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April/May Favourites 2021

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing great! 26th of April was my birthday! I had so much fun, I received a lot of great wishes and some presents from my amazing friends and family! I would like to use this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your love and support. A few years ago, I travelled to Paris then for my birthday. This year, i decided to celebrate my birthday in The Netherlands. The birthday celebration has been an amazing and great experience. Below, are some of my April and May Favourites 2021!

  1. A nice dress from Femme Luxe, boohoo, and a headset from
  2. Visiting great cities such as Vlissingen, Rotterdam, Breda, Amsterdam, Rosendaal and so on
  3. Nice Dior perfume
  4. Nice hair
  5. Lovely too faced makeup
  6. Nice sleeping gown from Hunke Moller
  7. Nice food from Jumbo or from Albert heijn
  8. A nice birthday card from my friends
  9. Creating music
  10. Writing short story books
  11. Freelance jobs

Are you living in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bred, Rosendaal, Utrecht, Den Haag and other fabulous cities in The Netherlands, you may want to celebrate your birthday at great hotels such as Sheraton hotel, Hilton hotel, best western view hotel, tulip hotel,  Marriot hotel Rotterdam,  Van der Valk hotel, Fletchers hotels in these above-mentioned cities. You may want to indulge in some cool activities by going to the cinema, the shopping mall in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other cities.

Over a decade ago, I celebrated my birthday at Eko hotel Lagos Nigeria. I had so much fun then. I used the gymnastics, swimming pool, ate a very nice breakfast. I do recommend you celebrate your birthday in Nigeria, The Netherlands and Paris, these mentioned cities are my favourite cities for celebrating my birthday. Are you a very loving husband or wife or would you like to give your daughter, son or friend a nice gift? you can give your husband or your wife a nice car from Van vliet, dilly motors lagos nigeria,  Germaine cars   a nice home from rotvast as a birthday day present, that would really be nice.

My angels, please do share with me how you tend to celebrate your birthday, the activities you do indulge in, here you visit, how you spend time with yourself and your family, attain and achieve tranquility and peace in your life, i would love to learn from you.

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5 Tops Ways To Practise Greenery Worldwide!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you are doing just fine! Today I am going to share with you 5 top ways to practise greenery

  1. Use more bio oriented cars such as tesla and buy cool bikes from decalthon
  2. Use non-co2 emitting generators for companies, homes, real estate, rather use cool generators from this company
  3. Bike more often and cooking healthier. You may want to shop with Albert heijn for very nice tasty food and drink
  4. Avoid building homes, real estate in overpopulated areas, rather buy land and build homes in scanty less populated locations
  5. Have plants grow indoor and outdoor at your home from intratuin and wear clothes that are biodegradable.

These above tips would help you, your country, family and friends feel better, be your best self. Greenery is very important for everyone’s general well being. Eating healthier, living in an environment with less populated air is very important.

I recommended using cars such as Tesla is important because the car does not emit co2, ( carbon monoxide) thereby it is very good for everyone’s general well being.

Eating a very healthy meal is very important, a balanced diet such as fruits, meat, rice, vegetables, fruits, milk and so on is inevitable for everyone’s diet. Eating properly would enable you to work better, be more smart, articulate better and makes you happier. I enjoy cooking very much. Most evening, i prepare rice with salad, meat or chicken,


I hope this above-mentioned tips on how to practise greenery inspired you. Please do share with me how you do practise greenery and stay helthy!

I would love to learn from you












How To Become A Business Consultant In 2021!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! I am a beauty, it, business consultant. Today, I am going to share with you how to be a great business consultant. Being a good business person or organization is amazing because, if you do treat your customers great, your customers are going to stay loyal to your business for a very long time. Below are great tips on how to become a business consultant.

  1. Choose a business you wish to start up!
  2. Conduct market research
  3. Acquire some training in regards to how to communicate effectively, we all know the saying, customers are always right
  4. Register your business
  5. Create awareness of your services by putting up a Facebook ad, Jiji, online and offline adverts
  6. Create engaging contents on your website and other social media sites
  7. Be proactive
  8. Go international!
  9. Have fun

I am an it and business consultant, I coach entrepreneurs and personnel on how to promote their businesses on social media, build a website, business communication ( verbal& non-verbal communication)  create a great marketing campaign on social media,  such as how to create youtube videos, Instagram accounts online and offline ads. You may also seek help with professionals on sites such as Fiverr for example SEO and sea for your websites and blogs.

