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Frequently asked Questions!

Hello lovelies, whats going on? I have been asked a lot of questions regarding why I make videos, sharing pictures, why I love being an entrepreneur, about my nationality and so on almost on daily basis. I have decided to create this blog post, hopefully, am able to answer some of your questions

  1. Where you born in Europe? Answer – No, I was born in Nigeria but I do have Dutch and Nigerian nationality
  2. How many languages do you speak? I speak, English, Dutch, Igbo, little French and Italian language
  3. Why do I blog?- I have been a photo model over a decade, I love sharing beautiful pictures and inspiring you.
  4. How many views do I have in all my social media networks? I have over 15 million views in all my social media networks such as YouTube, Google plus, Facebook, Flickr twitter etc
  5. Do I have kids? Yes I have two adorable sons
  6. Do I visit Nigeria? Yes I do visit Nigeria
  7. Do I speak Dutch? Yes I speak fluent Dutch
  8. Is Ekene my real name? Yes
  9. What concerts have I seen? Lenny gravits and Mary J blige!
  10. Who is my favorite musician? Davido, Beyonce, Rihanna, cold play and James blunt
  11. Why do I do YouTube and blogging? I love and enjoy making contents!
  12. what is your advice for beginner? Do what you love! Do not mind all what people are saying, some people might want to discourage you because they do not want to see you progress, or do what you love that makes you happy. what matters most is your ability to do what you love, live your life my friends and not for others. I love to be myself, express myself with pictures and get to decide how people perceive me!
  13. What am I doing at the moment? I am a masters student in Marketing management. I love digital marketing, my teachers are brilliant and my school mates are the best.
  14. How many diplomas do I have? I have a degree in Biochemistry, International business and management, professional secretary from u.s.a, diplomas as a beauty consultant, diplomas in word, excel and PowerPoint. diplomas in Dutch, speaking, writing, reading and listening and masters in management ongoing.
  15. How old am I? I am in my early thirties
  16. What are my hobbies? beauty consultancy, advising male and females on how to look fabulous, blogging, website building, eating, sleeping, reading, writing, modelling, jogging and cooking very  delicious unique meals
  17. what is my favourite food? Rice, fish and chicken!
  18. What is my favourite colour? pink!


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