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My Favourite Lipstick Brands!

Hello, my amazing friends and family! I hope you all are doing great. I am so thrilled to share with you my favorite lipstick brands. I have been using several lipstick brands for eight years I have been living in The Netherlands. Many of you know I love food as much as I love Make-Up. I wear makeup every day because make-up boosts my confidence. I have been buying my make-up products from De Bijenkorf, Ici-Parijs, Mooi Parfumerie, The Body Shop, Mac and Douglas shop.

I respect and cherish Art a lot, to me, make-up is an art, its a painting, its an expression and it needs to be shared with the world. Make-up has helped a lot of women and some men worldwide to look better, feel better . I love make-up brands from Mac, Bobbi Brown, The Body Shop, Mary Kay, Channel, Dior, Armani, Gucci, Rimmel London, Nyx, Maybelline Newyork, Lancome, Michelle Phans makeup brands and more. Tara in Nigeria has a very cool famous make-up line. Before attending an intensive one-year beauty academy in The Netherlands in the year 2010 in Rotterdam, I attended Tara beauty and make-up coaching in Nigeria. Tara is such a friendly and a great make-up entrepreneur in Nigeria. During my intensive one-year beauty study with Beauty Partners in Rotterdam, I learned a lot about make-up, skin care, facial, neck and shoulder massage, cosmetic and perfumery. My teachers were terrific, I still remain grateful to them for all the knowledge and skills I acquired during my beauty study, I was able to improve my Dutch language speaking skills because I had to follow a compulsory industrial training with Kruidvat and Detuinen in Rotterdam hoogstraat in the year 2010. That really helped me speak and understood the Dutch language better.

my lovely friends and family, what are your favorite lipstick brands? I would love to learn from you. Please like, comment and share this post if you enjoyed reading it. I am a makeup artist and a beauty consultant in The Netherlands. Please do contact me if you need someone for your makeup, manicure, pedicure. My services are for male and female.

I love you!


Ekene Patience


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Makeup and Styling by Ekene patience. Wanna shop my look? Please contact me for more info +31620175330

Makeup and Styling by Ekene patience. Wanna shop my look? Please contact me for more info +31620175330

Makeup and Styling by Ekene patience. Wanna shop my look? Please contact me for more info +31620175330

Makeup and Styling by Ekene patience. Wanna shop my look? Please contact me for more info +31620175330

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Shopping In Rotterdam



Hello lovelies! I hope you are doing well! This is an awesome vlog to share with you my awesome shopping exerience in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is an awesome city in The Netherlands. Rotterdam is the second most biggest city in Holland. There are awesome shps such as De Bijenkorf, Primark, H&M, We,Van Haren, Omoda,Mexx,The Sing and many more. I usually shop from Pprimar, H&M, We fashion, Omoda,Manfield in the Netherlands. For my mkeup and cosmetics, I buy them in Kruidvat, Douglas, Ici Paris,Etos nd De tuinen. Parfumstar in Hoogstraat Rotterdam is also an awesome shop for makeup and cosmetics for very affordable prices.
Rotterdam is also known for shipping port and international university. It is very diversified wth alot of international and global persons from China, India, Japan, Suriname,Africa thus highly multicultural.

The shirt am wearing while playing with my child in the sitting room is from Primark. C&A is also a great shop for male and female clothing. I usually buy toys from Blokker and Bartsmith for my little boys. they love playing with lego, cars etc.

I hope this video inspires you.

I do love to know where you do your shopping!

Stay fabulous.

Ekene Patience




Hair and Beauty Care Tips!



Hello lovelies, Here is a Tutorial to inspire you on How to Style your Hair, Makeup and Beauty tips.
I do purchase my Makeup items from Boozy Shop in the Netherlands.
My Favourite Make-Up brands are from;
-La Girl Foundation
– Dior
– Lancôme
The Body Shop
– Mary Kay Foundation (I am a Mary Kay beauty Consultant in The Netherlands, Please contact me if you need Mary Kay products)
– Graftobian Banana powder from Amazon
– Makeup Studio eyeshadow
– Sleek blush
-Lashes from Kruidvat
Rimmel London lipstick, Maybelline New York
-Naked Eye shadow from Urban decay

– I am also loving The Body Shop beauty cosmetics such as Face scrub, Mask.
In this video I shared with you Queen Helene Mask and Scrub I discovered recently. I buy them from Me Gorgeous in The Netherlands. I also use Skin Success face cleanser, it helps to deep cleanse your body. Reducing the amount of Makeup you wear on daily basis will help you with clear skin. I also drink a lot of water too to achieve beautiful skin

My hair is 18 Inches Brazilian hair I bought online from Fresh Hair in The Netherlands.
You can maintain it by adding little quantity of Garner hair serum and water.
My necklace on this movie is from Amazon, I ove bold jewelries.
You can shop your beautiful Perfum, Cosmetics and Makeup from Parfum Star in The Netherlands.
I also love wearing Opi nail polish, but as for now, I am rocking my French tips which I made my self.

My accessories is from – for your affordable watches. Watch Star is an online shop for Watches in The Netherlands. We ship to London, Belgium Germany and The Netherlands.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
I love you!


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