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January Favourites 2018!

Hi fashionistas in da house! As am writing this blog post to inspire you, am sipping a cup of thee and giving my self a nice foot bath! Yes I love  doing my pedicure and that of my friends, family and customers! It is essential to give your self a great me time!  Below are some of my favourite cosmetics, fashion items and parfum for 2018.

I love Mac beauty products, estee lauder perfume,fro men, i do recommend Giogio Armani as perfume. Rituals also have male and female beauty products.

I use orange, lime to scrub my face, Nivea face wipes is also amazing for ladies. first do wipe your face with Nivea face wipes before washing your face,it helps to balance the ph level of your face.

Recently, I expanded my business activities! Yes, i registered Ekene schoon maak bedrijf.  I do cleaning, house keeping, facility maintenance shopping and more! Please contact me if you do love to work with me!

Thank you so so much  for all your love and support.

I love you.

Below is a video with my current makeup favourites!


Ekene Patience



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My Top 5 Favourite European Countries For Shopping, Studies and Holidays!

Hello beautiful! I hope you all are doing great. Listed below are my five top favourite countries in Europe! I feel so blessed to  have seen beautiful countries in europe such as The Netherlands, Scotland, Spain,Greece, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, London. These countries are fabulous, but see below my top favouries.

The Netherlands is a perfect holiday destination. The people speak dutch and are very friendly.

Spain is a great for holidays  too. I have been to Mallorca, it’s  so beautiful there, the country has fine food and wine.

Italy is great for shopping , cities such as Milan is terrific for spending that big bucks for cloths. I have also been to Modena where Ferrari cars are made.

Germany is a very beautiful city, the people are well disciplined and correct, Always straight to the point.

Scotland especially Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow is terrific. London city is also very beautiful! Scotland also has great universities for studies.

In a nutshell, Europe is a great country! Filled with excitement and lovely cities. Visiting new cities, countries is a great way to learn new cultures, make nwe friends, become more versatile and international!

Please enjoy the pictures below of me during my trips to some of these countries mentioned above. Few years ago, I was a photo model, so I visited alot of fun places too when i had to travel for photosessions.

Thank you so much for reading.

I hope you are inspired.


I love you.


Ekene Patience


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holiday 3

Mallorca Spain


Utrecht Holland


Creta Greece DSC04209 DSC04210 Creta Greece

Greece, Creta DSC05751

Ekene Patience _DSC2781 1111 Ekene Patience 5555 8999 22222



Brussels, Belgium



Paris DSC06167 DSC06185 Hotel Timor DSC06209 DSC06302 Timor-Anlage

P6290381 P6290382 P6290386Antwerpen, Belgium



HIII!!! If you do know me well, you must have seen me wearing smokey eye shadow. I I have tried out smokey eyes on several occasions especially during my photosession!! Doing something super dramatic to your eyes sometimes makes you feel good! I really love how these look came out! What do you guys think? Would you try it?!! Let me know!


Ekene Patience


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DSC01477-1 smok 6 smok1 smok2 smok3 smokey 7 smokey 9

10177424_657022957746738_2553777382450549617_n (1)








How To Wear Black Dresses!!!

Hey sugar, I have a confession to make, I love black dresses!!! No matter what season or year we are in, black is always back! This being said, do not lie to yourself that black is out of style or not cool enough for summer. Let’s recap some styling theories.

Black is flattering, nonchalantly sensual and you can never get wrong with it. Black is always elegant, even if you upgrade your outfit with a sexier touch. Moreover, during summer black means being super stylish and always sexy! For example, sheer black dresses or oversized summer jumpers for the beach wear will be much more fashionable than the outrageous neon dresses.

Today I am showing you this magnificent outfits I wore during my photo sessions in The Netherlands. You may want to shop for your black dresses online on shops such as Zolando, Ebay, Amazon,, De Bijenkorf, Omoda,Wehkamp and many more.

I hope you are inspired.

I would love to hear from you what your favorite color is.

I love you


Ekene Patience


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8723538554_6e842226a4_o 9167187461_ab8ef7ae7a_o 14684107769_a4737ce3e7_o 14684225547_60299e75fe_o 26175080944_f796e3d9d5_k 26175082654_4f21a90be9_o 26544547492_9a9bdab711_o 26554995381_7cd39d072d_k 26642793715_cf69eb4e22_b 27489593143_a1d38d3c46_o 27489593163_e62920854e_o 28940051345_fbfd646520_k 30720270094_3ed77340ee_o 30751810943_6b7ca16ba6_b 31523348306_230218cac2_o

exp 20141129-1-2 DSCX2583



Met dress – De Bijenjorf





Dinner Date Outfit Ideas!!!

Hi lovelies, During your dinner date with that special one, let your personality and sense of style shine through! It’s all about getting to know each other, so start by putting your best foot forward with the perfect first date outfit.

There are several kinds of outfits to wear for different occasions.

Long-term relationship outfits:

·         Statement-making tops

·         On-trend denim

·         Simple sandals

·         Simple jewelries

Movie Night

When it comes to movie date outfits, it’s a good idea to keep it casual & cool. Brave those chilly movie theater temps with a breezy blouse and your favorite skinny jeans. And when they pull out the old “yawn” move, just let it slide. Do not wear high heels because your feet might get swollen after watching movie and you might not be able to walk proerly afterwards. Speaking of movies, have you seen the movie ATOMIC BLONDE? Its a must watch. Head actress is Chalize Therone.