A tip of the iceberg, Do remember that businesses worldwide have cultural dimensions. According to Geert Hofstede, some countries has higher power distance than other, practice uncertainty avoidance, and so on. Try as much as possible to adapt to the new environment your business is located in and practice flexibility and understanding in order to provide optimum satisfaction to your customers.

If you do need a business consultant for your organization, please contact me, I can assist with coaching your staff on time management, effective communication, and so on.

I am a freelancer for cavazanni recruitment agency in Nigeria, cavazanni helps in recruiting staff worldwide.


Ekene Patience

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How To Recruit A New Employee For Your Company!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well! Today, I am going to share with you great tips on how to recruit a person for your prestigious company! Do you own a real estate, automobile, spa, hospital, beauty parlor, flight ticket agency, hotel, healthcare, or insurance company? The following tips would have you empowered. It is very important to have the right human resource management and recruitment agency in order to be able to employ the right staff for your company

  1. Ask your new employee for his or her resume and motivational letter.
  2. Interview he or she based on the content on the resume and motivational letter
  3. If he or she is a match for your company, set out time for at least one week of coaching, three months trial period, and one year of contact to start with.
  4. If you are in doubt of her health, please do ask him or her for her medical history from her assigned doctor. Please avoid playing the role of a doctor when you are not his or her assigned doctor of your potential employee.
  5. If he or she is only eligible for a freelance job after a minimum of the one-hour intensive interview, disclose it to the employee immediately
  6. Always treat all candidate with respect, make your employees feel loved and cared for
  7. If you are not happy with the height, weight, hairstyle, perfume, grooming of a candidate, please do not disclose it to him or her. If you do appreciate the skills of the candidate, you may offer him or her one year of vocational training, a gift card for a spa treatment, and so on after employment.
  8. Always employ the right candidate for a job, for example, do not employ a pediatrician doctor for a gynecologist role or have him or her to go into the theatre for a cesarean section surgical operation.  For example, before treating an acclaimed diabetic, asthmatic patient, please always request for the medical history from the registered doctor of that particular patient. Over a decade ago, a well-certified gynecologist assisted me during the period I was giving birth at Georges Memorial Hospital in Lekki phase 1, not a pediatrician. Then my mother, my sister, and I were in the operating room. The caesarian operation was very successful, and the stitches on my stomach was impeccably done. The reasonable amount of hospital bill was also paid completely. Georges memorial hospital has very decent staffs, nice interior, my lady friend introduced to the hospital, she ws my neigbor, we lived at the same flat, i remember she telling to talk very calmly to the staffs of georges memorial hospital the first time i called them, she also encouraged me to attend the prenantal sections of geoges memorial hospital, she also introduced me to the online platform called Baby centre.
  9. Do not employ a geologist to fill the role of a chef, only if he or she has appropriate training for that role.
  10. Have fun!

I hope these tips were helpful! Thank you so much for reading my blog! I was a student mentor at the prestigious university of dundee from the yer 207 till 2018. I coached several students on how to achieve good grades.


Ekene Patience












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Best Hotels I Recommend!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing great. I am so thankful to have been to several hotels in Africa, in The Netherlands, and hotels in other European countries. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have stayed in several fabulous hotels in The Netherlands, Paris, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Lagos Nigeria. I have traveled alone in some European countries and with my family in some occasions.

These are some of the top hotels I have stayed in;

  1. Hotel Timor
  2. Porto Platanias
  3. Eko Hotel
  4. Novotel
  5. Van der Valk
  6. Fletchers Hotel
  7. Raddison Blu Hotel
  8. Citi Lodge Hotel
  9. Sheraton hotel
  10. Amadore Hotel
  11. Hotel Middelburg
  12. Ibis Hotel Ikeja Lagos

These above-mentioned hotels have great customer service, very tidy, and care for their customers. During my stay at the Sheraton hotel about a decade ago, I had a very nice massage I enjoyed very much with a very nice masseuse at the Sheraton hotel close to Schipol airport.

I really enjoyed my working experience a couple of years ago at  Amadore hotel in Zeeland, Amadore hotel has several hotels in Zeeland, some of the hotels have wellness, an amazing place to relax.

There are several reasons people go to the hotel, to relax, visit friends and family, shopping, writing, for making nice pictures, for experiencing new culture, food, and environment.  In 2019, I spent a night at Radisson Blu hotel in Antwerpen, I had so much fun. I and four other footballers friend of mine spent quality time in my bedroom for some hours before they left.

