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Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business In 2019!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! I hope you all are doing well! Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on how to market your business in 2019! Digital marketing is very important for every business because the world is becoming a global village. A few months ago, I shared with you guys on my youtube channel ideas on how to improve your SEO and sea. In order to have a very good competitive edge, you need to be seen by potential customers. You need to know who your customers are, what they like and what would be beneficial for them. Below are some tips on how to market your good and services digitally.

  1. Create blog contents regularly
  2. Use social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for marketing. You may create a Facebook page for your business and promote it using Facebook ad, by so doing, you would be able to target potential customers from anywhere in the world.
  3. Emailing, send emails to your contact list and also to companies that may be interested in your goods and services
  4. Create groups on WhatsApp and share inform your friends and family about the services you provide
  5. Watch what your competitors are doing online, check out their Twitter and Facebook page and improve your business strategies.
  6. Use Fiverr for creating good facebook banner, twitter header, marketing flyers.
  7. Have fun!

I hope these tips inspire you! If you need one on one coaching on how to improve your marketing skills, please contact me.


Ekene Patience


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Hiya! I am a beauty and health consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me for your beauty and health care tips xo +31633651998

Hiya! I am a beauty and health consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me for your beauty and health care tips xo +31633651998

Hiya! I am a mua, beauty consultant and stylist in The Netherlands.Please contact me if you need my services. +31633651998

Ekene Patience

Digital marketing skills 2019

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6 Top Shops To Buy Ship In Europe!

Hello, my loving angels! I hope you all are doing great. This is a requested blog post. He is a very successful ship seller in Europe. He asked me to share with him and with you guys top shops to buy ships in Europe. I have never been in a shop before though, but I love cars, ships, and airplanes.  My dream is to buy my very own ship/yacht one day and take a cruise around the world.

These shops are;

  1. Premierships London
  2. boatshop24
  3. approved boats
  4. Inautia
  5. Ocean marine
  6. oceancoyacht

My dearest friends, where do you shop for your lovely ships and boats in  Europe? I would love to learn from you.

Ekene Patience


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p.s. I am a personal shopper in Europe. I can help you shop or conduct market research for automobiles, generators, yacht, boats, ships, solar panels,  photography equipment, electronics, fashion items, perfumes, cosmetics, ambulances, furniture, flight tickets and more. I give home care advice, self-care tips, photography workshop and more. Please shop here I am also a beauty and health consultant, I clean houses, holiday homes, and hotels and give self-care and health care tips. Please do contact me if you need my services.

Dutch version

Goedemiddag beste vrienden, Ik woon in  Nederland,  Nederland is een rivierenland. Nederland is met zijn rivieren de poort naar Europa, Rotterdam behoort tot een van de grootste havens ter wereld.

Zelf woon in Middelburg in de provincie Zeeland. In Zeeland heb je veel water, water betekent veel scheepvaart, van kleine recreatiebootjes tot luxe jachten en reusachtige zeeschepen.

Zelf ga ik vaak naar de boulevard in Vlissingen. Vlissingen ligt aan de Westerschelde, een van drukst bevaren rivieren van de wereld. Je ziet vanaf de boulevard allerlei boten voorbij varen, van kleine bootjes tot gigantische containerschepen met 20.000 containers aan boord. Het mooie is dat deze reusachtige schepen vlak langs de kust varen, je zou er zo naar toe kunnen zwemmen.

Je vraagt je natuurlijk af, waar worden deze schepen zoal gebouwd en wie zijn de kopers. Ik blijf even in Zeeland, hier zit namelijk een van de grootste scheepsbouwers van Europa. De Damen Shipyards Group, hoofdvestiging in Gorinchem, met wereldwijd 12.000 werknemers en een omzet van rond de 2 miljard euro.

In Vlissingen bezit Damen de Koninklijke Schelde Group, hier worden de grote en moderne oorlogsschepen, fregatten gebouwd, kosten van 1 fregat rond de 500.000.000 euro. Thans is er een order van maar liefst 1 tot 3 miljard euro in de maak, koper is de Nederlandse Overheid. Verder worden dit soort schepen aan andere landen verkocht.

Ook bezit Damen in Vlissingen de Amels Schelde, hier worden enorme superjachten gebouwd.

Kosten van een superjacht, 1.000.000 euro per meter. Kopers zijn meestal onbekend, het zijn de rijken der aarde, het zijn vaak oliesjeiks uit het midden oosten, deze zien het als leuk speelgoed. Of je moet zelf heel lang willen sparen. Momenteel werken bij Amels ongeveer 1000 mensen, het loopt als een trein. Andere grote scheepsbouwers in Europa zijn: Meyer werft in Papenburg, hier worden de grotere cruiseschepen gebouwd, maar ook gastankers zijn een specialiteit Fincantiere in Trieste, Italie, hier bouwt men cruiseschepen, ferry’s, en megajachten,

Lurssen werft in Bremen, van de 10 langste superjachten ter wereld zijn er maar liefst 5 op deze werf gebouwd.

 Als je van varen houdt, groot of klein, dan is Nederland en vooral Zeeland het paradijs op aarde.

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Hi sugar! I am a hairstylist in The Netherland. I cut and style hair for male and female. Please contact me if you are interested. xo

Makeup and styling done by me


Erg lekkere


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a busy day in copenhagen



Top Websites To Advertise Your Business!

Hello my adorable friends! I hope you all are doing great. Here are some amazing websites to advertise your businesses in order to gain potential customers. Online and offline advertising is crucial for business to reach potential customers, like the saying goes, if you are not seen, you would be forgotten.  During my University studies in Rotterdam I and my classmates learnt alot about digitl marketing and publishing. There are other strategic ways to have an online presence such as collaborating with other businesses, or famous bloggers and youtuber, you may want them to do a shout out. I am a blogger and i do update this website my self.  I have done several promotions for Virtual reality ( in The Netherlands.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Youtube
  4. Instagram
  5. Marktplaats
  6. Zeelandnet
  7. Gumtree
  8. Ebay
  9. Amazon
  10. Google adwords

If you have a big companies, and do not have time for advertising, you may want to employ advertising agencies to help you out, I and my collegue does website building, search engine optimazation, search engine advertising, We have helped several companies such as Mobbr, Unicef, Snuggle,  Izifes, Solite travel global, parfum star and many others to improve their social media advertising, websites and more! YYou may want to use offline advertising by creating business cards, flyers, posters, and billboards. If you need help with the above-mentioned services, Please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope these tips inspired you.

I love you!


Ekene Patience

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Advertising ideas



How To Find Your Fabulous Style!

Here are some few tips on how to find your famous styles that will suit you perfectly. Recently I made a cookbook wearing my favourite black dress as a look book. Personally black suits my skin tone perfectly. In the Netherlands, Black, grey and brown are most worn colours.

Make tweaks, don’t overhaul – Be real, how many of you want to start from scratch with your closet at times? I like to think of myself as always evolving, not completely transforming. As humans, it’s practically our jobs to change over time, slow and steady. Style works the same way. If you’ve changed from last year – You only need to buy items you really need.

Put an end to the comparison game – Now is the time to be inspired, not envious. Your peers and coworkers’ styles, the blogger of the moment, street style inspiration on pinterest there’s a wealth of information out there. But once you stop being inspired and start making comparisons, it’s time to separate yourself form those sources. If you struggle with comparison, try this: the moment your mind begins to compare your look to the one on your digital feed, shut it down. Do not be so spontaneous in buying, you have to really need a clothing items before shopping. You can check Instagram and Pinterest for styling inspiration. You can find some more inspiration in my tutorials below (youtube video)
I hope these tips inspires you!
I love you