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My favourite Food!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you today! I hope you all are doing well. I love food. I do believe you all love eating food as well. Food is very important to keep us alive. Without food, the planet would extinct. My favorite food is ;

  1. Rice with prawns sauce
  2. Rice with chicken
  3. Potatoes with fish and salad
  4. Chinese rice and chicken sauce
  5. Spaghetti
  6. Fufu with egusi soup

I enjoy other varieties of food due to the fact that I am Nigerian and dutch. I was born in Nigeria and lived in Nigeria until adulthood. I ate Nigerian food most of the time I was in Nigeria. I do miss the Nigerian delicacy a lot. A good friend of mine advised me to stop drinking beer. beer can increase Tommy’s growth. I enjoy shopping with albert heijn, jumbo supermarket, tesco supermarket in uk, mark and spencers. I have been living in The Netherlands for quite a while now and most of the times, I shop with the above mentioned supermarkt.

I eat lots of fruits, orange juice, salad, nuts, and vegetables as well. I hope this tip inspired you. Please do share with me what your favorite food and drinks are. I would love to learn from you. Thank you so much for reading my blog!


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meal prepared by me


8 Great Restaurants In The Netherlands!

Hello, my beautiful friends! I hope you all are doing great. I enjoy very delicious food in the restaurant. Good food is very important for healthcare and great looks. Lots of fruits, salad, and meat would help you achieve great looking skin. During my biochemistry studies in Nigeria, I took classes in Nutrition. I learned that the food we eat contributes to how we reason, think. Good balance diet would help with great thoughts, but unbalanced diet will deteriorate your ability to think properly. Aside from eating proper meals, good hygiene. self-care and regular exercise is very important.

Below are awesome restaurants in The Netherlands.

  1. Olijventuin
  2. Van der Valk
  3. Restaurant Fred
  4. Restaurant old dutch
  5. Sazanka
  6. Amadore restaurant Middelburg
  7. Toro dorado Amsterdam
  8. Jamie Oliver

Aside from the above-mentioned restaurants, I enjoy Italian meals such as meals sold by Julia, the thaise restaurant in Antwerpen, Chinese food and Chinny Suriname’s rice and chicken in Rotterdam. I love the dutch Smuller food, whereby you can buy hamburger by throwing coins into the food machine, so awesome. My great friends, where do you wine and dine in The Netherlands? I would love to learn from you.


Ekene Patience

Dutch Version

Hallo mijn lieve vrienden, hoe gaat het met jullie? Ik hou van lekker eten. Dit zijn de toprestaurants in Nederland waar je goed uit eten kunt gaan. Goed eten is heel belangrijk voor jullie gezondheid. Graag wil ik van jullie weten waar jullie heen gaan om te genieten. Veel leesplezier!


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Top Nutritional Delicious Food!

Hello, muffins! I hope you all are doing great. I have helped several of my friends, fans and family members to lose tons of calories by advising them on great delicious diets to take every day. During my study of Biochemistry, I learnt a lot about food biochemistry and great essential nutrients. Good food is great but the excess food is toxic for the body. Too much food intake can cause heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Tanya burr and Jamie Olivier has written terrific books and guide on how to make healthy meals. You can find their tutorials online too. Below are essential food items to incorporate in your diet on daily basis. Fruits such as apple, banana, mango etc

  1. Vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, broccoli. It is better to purchase little quality of food that would last you for one or two days than buying too much food that might expire after a couple of days.
  2. Lots of fish, meat, fish, chicken. Rice, potato and spaghetti are paramount.
  3. Lots of water, juice and at least 3 glass of milk every day for healthy bones and teeth. Milk contains calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient for healthy hair and bone. Fun fact, do you know that you can mix egg, yoghurt and olive oil when you apply it to your hair and face every day, it would help you look very young. You may also mix olive oil, kiwi and sugar on a bowl, apply it on your face as a scrub on daily basis, it will help your skin look spotless.
  4. Last but not the least, exercise often, run errands by taking a long walk, bike, wear amazing cloths  ( it does not have to be expensive, it should look neat and presentable and have fun!

I love you all so so much!

Thank you for all your love and support. I truly appreciate it.


