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4 Languages I Can Speak!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well. I like learning and speaking several languages. The four languages I can speak and write are;

  1. Igbo
  2. Dutch
  3. English language
  4. Little french

My mummy speaks Igbo, I also speak Anambra Igbo very much because I studied in Anambra state over a decade ago. Recently, I started creating cool content whereby I speak Dutch, Igbo, and English language. Many of my fans and followers love these videos a lot, and I have received great feedback from you guys! I wish I could speak the itsekiri, Yoruba, and Hausa language very well. I also wish I could speak the Italian language, german and Spanish language very well.

When I was in a secondary school in Asaba Delta state, my awesome mummy thought me french, she is a great french teacher. Aside from learning french then, I really enjoyed spending time in the laboratory then during my secondary school days, some times, I spend over six hours in the laboratory, creating cool substances. I am very happy I spent so many hours  in the laboratory at my secondary school, then because I ended up being the best chemistry student, my teachers then we’re very proud of me and loved me.

Are you a dutch citizen living in Lagos or Abuja Nigeria, you might want to socialise with dutch persons , you might check out expats online and join the forum to make new friends, whereby expats tend to meet with each other. You might want to visit Apapa boat club and makes some friends. British or american citizens living in Nigeria might want to visit these places to make dutch friends and subsequently find a great dutch teacher.

If you do wish to learn a new language, please download the Babbel app and listen attentively, you may want to listen to the Babbel app at least one-hour every day in order to learn a new language.

Would you like to learn a new language with me, french, Italian or Spanish? please contact me, I would be very happy to learn with you.

Thank you so much for reding my blog! I appreciate it


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Hello, I am a photomodel in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you would like to work with me




5 Ways To Learn Dutch Language Fast!

Hello my amazing friends, I hope you all are doing great! Today’s blog post is dedicated to all my international friends, family members and customers who would like to learn the Dutch language. In The Netherlands,  you are expected to speak Dutch in order to be able to communicate with persons effectively. I speak and write the Dutch language fluently.  Several ways of learning the Dutch language are as follow

  1. Seek for a Dutch tutor online, there are several Dutch teachers on marktplaats
  2. Listen daily to Dutch news on tv, youtube tutorials read Dutch newspaper.
  3. Involve involuntary jobs in dutch companies, for example, you may want to do a stage at De Tuinen or Kruidvat in Holland so that you may be able to learn the Dutch language fast
  4. Socialize, make friends with Dutch citizens and ask the person to only talk dutch to you.
  5. Buy and read Dutch textbooks such as code 1, code 2 and code 3

I was very lucky in my own case scenario, during the year 2010, I decided to live in The Netherlands, The Dutch government-sponsored my Dutch language training. I will forever be thankful for it.

I am a translator, I help students, newly arrived persons in The Netherlands to translate Dutch to the English language.I also speak and write igbo language fluently.  Please contact me if you need my services.


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Hallo mijn beste vrienden, ik hoop dat het goed gaat met jullie. Vandaag ga ik het met jullie hebben over hoe je de Nederlandse taal snel onder de knie kunt krijgen. Dat is niet eenvoudig. Wij gebruiken klanken die in andere talen niet voorkomen, werkwoorden zijn erg lastig en de grammatica is een groot struikelblok. Toch is het van groot belang dat mensen van buiten Nederland zo snel mogelijk de Nederlandse taal leren. Dit hebben zij immers nodig om aan het sociale leven deel te kunnen nemen. Ook om werk te vinden is de taal enorm belangrijk. Voor de meeste banen moet je toch kunnen lezen en schrijven.

5 manieren om de Nederlandse snel te kunnen leren zijn

-meld je aan voor een taalcursus in je omgeving

-spreek zoveel mogelijk de Nederlandse taal

-lees de Nederlandse krant en kijk naar Nederlandse tv programma’s

-vraag hulp aan een taalmaatje/taalcoach

-zoek de betekenis van woorden op in een woordenboek

En verder, zoek iemand in jouw omgeving waarvan jij vindt dat zijn Nederlands erg goed is en praat veel met diegene en vraag ook om jou te corrigeren.

Goedemorgen dames en heren. Fijn dag toegewenst xo

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