs, Sephora, Primark, Etos, Kruidvat in The Netherlands or United kingdom. I love using brand from Mac, Smashbox, Rituals Maybelline, loreal, channel, dior, Gucci, makeup studio. A great aftershave for men is from the brand Nivea, bottego and mary kay is great. I love watching great makeup artist such as nikkis tutorial, beauty by bel michelle phan. I do organise my makeup in cups or containers. You may buy containers from blokker. I have been a photomodel for over a decade, during my shoots, i applied my makeup, and makeup of so many models. Aside from applying makeup, I also enjoy doing manicure and  pedicure. you can never go wrong with a groomed nails!

What are your favourite makeup and cosmetic items my angels? I do love to learn from you.

Thank you so much for reading! Please do enjoy my photos below!!!

I love you so so much


Ekene Patience


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Hallo mijn schatjes!  Ik hoop dat het goed gaat met jullie allemaal! Als je mijn blog  vaak les of mijn video’s hebt bekeken, moet je hebben gemerkt dat ik graag make-up gebruik. Ik ben dol op winkelen voor mijn favoriete make-up bij Douglas, Ici Parijs, Sephora, Primark, Etos, Kruidvat in Nederland of het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Ik gebruik graag merken van Mac, Smashbox, Rituals Maybelline, Loreal, Channel, Dior, Gucci, make-upstudio. Een geweldige aftershave voor mannen is van het merk Nivea, bottego en mary kay is geweldig. Ik hou van het kijken naar geweldige make-upartiesten zoals Nikkis tutorial, beauty door bel michelle phan. Ik organiseer mijn make-up in bekers of containers. Je kunt containers van blokker kopen. Ik ben meer dan een decennium lang een fotomodel geweest, tijdens mijn shoots heb ik mijn make-up en make-up van zoveel modellen aangebracht. Naast het aanbrengen van make-up, geniet ik ook van het doen van manicure en pedicure. je kunt nooit fout gaan met een verzorgde nagels!
Wat zijn jullie favoriete make-up en cosmetische producten mijn engelen? Ik vind het heel leuk om van je te leren.
Heel erg bedankt voor het lezen! Geniet alsjeblieft hieronder van mijn foto’s !!!
Ik hou zo veel van jullie!
Ekene Patience






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Makeup and Fashion Trend Autumn 2017!!!

Hello muffins! You all must have noticed, winter is around the corner, autumn is almost over! This blog post would inspire you on Makeup and fashionable styling for this season. I love wearing Mac lipstick, eyeliner,lipliner,concealer, foundation, blush etc. I also recommend black opal powder, concealer and foundation for dark skin ladies. Ysl, Blackup, Maybelline, Loreal are also great makeup brands. During the winter period, a good leather jacket from Omoda is a good buy. Primark has awesome clothing, manicure items and shoes for very affordable prices. In my video tutorial below, you would find some cool handbags you can wear for this season. Spending money on good quality handbags is a must, because it would last for decades. Few years ago, when I was still married, I used to get a lot of present from my hubby then such as handbags etc. Well if you do not have high income for high end products such as expensive bags, perfumes, you may want to save up and give your self a nice present everymonth, its a nice way to reward your awesome self.

Some good brands of bags are Gucci, Prada, Louis Vulton, Cartier, Michael Kors, DKNY, some cool perfumes for winter period is Channel, Chloe, Dolce and Gabana and Hugo boss. Sephora, Douglas, Ici parijs are great retailers. For Men, Channel perfume, Hugo boss, Calvin Klein are good buy.

It is also going to be very chilly during the winter period, drinking lots of hot thee, reading and listening to audio books and spending quality time with friends and family members is an awesome way to be happy this season.

I hope you are inspired!!!

I love you


Ekene Patience


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H&M Top

G – star jean

Mac red lipstick


Primark Grey Top

Hat – H&M

36722991743_4079775c4f_k 37248082556_828b48f0db_b13009144733_edecf67e79_o13009385744_b4bd8ecf5b_k32354191330_a8e2e17ce2_k






My Favourite Fashionable Glasses

Hello fashionistas in da house!!! I hope you all are doing great! Here are some of my favourite pair of glasses. I am an eye wear freak. I have lots of pairs and still counting. Most of them I got as a gift. Last year, I got three pair of visual reality glasses from the Netherlands. Please findsee more information in the video tutorial below.

Eye wear has a cool way of adding style to your look. You may find very affordable glasses on ebay, amazon, kruidvat, h&m,we, and more.

some awesome brands of eye wear are Dolce and gabana, Prada, Gucci, Vogue,Calvin Klein, Nike and more.

I hope these looks inspires you.

stay fabulous!

I love you


Ekene Patience


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DSC04278Diana Cher 27 juli 2012 112


DSCF2958 DSC06474 DCS_3972