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6 Top Shops To Shop For Your Dresses In Europe!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well. I enjoy wearing dresses. Wearing dresses is very important for ladies because can make you feel very feminine and prettier. Choosing the right dresses also important.

Below are cool websites to shop for awesome dresses in Europe. These websites ships worldwide.

  1. Femme Luxe
  2. De Bijenkorf
  3. Zalando
  4. Shein
  5. Nelly
  6. Amazon

I have received pr/bought some dresses from these above-mentioned sites. The dresses are really pretty, durable, trendy, and stylish. My mummy has helped me shop for very nice dresses. Which of these dresses below is your favorite? and why? I would like to learn from you where you buy your awesome outfits from!

Shop-  Here

Translation –  Here

My gig – here

Shop my Stylish look – Here

Dutch/English Lesson – Here



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Hello, my beautiful friends and family! I am so excited to share with you these amazing dresses I received from awbridal from the United States of America. For over a decade, I have been reviewing dresses, shoes, gadgets, watches, websites for companies and business owners. I absolutely love it.

A few weeks ago in the month of July 2019, this beautiful dress arrived at my address in Zeeland, The Netherlands from the United States of America. I was asked by awbridal to review these dresses.

I have worn some bridal dresses in the year may 2008 in Lagos, Nigeria made by very great wedding dress makers in Nigeria and by Zizi cardow, in Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria, I have also worn dresses in Zeeland The Netherlands from Artelier Mariposa in the year 2013, and also some lovely bridal dresses from very top designers in Nigeria in the year 2017. I was asked to compare and contrast these dresses I received from awbridal and the previous bridal dresses I have worn. In my opinion, the awbridal dresses are very very pretty, fabulous, delicate and easy to maintain.  I have also bought and worn dresses from Shein, the dresses I bought from Shein are very short, tight and well fitted, ideal for after wedding party.

I highly recommend awbridal dresses because the dresses are very pretty and also very affordable. Thank you so much awbridal for this great opportunity to wear and review your fabulous dresses. Awbridal dresses can be used for prom, wedding and dinner wear.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope these tips inspired you!


Ekene Patience


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Shop at


Shop for lovely dresses at -

Shop for lovely dresses at -


Shop your lovely dresses at

Thank you so much awbridal for this lovely dress

Thank you so much awbridals for sending me this lovely dress. Shop at



1557165_522353697880332_1894537305_o[email protected]/46680273844/in/dateposted-public/

jacket for sale xo

Thank you so much awbridals for sending me this lovely dress. Shop at



Thank you so much awbridals for sending me this lovely dress. Shop at

Shop at



My Favourite Shopping Spots In Middelburg!

Hello lovelies! In few days’ time, I shall celebrate my birthday! Yesss!! Happy birth day to me and to all my fabulous friends born in April. There has been very high demand from my friends, family and fans to share on my blog where i do my shopping, you guys love my styling so much, Thank you so much for all your compliments. You may be wondering, why am i sharing my favourite shops, well, I enjoy sharing my ideas and helping others to smell, look, feel better.  I am presently a master’s student in marketing management, I have taken alot of courses in business management, human resources, operation management, media marketing, I have learnt alot about marketing and management. I am very thankful to my awesome teachers. The reason behind my choices listed below is that i am very pleased with their customer service and their websites is customer friendly. Below are my favorite shops in Middelburg Zeeland in The Netherlands.

1.       Albert Heijn

2.       Zalando

3.       Ici Paris

4.       Douglas

5.       Omoda

6.       Bart Smit

7.       Ikea

8.       Leenbakker

9.       Emte

10.   H&M

Aside from these shops I mentioned below, I also enjoy shopping at Schipol airport at Mac cosmetic counter, In Rotterdam De Bijenkorf, C&A, Kruidvat and Media Markt is also a cool shop for shopping for electronics too

I hope these tips inspires you.

Please do share with me your favorite shops in Zeeland in The Netherlands, I do love to learn from you.

Thank you so much for reading.


Ekene Patience

p.s. My dearest friends, if you need someone for your seo, sea, digital marketing campaign, social media updates for your website,mentor,  please do contact me, I would be very pleased to work with you. Lets join hand together and make the world a better place.


Love yourself, fall madly in love with yourself before you expect others to fall in love with you, you have to let the world to understand how to treat you, do not let anyone bring you  down, never stay in an abusive relationship or marriage just because the society expects you to be married, do not need to wear designers to be happy, be in love with the life you have been given and be thankful to God. take care of you and your loved ones!



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Stylish Work Wear Outfits!

Hello my beautiful fashionistas in da house! I hope you all are doing great. Please find some cool outfits below on how to style your self when going for a job interview or to your work place. You need to look smart and confident.  it is also important  to present your self in a great way. You need to look fine! Your resume has to look great too.

Make sure you wear clean cloths, keep looking online for jobs. There are numerous website for finding a job such as, monsterboad, national vacature, uwv in the netherlands, job rapido. You can ask your friends and family, have the know you are looking for a job have them coach you. keep updating your cv, stand tall, be strong, and make it right loves.

Look for top four companies you like to work for, contact the director of these company, and have them know you do love to wor for them.

I hope you are inspired. Your jobis to get a job from now onward! You are now  the director of the new company called ‘GET A JOB!!!

I do love to learn from you how you find a great job. I am currently a master student in Management and marketing and looking for a befitting job.

Your brilliant tips is highly welcome.

I love you.


Ekene Patience


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Hallo mijn mooie fashionista’s in da house! Ik hoop dat het goed met jullie gaat.Hieronder enkele coole outfits over hoe je jezelf kunt stylen wanneer je op zoek bent naar een sollicitatiegesprek. Je moet er slim en zelfverzekerd uitzien. Je moet je zelf op een geweldige manier presenteren. Je moet er goed uitzien! Je CV moet er ook geweldig uitzien.