Go to slide GoDinner

If you’re going to the symphony, a broadway show or the nicest restaurant in town, slip into something feminine and timeless dress or a classic moto jacket. Throw on your favorite pumps or sandals (weather-permitting) to make your RSVP.


The go-to get-to-know-you date! It could be a super swanky new bar that just opened, or maybe it’s a fun and kitschy local dive. No matter the venue, an easy pair of distressed jeans and a flirty top (or dress) to match is a great way to make an impression while still keeping it laid-back and casual. I recommend jeans by Tommy Hilfiger, G star, Opus, Gant, Only.

I hope you are inspired!

I love you


Ekene Patience

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008 539699_143194909179668_651098671_n 860165_143194565846369_234142828_o 10273130_712362125492936_2446502057963025833_o

DSC06561 DSC_1116 008 MAAS4222 1557165_522353697880332_1894537305_oP8232400








Shop my items – Here


Party LookBook!

Hi hi hi 🙂 How is your Monday going so far?! I currently edited a new video for you guys!!! Pumpkins, I also shot some lovely pictures to inspire you on how to style your self for a party. Few days ago, I had my birthday. These looks can be used  for a dinner date, shopping in the mall or chilling at home. I do love to know how you style yourself for a party.

I love you.


Ekene Patience.

More stylish outfits of mine  Here

I bought my dresses here

P4260938 P4260970 P4260971DSC06821 DSC06822 IMG_2041 PA150196

These few pictures above were shot few years ago, I wore dresses from Nelly, Vlisco etc.


Manicure, Pedicure and Make-up Done By Me

I am so thankful to all the ladies and gentlemen I have had the ample opportunity to work with in The Netherlands. I do manicure, Pedicure and makeup. I have been a beauty consultant and a photo model in The Netherlands for many years. I am also grateful to all the amazing photographers I have worked it. I hope these pictures inspires you.

I am also a you tuber!!! I create makeup, styling and fashion video to help inspires you and make you my amazing friends look and feel more fabulous! see below my recent video

If you need someone for your manicure, pedicure, makeup, please contact me.

I love you so much.

more photos here  










17131142602_8e8f46d477_k 17132797675_5a85178fab_z



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Beautiful In Lovely Dresses


Hello my Lovelies! Here are some pictures and video tutorial I made for you to inspire you! I am wearing my current favourite dresses and I also made a list of 7 things I am loving at the moment.

  1. Waking up at 6 am. I’ve become such an early bird (in every sense of the phrase, and by that I mean I’m dozing off by 9pm…NO MATTER where I am! At work, on the couch, in the Club! Lol! My friends have dubbed me Sleepy, as in the Dwarf from Snow White, and to be honest with you, I don’t mind!). I get to bed early and I’m up early! And just like the French say… “La vie appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt.” which in English means “Life belongs to those who rise early!” So ha, that’s my defence! I also get to do a lot of my errands in the morning and it makes room for other things that I like to get up to.
  2. Reading Biographies. I wasn’t the type to pick up a book about another persons life, I don’t know why, I guess I just always darted for the fiction or self help section, to get lost in a story from a completely different time or get my mind and ish together if need be. But lately I’ve been inspired to read about people, especially women who have made a mark in their areas of expertise, be it in talent, knowledge or just life in general. I’m currently readingShirley Bassey’s by John L. Williams, and not only is she my name sake, she’s of a similar background as I am, and I wanted to get to know what her triumphs and challenges coming up in her industry were. I’m excited to read more. Maybe I’ll write a review when I’m done on here! I have also read books on Michelle Phan and Zoella. These girls have made great names and became very famous by making Youtube videos and writing on their blog.
  3. I love eating Chicken and Zalm, on dairly basis. Zalm fish is full with protein and contains less fat. I avoid pork meat as much as I can.


  1. Bare faced-ness. Yes I love makeup, but lately I’ve been loving going makeup free more, and only ever wear it when I’m filming, shooting or going out to a special event. My skin has been doing a lot of breathing, and it feels great!
  2. Grace In Christ on Tumblr. I looooove her Tumblr page! So full of inspiration and words of wisdom (not just for Christians), and every now and again I take a peek and I leave her page learning something new and feeling good! Check it out
  3. Wearing colour! I’ve been so inspired to step out of my neutral comfort zone and try out new colours and silhouettes (as you’ve probably seen in my recent posts!) and I’m loving it! With that being said I do still love my neutrals and I believe a Lookbook dedicated to them is way overdue! I was inspired by a very good friend of mine to wear more colours on my Face, dresses and shoes. It makes you feel happier and more alive.
  4. Zoe London. She is a fellow YouTuber and Blogger, who is extremely lovely, online and in person too, and I love to watch her videos. Her voice is soothing and her humour is right up my street! Her makeup tutorials are of great quality and even though we have very different styles, I still appreciate her! what she does. Maybe one day I may take the plunge and dye my hair (*cough* my weave) blue! lol! Check out her channel here:

What and who are you loving right now? I’d love to know, so comment down below!

I love you!




Ekene Patience