Ekene Patience



Hallo, muffins! Ik hoop dat het goed met jullie gaat. Ik heb een aantal van mijn vrienden, fans en familieleden geholpen om tonnen calorieën te verliezen door hen te adviseren over heerlijke diëten die ze elke dag kunnen nemen. Tijdens mijn studie Biochemie heb ik veel geleerd over voedselbiochemie en belangrijke  essentiële voedingsstoffen. Goed eten is geweldig, maar het teveel aan voedsel is giftig voor het lichaam. Te veel voedselinname kan hartaandoeningen, obesitas en diabetes veroorzaken. Tanya burr en Jamie Olivier hebben geweldige boeken en richtlijnen geschreven over het maken van gezonde maaltijden. Je kunt hun tutorials ook online vinden. Hieronder staan essentiële voedingsproducten die dagelijks in uw dieet worden verwerkt. Fruit zoals appel, banaan, mango, enzvt.

-Groenten zoals komkommer, tomaat, broccoli. Het is beter om weinig voedsel aan te schaffen dat een of twee dagen meegaat dan te veel voedsel te kopen dat na een paar dagen kan vervallen.

-Veel vis, vlees, vis, kip. Rijst, aardappel en spaghetti staan voorop.

-Veel water, sap en minstens 3 glazen melk per dag voor gezonde botten en tanden. Melk bevat calcium. Calcium is een essentiële voedingsstof voor gezond haar en botten. Leuk feit, weet je dat je eieren, yoghurt en olijfolie kunt mengen als je het elke dag op je haar en gezicht aanbrengt, dan zou je er heel jong uitzien. Je kunt ook olijfolie, kiwi en suiker op een schaal mengen, dagelijks op je gezicht aanbrengen als scrub, het zal je huid er vlekkeloos laten uitzien.

Als laatste, maar niet de minste, loop vaank om je boodschappen te doen of fietsen, draag mooie kleden (het hoeft niet duur te zijn, het moet er netjes en toonbaar uitzien en altijd probeer plezier te hebben!

Ik hou zo veel van jullie allemaal!

Bedankt voor al je liefde en steun. Ik waardeer het echt.


Ekene Patience



Ekene Patience

Ekene Patience

Make-Up ad styling done by me

Ekene Patience




5 Top Sites To order Your Delicious Food Today In The Netherlands!!!

Hello, my adorable food lovers! I hope you all are doing great! This blog post is dedicated to my fellow friends and family who loves food like me. I love eating good food because it helps my skin to glow and look well nourished. There are five awesome websites online in The  Netherlands whereby you can order your delicious meal online and have food delivered at your doorstep, how awesome is that?

These sites are:

  1. Uber
  3. Deliveroo
  4. Hellofresh
  5. Foodora


I hope these tips inspired you! Friends, where do you order your food? I will love to learn from you

I love you.


Ekene Patience




Ekene Patence

Dress –

Ekene Patience

Rotterdam central station

Ekene Patience

Dress – Jewelry – Swarovski

Ekene Patience

Head Phone Jacket Only

ekene patence
Rotterdam P1010866




Dress – Shein Shoes – Guess Makeup – Ekene Patience

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Top Healthy Food For Healthy Looking You!

Hey sugar! I hope you all are doing great! I am so xcited to share with you some cool healthy food ideas that will make you healthier and fabulous.

For breakfast, oatmeal is so healthy, crackers and tonijn fish is  delicious. For lunch tomato soap is an awesome meal idea. In The Netherlands, we enjoy having cheese and bread for lunch.

Dinner meals are my favourites, I love Rice and chicken, especially the surinaams rice, potato cheese and lots f vegetables such as brocolli, green pepper. I love albert heign super market cheese! Aside from Albert heign supermaket i do shop at Spar , Emte and Jumbo. I truelly enjoy food. Do remeber to drink fresh orange juice on daily basis and lots of fruits and water!

My darlings, what are your favourite meal ideas? I do love to learn from you!

p.s. Aside from healthy meals, consisent exercise would help you look well nourished and healthy looking. boking and jogging is terrific for all.


Ekene Patience

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Hé schatjes! Ik hoop dat het goed gaat met jullie! Ik ben zo blij dat ik jullie enkele coole ideeën over gezonde voeding deel die je gezonder en fantastisch zullen uitzien.

