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Tips For Stress Free Lifestyle!

Hi, lovelies! I hope you all are doing great. Today’s topic is on easy ways to manage stress. Stress leads to depression, anxiety attack, lack of concentration and unhappiness. Stress can also reduce your output at work. Managing stress and being in the right state of mind can increase your productivity and happiness. Below are some cool ways to manage stress!

  1. Practice meditation every day
  2. Go for a long walk
  3. Go on vacation
  4. Dress well, clean your self well, improve your hygiene
  5. Go out with friends for dinner or to the beach
  6. go to a nice spa for a massage or for a foot or a body massage.
  7. listen to cool music
  8. Distract your self with awesome movies from Netflix when you have spare time
  9. Get your mind off whatever that makes you feel stressed. The more you think about it, the more you become upset. The best thing is to focus and invest your energy in less stressful activities.
  10. Make sure you use support system such as family, friends, say what is on your mind and clear it off, keeping all the anger, stress, or painful thoughts all to your self can be harmful. find someone you can talk to and confide in.


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Me and my lovelies!

Middelburg city

Middelburg is so awesome!



Ekene Patience

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Rotterdam City, close to Hilton Hotel





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Feel Good Therapy!

Hi beauties! From time to time, we all need some kind of self-confidence. Self-confidence is required for achieving a great balance in our daily lifestyle. Good self-confidence can help you during your career, job interview, relationship and so on. Below are some awesome tips to inspire you!

  1. Do not compare yourself with others, rather, remember your strengths and be happy for all the great things that is happening right now in your life.
  2. Invest in yourself, take care of yourself, wear makeup, watch your diet,  listen to great music,  read christian books, audibles,  motivational speech and  sleep well.
  3. Be very happy with all the precious blessings you have.
  4. Learn to accept and love  yourself just the way you are
  1. Minimise negative self-talk
  2. Celebrate other people and be happy for their achievements.

I hope these few tips were helpful.

Please do share with me your top tips on how you do boost your confidence. I do love to learn from you.

I just want to use this medium to say a big huge thank you to all my friends and family for all your emails, whatsapp messages, tweets with all the beautiful inspirational messages and prayers

I love you all  so much and remember confidence makes you sexier!!!


Ekene Patience


Hallo schoonheid! Van tijd tot tijd hebben we allemaal een vorm van zelfvertrouwen nodig. Zelfvertrouwen is vereist voor het bereiken van een goede balans in onze dagelijkse levensstijl. Goed zelfvertrouwen kan je helpen tijdens je loopbaan, sollicitatiegesprek, relatie enzovoort. Hieronder staan enkele geweldige tips om u te inspireren!

  1. Vergelijk jezelf niet met anderen, eerder, onthoud je sterke kanten en wees gelukkig voor alle geweldige dingen die er nu in je leven gebeuren.
  2. Investeer in jezelf, pas goed op jezelf, draag make-up, bekijk je dieet, luister naar geweldige muziek, geluidssignalen, motiverende spraak en slaap goed.
  3. Wees heel blij met alle kostbare zegeningen die je hebt.
  4. Leer jezelf te accepteren en van jezelf te houden zoals je bent.
  5. Minimaliseer negatieve zelfbespreking
  6. Vier andere mensen en wees blij voor hun prestaties.
    Ik hoop dat deze paar tips nuttig waren.

Geef me alsjeblieft je beste tips over hoe je je vertrouwen kunt vergroten. Ik vind het heel leuk om van jullie te leren.

Ik wil dit medium gewoon gebruiken om heel veel dank te zeggen aan al mijn vrienden en familie voor al je e-mails, whatsapp-berichten, tweets met alle mooie inspirerende berichten en gebeden

Ik hou zo veel van jullie allemaal!


Ekene Patience


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