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How To Find A Job Fast In 2019!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! I hope you all are doing great! Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you on how to find a job swiftly. There are several ways to find a decent job. I do enjoy being an entrepreneur very much. You may decide to be your very own boss or work for a boss.

  1. Linkedin
  2. Jobcentres ( uitzendbureaus)
  4. National vacaturen bank
  5. local newspaper
  6. Gumtree
  7. Monsterboard

During my University studies at Inholland University Rotterdam and at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I received some coaching on how to present a good motivational letter and cv whenever I send my cv off to a potential employer. I also mentored some students at the University of Dundee and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences on how to earn a good grade, build a business, and find a job in home care. In order to find a good job, you need to send your cv and motivational letter to companies that have vacancies and also companies you are interested in working with. Are you a student? would you like to start a business of your own while studying, well, you need to register with kvk in The Netherlands, have a decent website, and a business name .  If you are in Nigeria, need a job fast, please look online on indeed or on guardian newspaper. You may also talk to your colleagues, friends, and family, perhaps they can help you out!

Please contact me for further coaching on how to become an entrepreneur. Thank you so much for reading!


Ekene Patience


Ekene Patience


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Hiya! I am a mua, beauty consultant and stylist in The Netherlands.Please contact me if you need my services. +31633651998

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Hiya! I am a mua, beauty consultant and stylist in The Netherlands.Please contact me if you need my services. +31633651998

Hiya! I am a mua, beauty consultant and stylist in The Netherlands.Please contact me if you need my services. +31633651998





Hello dear! I am a photo model and  a beauty consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you would like to work with me. xo Ekene Patience



Effective Carreer Tips!

Hello lovely! I hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to share some career tips based on my working experience in the Netherlands for the past five years.  First tip, if you are a foreigner in a foreign country such as the Netherlands, it might be challenging to find an ideal desired job.

All you have to do is keep persisting in case you are rejected 100 times during your solicitation, never give up. If you are lucky enough and find a job, do your very best to keep it! I have been lucky enough to have a job in the health care, beauty and restaurants in the Netherlands. I have also been working as a social worker and beauty consultant. You do not have to wait for your dream job, just find something doing, while doing the job you found you might fall in love with it. My last but not the least tip is to always have a positive behaviour at work, smile, do not be late at work and dress appropriately.

Nevertheless, It is  very important to find a job you love, find a sheet of paper, write down things you love doing for example, writing, gaming, cycling, modelling and so on, and start a research on company associated with your passion, approach these companies and show them you are really passionate in their field, create a Linkedin profile!

I hope these few tips are helpful! Good luck!


I love you so much

Ekene Patience