Zorg ervoor dat u schone kleren draagt, blijf online op zoek naar werk. Er zijn heel veel van websites voor het vinden van een baan, zoals, monsterboad, nationale vacature, uwv in nederland, job rapido. Je kunt je vrienden en familie vragen of ze weten dat je op zoek bent naar een baan als ze je coachen. blijf je cv updaten, sta rechtop, wees sterk en maak het goed liefdes.

Zoek naar de vier beste bedrijven waar je graag voor werkt, neem contact op met de directeur van dit bedrijf en laat ze weten dat je graag voor ze wilt werken.

Ik hoop dat je geïnspireerd bent. Jouw taak is om vanaf nu een baan te krijgen! U bent nu de directeur van het nieuwe bedrijf ‘GET A JOB !!!

Ik vind het heel leuk om van je te leren hoe je een geweldige baan vindt. Ik ben momenteel een masterstudent Management en marketing en zoek voor een passende baan.

Uw schitterende tips zijn van harte welkom.

Ik hou van je.


Ekene Patience


3_1 P4070418  24837236347_d73be53d39_o P1134227PC133756


P1244445 33994986366_080fa0a850_k 38509811322_3034029930_k DQZ6OlxVwAA5WFm DSC06185 glam-4 P1224395 P2021556 P7282238 P8232400 Ekene Patience

I am sorry if you have seen some of these pictures in my previous post, just created a compiled outfit lookbook for your inspiration.




Winter Lookbook!

Hi beautiful 🙂 I hope everyone had a great new year celebration. I am so excited as always to share with you some winter outfit inspiration i do often wear and feel comfortable with! It is very crucial you keep warm  during winter period to avoid cold! River island, H&M, Mart Vissers , CA,Silver Creek, Tommy Hilfiger has an amazing winter outfits! Adding a scarf , hand gloves would keep you warmer!

I do love to know more about your favourite winter looks!

Thank you so much for stopping by

I love you.


Here I am wearing my favourite coat from Mart Vissers. I bought it in Goes few years ago, when V&D was still on in zee land. I miss v &d shop a lot

PicMonkey Collage

Here am wearing my favourite leather jacket from Silver Creek I bought in Open 32 in Goes, Zeeland.



A pretty skirt from



DSfZZxqX4AI9Ywr.jpg-large DSoNKMcXUAA22gT.jpg-large

A lovely makeup look done by me  ideal for winter period.

Above, a lovely scarf from River Island




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Fun Weekend with a Top Dutch Models!!!

Hey lovelies, I hope you all are having a great week. Last weekend, I had the pleasure to do the beautiful makeup of this very talented and amiable model. She has been my photo model for over three years. Few years ago I did her makeup with that of several other young ladies during an organised event in zeeland.

Makeup is great way we all can use to enhance our look. My advice to all ladies in the house is to practice self love, take good care of your self, eat healthy, wear makeup, make sure you wash and keep all your makeup items clean and sterelised.

I hope you are inspired.

My white top, glasses is from Primark. My pretty queen star bag is a lovely gift from my sister in Nigeria, model has a black dress from Zara, jean from H&M, lipstick from Loreal, Black up foundation and powder from Makeup studio!!!

I love you.


Ekene Patience

P7151946 P7151943 P7151941 P7151938 P7151936 P7151934 P7151931


Holidays in Spain!

I and my amazing family had an awesome holidays in Mallorca Spain! Spain is a great place to live, visit, have fun. The food there is perfect! We were at the beach alot! The night life and hotels there is superb! You can book for holidays at Sunweb in The Netherlands. Klm also has fare rates for your trips without delays and stress!

I wore several styles outfits during my family vacation in Spain. If you ask anyone what style means to them, chances are the majority are going to have some variation of this answer: Style is expression. From the shoes on your feet to the jewels around your neck, fashion gives us a chance to explore different ways to express ourselves. I’ve always seen style as confidence-building; as an adolescent and a young adult I always had reservations about how to dress myself and what I could and couldn’t experiment with. But I’ve become so comfortable with the idea of testing out different styles that I may not normally have thought were “me,”
I hope these looks inspires you!
je tem!

I highly recommend spain for your next holiday destination!

p.s. I created a vlog in The Netherlands recently, Please find the video beow!


DSC06182 DSC06201 DSC06203 DSC06212 DSC06215 DSC06293 DSC06301

DSC06167 DSC06209 DSC06300 DSC06453 DSC06472 DSC06480


Skincare Routine 2017!

Hi loves, Here are some of my favourite skin care products video and stylish pictures.  I filmed the videos  in year 2016 and year 2017. I love skin care products from brands such as  Dove, Nivea, Channel, The Bodyshop, Kruidvat, Dr Kniep, Vaseline, Douglas, Mac, Olay, Biotherm, Clinique, Skin success, fair and white, Tura,Aveeno, Mary Kay.Aside from using cosmetics, you might want to eat balance diet, practise exercise everyday, dance and have fun!
I hope these tips inspires you. Pease share with me what your favourite skin care procucts are. I
do love to hear from you.

Please kindly subscribe, like, comment and share my videos!

 I love yoo so much!


Ekene Patience


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Merry Christmas and Happy Newer Lovelies!

Hi sweeties, I just want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of you for all your support, kind words, comments, encouragement. A very merry christmas and happy new year! May all your wish come through! Amen.

I do love to hear from you what your plans are this festive season. Would you be spending time with family? travelling? visiting Santa lol? do let me know by sending an email or tweet me.