I love food very much,  I enjoy different dishes. I like Julia’s takeout food, Panos sandwiches and other delicacies you get to enjoy when you travel. If you live alone, or have your family abroad, or a widow or a widower and feel very lonely at home, Instead of becoming depressed, I recommend you travel to a new city and stay in a very nice hotel or Airbnb. According to medical practitioners, loneliness can lead to depression.

I hope this blog post inspired you! I do have friends and family members that have a lot of kids. If you do plan to travel to a new country and wish to lodge in a hotel, I do advise you to call the hotel first and ask if you can spend the night in a room with your husband and wife and with for or five of your young kids. Some hotels might not accept large family members to spend a night in a room with their kids.

You can arrange a nice vacation with Sunweb. Thank you so much for reading my blog and have a great trip or happy stay at any hotel of your destination! I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the great hotels around the world for creating a nice, private, and conducive place for your guest.


Ekene Patience

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How To Clean Up Some Streets In Nigeria

Hello, my lovely angels! How are you today? I hope you all are doing great. I was asked by my blog reader to share with you this awesome idea on how to clean up the streets of Nigeria.

I am dutch and Nigerian. I love both countries. There are very rich Nigerians who may be able to invest in this great idea in order to make the streets of Nigeria look tidier.

I have visited Nigeria severally since I have been living in Europe, Some streets of Nigeria are very tidy, and some of the streets are not. The following tips below would help Nigerians cultivate the habit of keeping Nigerian streets tidier;

  1. Teachers and parents can teach their students and children not to dispose of dirt on the street. The average Nigerian mentality needs to be addressed.
  2. A mobile app (application) needs to be created whereby the reach can donate to it, the money gathered can be used to clean up Nigerian streets. The money acquired from the app can be invested in unemployed Nigerians so that they can assist in cleaning up Nigerian streets.
  3. Solar panels should be introduced to hotels, banks, estates, and homes more instead of generators. By so doing, the carbon monoxide in the air would reduce substantially thereby creating clean air for everyone.

Great philanthropists such as Aliko Dangote and multinational companies such as Uber, Spar, Shell, Total, Exxon mobile, Philips, MTN, Heineken can help Nigerians by so doing portray good corporate social responsibility by investing in these brilliant ideas mentioned above.

I am a business, it, beauty and health consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you would like to do business with me.

Thank you so much for reading.


Ekene Patience

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Hi ya! I am a aphoto model and a personal shopper in The Netherlands, I can help you shop for cloths, makeup,  cosmetics , electronics, flight tickets, hotel reservations,  please let  me  know if you  are interested.


Top Places To Visit In Lagos Nigeria!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! I hope you all are doing great! Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on top places to visit in Lagos Nigeria. Lagos, Nigeria is one of the most amazing, cheerful, lively cities in Africa. I feel so happy and at home, whenever am in Lagos Nigeria. Lagos Nigeria, especially Lekki area brings back sweet memories back of those beautiful days, over a decade ago I used to live in Treasure Garden Estate Lekki Nigeria,  from Pluto to Jupiter flat.I went often to The Redeem Christian church in Lekki phase one, we also visited a lot of fun bars, restaurants, beauty salon and spa in Lekki Nigeria. I have so many friends still living in Lekki, Ajah, Jakende area of Lagos Nigeria.

Top places to visit in Lagos Nigeria are;

  1. Lekki
  2. Banana Island
  3. Victoria Island
  4. Ikoyi
  5. Ajah
  6. Ikeja

These places are well developed, beautiful. In Lagos Nigeria, You can find international eateries such as KFC and domino pizza and also international hotels such as Ibis Hotel, Sheraton, Hilton, Novotel, Raddison Blu Best western and more. Vlisco, a Dutch company that sells great fabrics has several shops in Lagos Nigeria.  You may want to rent a short stay apartment via or airbnb. There are also awesome international banks such as Zenith Bank, FCMB , Access and IBTC bank in Nigeria suitable for persons who wish to come to Nigeria for business.

Are you traveling to Nigeria soon? Please visit Lagos Nigeria, you would definitely love it! You may want to rent your home in a beautiful estate such as Amen estate, Treasure garden estate or at VGC.

Need a great fashion stylist for your beautiful traditional marriage outfits, please contact ZIZI cardow  Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria. Beyond beauty salon in lekki, Nigeria makes excellent hairstyling. Over a decade ago, I used to do my manicure, pedicure and hairstyling there.

