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How To Create Lovely Pictures!

Hello my amazing friends and friends, I hope you all are doing great. Do you like being creative like me? I enjoy making nice pictures and modeling. I have been a photo model for over a decade. Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on great ideas on how to great lovely pictures.

  1. Smile while taking pictures.
  2. Look for an environment with good lighting
  3. Be yourself
  4. Hold something
  5. Tell a story
  6. Avoid straight line
  7. Do not be shy
  8. Wear a nice outfit
  9. Do not overuse the filter.
  10. Use photoshoot, Lightroom and portrait professional to edit your pictures.
  11. Use a professional camera.

I hope these tips were helpful. Please do share with me tips and tricks for making great pictures and video! If you do like to make pictures of me or would like me to create some nice pictures and video, please do let me know. I also offer photography workshop.


Hallo mijn beste vrienden, ik hoop dat het goed met jullie gaat. Ik ga het met jullie hebben over hoe je een mooie foto maakt. Portretfoto’s vind ik het leukst, je maakt namelijk een foto voor de geportretteerde, je probeert hem of haar zo voordelig mogelijk op de foto te zetten. Mensen vinden zichzelf op een foto al snel niet mooi afgebeeld staan, dus het is voor jou veel waard als het jou wel lukt om iemand op zijn mooist vast te leggen.

Hier enkele tips waar je op moet letten om een mooie foto te maken:

-Zorg dat hij of zij lacht of vriendelijk kijkt

-Zorg voor goede belichting

-Zorg voor de juiste achtergrond of omgeving

-Fotografeer op ooghoogte

-Focus op de ogen van de geportretteerde

-Hou de camera stil

-Maak meerdere foto’s en kies de mooiste eruit

Hou deze regels aan en het zal je lukken iemand mooi op de foto vast te leggen.


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3 Best Ways To Sell Your Books!

Hello, my amazing friends! I hope you all are doing great. Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on how to sell all your books you do not use any more. A few years ago, I sold some of my book with in The Netherlands. During my University studies, I bought so many books, after a while, I had to sell some of my books I no longer use because I needed some extra cash.  Three top websites to sell your books are;

  2.  Marktplaats
  3. amazon

You may also want to sell on eBay, zeelandnet and on gumtree.  I recently bought some new books. I intend to sell the books at very affordable prices. Please make an offer! By the way, I am a photo model. I have been a photo model for more than a decade now, my pictures have been used and published in several books, online and offline promotional activities, exhibitions, companies’ websites and social media pages updates, calendars, flyers, websites and more. If you need me to make customized pictures or videos in very nice outfits at your home, photo studio, hotel room, uncompleted building, street photography. I enjoy taking pictures and videos very much.

Ekene Patience

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Ekene Patience

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Hello loves! Need these items from Europe? I can help you shop for them. I am a personal shopper. We ship wprldwidePlease dm me. +3162017533


Hello beauties, I just posted a video on my YouTube channel. August month has been an awesome fabulous month, so I decided to share with you few of my August Favourite items. I love Mac products, I shared a Mac studio Fix powder in the video, the powder h

Makeup and styling by me


Modelling Tips!!!


Hello beauty lovers! I have been a photo model for over a decade. I love modelling because am able to express myself with pictures. Like the saying goes, pictures speaks a million words. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to have worked with very talented photographers and models.

If you are aspiring model, you may want to send emails or messages to photographers via Facebook, twitter other social media asking them you would like to improve your modelling portfolio. You may want to register on awesome sites such as or modelmayhem, and many more.

I am a youtuber now, I love making tutorials and writing articles to share my knowledge and passion, I receive alot of feedbacks which am very thankful for!

In order to be a great model, great grooming is required, make sure you have nice skin,in shape, exercise often and watch what you eat. There are also plus size models out there but is better to be in shape.

You may also look for top models that inspires you. My role models are Oluchi Onweagba, Naomi cambell, Katemoss. I love their pictures. You may also search on google for top modes and style, pose as they do. Last but not the least tip, do not be shy, be yourself!

I hove these few tips inspires you.

I love you so much!





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Skincare Routine 2017!

Hi loves, Here are some of my favourite skin care products video and stylish pictures.  I filmed the videos  in year 2016 and year 2017. I love skin care products from brands such as  Dove, Nivea, Channel, The Bodyshop, Kruidvat, Dr Kniep, Vaseline, Douglas, Mac, Olay, Biotherm, Clinique, Skin success, fair and white, Tura,Aveeno, Mary Kay.Aside from using cosmetics, you might want to eat balance diet, practise exercise everyday, dance and have fun!
I hope these tips inspires you. Pease share with me what your favourite skin care procucts are. I
do love to hear from you.

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 I love yoo so much!


Ekene Patience


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