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Beauty and Health Consultancy!

Hello, my beautiful friend!  I hope you all are doing great. I truly enjoy my job as a beauty and health consultant because it provides me with the opportunity to bring out the best in me and others! I learnt a lot during all these years of beauty and health consultancy in The Netherlands. Beauty/health consultancy has provided me the opportunity to be self-employed, help others to achieve their healthcare goals.

Would you like to be self-employed and achieve your goal as a beauty consultant or start a new career with little or no budget? These tips below might help

  1. Become a photo model
  2. Become a beauty consultant
  3. Help companies to update their social media accounts
  4. If you are good with blogging, writing articles, logo design, you may want to register an account with Fiverr.
  5. Buy a cool camera with Cool blue and become a photographer
  6. Search for jobs on indeed and Gumtree
  7. Job agencies such as Adecco, Unique and tempo team are great agencies for finding a job.

I hope these tips below inspired you. Please do share with me your experience as a self-employed beauty consultant! How do you find a good befitting job? I recently graduated with the University of Dundee in Scotland. I have a masters degree in Marketing and Management. I was a student mentor during my study period with the prestigious University of Dundee in Scotland. Do you need a social media coach? beauty or health consultant? Please contact me. I would love to work with you!

Thank you so much for reading my blog.


Ekene Patience

Ekene Patience


Good day friends! I and my family has a jewellery company in Nigeria. Our warehouse is in Nigeria. We ship worldwide. Whole sellers and retailers are welcome. Please contact me for more info.







January Favourites 2018!

Hi fashionistas in da house! As am writing this blog post to inspire you, am sipping a cup of thee and giving my self a nice foot bath! Yes I love  doing my pedicure and that of my friends, family and customers! It is essential to give your self a great me time!  Below are some of my favourite cosmetics, fashion items and parfum for 2018.

I love Mac beauty products, estee lauder perfume,fro men, i do recommend Giogio Armani as perfume. Rituals also have male and female beauty products.

I use orange, lime to scrub my face, Nivea face wipes is also amazing for ladies. first do wipe your face with Nivea face wipes before washing your face,it helps to balance the ph level of your face.

Recently, I expanded my business activities! Yes, i registered Ekene schoon maak bedrijf.  I do cleaning, house keeping, facility maintenance shopping and more! Please contact me if you do love to work with me!

Thank you so so much  for all your love and support.

I love you.

Below is a video with my current makeup favourites!


Ekene Patience



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5 Reason I Enjoy Blogging!

My greatest source of joy are my adorable boys and  making others look and feel fabulous! Being a beauty consultant has enabled me to meet the most talented amazing beauties in Africa and Europe! Male and female come to me for beauty advice such as how to look younger, sleep better, healthy diet, advice to look younger, mouth, skincare hygiene, styling tips and many more. I am so so so grateful for all the amazing talents, ladies and gentlemen i have had the opportunity to inspire. I love you all with all my heart! I will forever remain grateful. I just want to say that i have learnt from you all as much as you guys have learnt from me.

Below are the most important reasons I enjoy blogging!

  1. Blogging has enabled me to become more organised.
  2. It has helped me to become a better person and meet the needs of most ladies and gentlemen helping them to solve, beauty, healthcare and lifestyle problems. blogging has helped me to create a positive impact to other, i can not imagine a better feeling.
  3. it has helped me to start several businesses in the Netherlands such as fabulous beauties, fab beauties and watch star 

4. It has helped me to value myself and others more especially persons whom has put some effort to look nice and well groomed.

5. it has offered me a creative space to share my ideas and allow my ideas grow and also I have been able to work with amazing entrepreneurs like me.

Please do enjoy my pictures and that of some of the amazing talents I have worked with .

I love you.





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4 Simple Ways To Learn Dutch Language!

Hello lovelies, I hope you all are having a wonderful christmas celebration! I am so excited and looking forward to 2018! 2017 has been a very blessed and wonderful year. I appreciate my family and friends and give God the glory for his faithfulness. Please do remember to share love, gift and joy with your friends and families too.

I have  so many expatriate friends whom do love to learn dutch language. I also have some friends from Russia, Poland whom desperately do want to learn english language.  This blog post would inspire you on four simple ways to learn dutch or any other languages real fast! I have practised these methods and it worked for me. I learnt speaking dutch language within one year!

  1. Learn dutch via skype. You can find tutor online via Facebook, marktplaats and just by searching dutch teacher wanted on google.
  2. Listen to dutch children or any other language programme. Dutch has a lot of television senders ( i love watching teletubbies) its fun to learn dutch by watching kids cartoons as well!
  3. Make friends with dutch people. The dutch people are very amiable and kind. you can make friends at the library, park, zoo etc
  4. Read simple dutch sentences online and listen to dutch audios!

I hope these tips are helpful.

Thank you so much for reading!

Bedankt voor het lezen!

Ik hoop dat jullie zijn geinspireerd.


I love you.

ik hou van jullie!