Voor het ontbijt is havermout zo gezond, crackers en tonijn vis is heerlijk. Voor lunch is tomatenzeep een geweldig idee voor een maaltijd. In Nederland genieten we van kaas en brood voor de lunch.

Dinermaaltijden zijn mijn favorieten, ik hou van rijst en kip, met name de rijst van de surinaamse rijst, aardappelkaas en veel groenten zoals brocolli, groene peper. Ik hou van albert heign super market cheese! Afgezien van Albert Heijn supermaket winkel ik bij Spar, Emte en Jumbo. Ik geniet echt van eten. Vergeet niet om dagelijks vers sinaasappelsap te drinken en veel fruit en water!

Mijn lievelingen, wat zijn je favoriete maaltijdideeën? Ik vind het leuk om van je te leren!


Ekene Patience

Van der Valk HotelVan der Valk HotelVan der Valk HotelVan der Valk Hotel P1010465 P1010484

P1010358 sparP1010460 P1010461P1010352 P1010347 rotterdam



White Rice With Prawn Curry!!!

Hello lovelies, I hope you all are doing great. I thought I’d share with you  how to prepare your very own delicacy, white rice with curry prawn. A lot of my friends and family members has requested severally from me to share my cooking skills. I enjoy cooking and love delicious food.  This meal is very easy to prepare, ideal for ladies on diet and bachelors.


– Cooked Peeled Prawns

– Olive Oil


– Garlic

-Green/Yellow Peppers

-Chilli (Scotch Bonnets x 1 maybe 2 Lol)

-Dunn’s Curry powder x 1 Tbsp

– Soy Sauce

– Basimati rice


– Tomato Paste

–  Lime1/2

Dice onions, peppers and chilli, in a heated pan sprinkle 2 tablespoons of oil then add your peppers onions & prawns. You may purchase already diced vegetables at the super market. My favourite supermarkets are Tesco, Albert heijn and mark and spencers.
Sprinkle half a lime for flavour & light soy sauce. Then add your chilli & a teaspoon of curry powder, a teaspoon of tomato paste & stir well.

For rice preparation, wash the rice first, per boil it and wash it again,  sprinkle some garlic or onions in it and add salt to it, be careful so you do not add too many salt.

I hope this blog post inspired you.

Thank you so much for reading!


Ekene Patience


Hallo schatjes, hoe gaat het met jullie? Ik dacht dat ik met jullie zou delen hoe je je eigen delicatesse kunt bereiden, witte rijst met curry-garnaal. Veel van mijn vrienden en familieleden hebben mij verzocht om mijn kookvaardigheden te delen. Ik geniet van koken en hou van lekker eten. Deze maaltijd is heel gemakkelijk te bereiden, ideaal voor dames met een dieet en bachelors.


– Gekookte gepelde garnalen

– Olijfolie


– Knoflook

-Groen / gele paprika’s

-Chilli (Scotch Bonnets x 1 misschien 2 Lol)

-Dunn’s Curry poeder x 1 eetlepel

– Sojasaus

– Basimati rijst


– Tomatenpuree

– Lime1 / 2

Dobbel uien, paprika’s en chili, voeg in een verwarmde pan 2 eetlepels olie toe en voeg uw paprika-uien en garnalen toe. Je kunt al gesneden groente kopen op de supermarkt. Mijn favoriete supermarkten zijn Tesco, Albert Heijn en Mark en Spencers.

Strooi een halve limoen voor de smaak en lichte sojasaus. Voeg vervolgens je chili en een theelepel kerriepoeder, een theelepel tomatenpuree toe en roer goed.

Voor rijstbereiding, was de rijst eerst, kook het en was het opnieuw, bestrooi wat knoflook of uien daarin en voeg zout toe, wees voorzichtig, zodat je niet te veel zout toevoegt.

Ik hoop dat deze blogpost je heeft geïnspireerd.

Heel erg bedankt voor het lezen!


Ekene Patience

Ekene Patience food IMG_5451 IMG_5453Ekene Patience


Ekene Patience


5 Tips On How To Loss Weight And Avoid Weight Gain, Diabetes etc

Hello lovelies, I hope you all are well.  Here are some cool tips on how to loss weight fast, reduce the chances of suffering from diabetes and obesity.