Solite Global travels can help you book worldwide flight tickets, visa applications, and hotel reservation.

Are you looking for a job and wish to work in top multinational oil and gas companies such as ExxonMobil in Nigeria, NNPC, Qedi, Shell, Nigerdock, Agip, Saipam, Brunel in Nigeria,Total,  Heerema , Chevron and others,  please contact Cavazanni Nigeria limited and submit your cv.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.


Ekene Patience


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Lagos, Nigeria

Lekkere eten

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5 Top Oil Companies To Work For In Nigeria

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! One of my blog reader sponsored this blog post, he asked me to share with you guys five top oil companies to work for in Nigeria. The below-mentioned companies are multinationals and have branches worldwide. I have had ample opportunities to interview staffs who work for Shell, ExxonMobil, and Agip. and other oil companies in Nigeria. I asked them if they are happy working for the above-mentioned company, they said yes, Their staffs said that the company treats them well,  good salary and very considerate. Well, I am so happy that these awesome companies are in my country Nigeria. I am a Dutch and Nigerian citizen. Shell is in The Netherlands and also in Nigeria. Shell is very famous in Nigeria.  I learned from the staffs working for these companies mentioned below how they got the job, I learned you can acquire a job by submitting your applications on their websites. Big ups to you guys and keep up the great work! Top multinational companies in Nigeria are;

  1. Shell
  2. Exxonmobile
  3. Agip
  4. NNPC
  5. Chevron

My lovelies, which of these oil companies are your favorites? Would you like to work in any other above mentioned companies? If yes, why? I would love to learn from you.


Ekene Patience

Thank you so much for reading.


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Shop Your Fabulous Lipstick With Duvolle!

Hello, my fabulous friends and family! Welcome back! Today, I have lip swatch blog post for you guys today!  Yuppie!!! I regard myself as a very lucky woman! I tend to receive items worldwide from time to time to review on my blog! Thank you, Lord!  A few weeks ago, I received Duvolle facial cleanser, recently, I received some lipstick.  The lipstick are matte, the other side of the lipstick has lipgloss. The lipsticks are well pigmented and have a great texture on my lip. I love the way I make my lip feel very smooth and creamy. The lipstick lasts up to ten hours on your lip. The part of the lipstick is that it makes my lip scent like roses! Would you like to try out my lipsticks with me? Please feel free to contact me! Thank you so so much duvolle for sending me these amazing lipstick! You guys are simply the best!

Thank you so much for reading my angels! Please do shop your great lipstick at

I love you!


Ekene Patience


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7 Top Fashion Shops In The Netherlands!

Hello, my adorable angels, I hope you all are doing fabulous! Today’s blog post is to inspire you all ( My male and female blog readers) shops were you can buy nice decent outfits. My current favorite shops and brands in The Netherlands are;

  1. Esprit
  2. Levi / G- Star
  3. Only
  4. H&M
  5. We
  6. C&A
  7. De Bijenkorf

When am in The United Kingdom, I love shopping for very pretty dresses at De Debenham’s and Quiz! Shein is a great webshop in The Netherlands. I bought the white and blue strip dress from them. I totally recommend at least a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, G-Star and Levi Jeans in every lady’s and gent’s wardrobe. You just can’t go wrong with any of these above jean brands. About a decade ago, I received a very beautiful dress from MarcJacobs,  I still love and cherish the dress to date.

Over a decade ago, when I was living in Lekki Lagos Nigeria, I did my luxurious makeup and stylish outfit shopping from Shoprite The Palms Lekki Nigeria. Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have also very stylish clothing at very affordable prices.. Hunke Moller has very cute and affordable lingerie too!

My lovelies, where do you buy your clothing outfits from?

I do love to learn from you.

Thank you so so much for reading my blog, have a fun filled day!

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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Espirit Shirt, Levi Jeans

Espirit Shirt Levi Jeans


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Hello my amazing friends! check out my fun shoots in The Netherlands!  wishing you all an amazing week! Stay fabulous!xo Ekene Patience #Red #Redlips #fashion #Beauty #Fashionmodel #Mua #Ze

Hi love, today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on how to achieve proper healthier glowing skin  Remove makeup before going to bed Use day and night cream from loreal and Nivea. The Body shop  and lush also as amazing skincare items  Eat properly. Drin

Hello my adorable friends! I hope you all are doing great. Here are some amazing websites to advertise your businesses in order to gain potential customers. Online and offline advertising is crucial for business to reach potential customers, like the sayi



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