1. Stop ingesting/eating to many sweets such as snoops, sugar

2. Drink a lot of  water and healthy shake ( the Peter Lamas protein shake is absolutely fabulous) you may  also want  to take Multi- vitamins especially vitamin D from sho nutrition (nutrients to balance you diet)

3. Avoid eating food with high oil (unsaturated fat) content, rather use coconut oil, olive oil during your cooking.

4. Cook your meal from the scratch. Use fresh vegetables as well

5.Exercise on daily basis by jogging, sit up, long/short walk.

In a nutshell, low calorie diet and healthy lifestyle would help you feel and become healthier! Practising a healthier lifestyle would help you improve your performance at work, school or in other extr curricular activities.

p.s. Christmas is coming soon, a period whereby we eat a lot, be watchful of your food intake. Do enjoy my fabulous pictures during my family visit in Nigeria below.

I hope you are inspired.

Thank you so much for reading!

I love you


Ekene Patience


Nigerian foodP2031577P2031578

Top – Only

Jeans – Opus

Bag – Longchamp

Hat – Only


P2031581Nigerian foodNigeria

Fried Rice, Turkey and Plaintain

PB200647PB190616 PB190622 PB190628 PB190632 PB200659 PB200661


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Peter Lamas Protein Shake (Benevita)


Healthy Food For Glowing Skin

Hi lovelies, Here are some of my current favourite food items. Healthy diet is essential for healthy looking skin. Food rich in omega 3 would help you achieve a glowing skin. Cooking from scratch is healthier, buy your own vegetables from the supermarket and prepare fresh meals everyday.  Drinking lots of water  and good night rest helps you to achieve lovely skin as well. Please do avoid ingesting too much carbohydrate rather consume meals with high protein content such as fish, milk, egg and lean meat.

Little carbohydrate and lots of fruits and vegetables would help you achieve a healthier looking skin. Too much sugar intake is bad for your health. if you can, abstain from high volume of alcohol intake and smoking.  Consuming good healthy food will make you look more trimmed, healthy and keep you fit. Exercise is an essential way to tone your muscle, induces excretion and helps you look and feel better.  You may want to wash your self at least twice everyday use face mask, facial scrub, day and night cream for your skin treatment as well. Please find below a video with my skin care routine. Kindly share with me your skin care regime, I do love to learn from you .

By the way, Whether you are big, small fabulous, I still do love you just the way you are!

I hope you are inspired!

See more healthy food here


Ekene Patience


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food 3 food 4 food 5 food 6

Image ©Licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 05/04/2017. London, United Kingdom. Tesco Stevenage. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

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Healthy Lunch Ideas!!!

Hello lovelies, Hope you all are doing terrific!!! I was inspired by my girlfriend to write this post. She prepared very delicious pancakes,I tasted it, it was awesome!!! She added cheese and ham to it. She also taught me how to prepare pancaks.

How do you prepare a delicious pancake?  you set a hot pan on the as cooker, add a little oil to the pan and then add the mixed flour in the pan, set the heat very low. After 3 minutes, you have made your self a very delicious pancake. You may add cheese, fish or ham to it.

My other healthy lunch ideas are:

  1. Salad  wth fish, chicken  or beef. Lidl, Emte or albert heign has very affordable packed sald mixed and weel packaged
  2. Fruit salad, you may combine, apple, per, orange, strawberries and add a little honey to it. its so delicious. You may want to eat your fruit salad with yoghurt or a hot cup of thee.
  3. Chicken. I love chicken, KFC and mcdonald chicken nuggets are my favourites. I also love baking chicken at home. I usually add nando’s hot chicken peri-peri source
  4. Preparing smoothie home is a great way to stay healthy. You may want add fresh fruits and vegetables to your smootie.

Avoid too much fatty food, practise meal preping. Please see more pictures of healthy food idea here i specially selected.

I hope you are inspired.

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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P3301975 P3301977 P3301983








Awesome Greece Holidays!

Hi muffins, few years, ago, I had an awesome holidays in Creta Greece! Hope this video inspires you! Crete Greece is an awesome country, the weather is nice and the food is delicious.!