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5 Best Gift Ideas For Christmas!

Hello angels, I hope you all are doing great! I hope you all are preparing for Christmas, busy with with your Christmas trees and decorations. Many of you may have difficulties deciding on a nice Christmas present. Here are some 5 top gift items you can give to your loved ones

  1. Christmas cards, Next, Albert heigh super market, Primera in The Netherlands has some cool Christmas cards
  2. Perfumes or cosmeics from Sephora, Douglas or Ici parijs would be great. my favourite parfumes are  Channel, Higo boss, Dior and Givenchy.
  3. Games or toys such as Lego, Ninetendo, headphone.You can purchase these items on, Intertoys,  marktplaats in the Netherlands
  4. A nice Christmas dress from shops shuch as Sissy shop, De Bijenkorf, Zara and marks and spencer.
  5.  beautiful wristwatch or necklace.

If you do not have money or on budget, you may want to give a box of chocolate as a christms present, do remember to wrap it!

I hope these few Christmas gift ideas inspired you. Do not forget to share the love this festive season!

I love you


Ekene Patience


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Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog!

Hi angels, How are you today? Here are some tips on how you can get by this cold winter period!
Give Yourself a Fabulous Glow– Too much powder your your face often look too cake-y, try to use show shimmering highlighter on your face this winter season. Loreal, bodyshop and Mac often has great shimmer for faces.
Humidify Your Apartment – Eliminate the dryness in the air of your home by boiling water on the stove. The steam that rises will act as a humidify and create more moisture throughout the house. If you add a few cinnamon sticks,lemon or citrus rinds to the water, it will infuse the air with a sweet aroma.

Make your hair look less frizzy – If your hair suffers from being too dry or gets wet and then frizzy, use a dryer sheet to smooth it down and get rid of that annoying winter static cling.

Smooth Your Sweaters – If your sweaters begin to get those fuzzy little balls from wear and washing and you don’t have a lint shaver, no worries. Grab a razor, because you know you’re not using it as often on your legs this winter, and run it over the pilled fabric. You can use bic shaving stick swell. I usually buy mine from Etos or Kruidvat in The Netherlands.

DIY a Lip Scrub – Create your own scrub. Sometimes I use honey, in combination of sugar and lemon on my face as a scrub! This works like magic in removing dark spots. I also use raw eggs and spread it across my face, it feels and has the same effect like masker.
Keep Reusable Warmers on Hand – Twinges of cold feet and hands can strike any moment in the winter. Keep a few reusable warmers (you just boil them before your next use) in your purse and activate them whenever you need a little heat. You can hold them or put a few in bed to cozy up your sheets. They’re also great to have accessible if you suffer from cramps or experience back aches.  You can also use balm as a massage cream on problem areas.

Light Your Fireplace – Just one more reason to keep the peels of your oranges!. Dry the peels and use them as a fire starter. They’ll help get your place warm and freshen up the air. If you have a nice cosy fire place at home, enjoy your luxury because it helps you perfectly get through the winter!

Waterproof Your Shoes – Apply beeswax all over canvas shoes and then blow-dry to create a barrier that will keep your shoes and toes dry when it rains and snows. You can also wear stockings to avoid smelly feet and eelt.

Alleviate Cold/Flu Symptoms with Natural Oils – Create a steam shower with essential oils on a wash cloth to help a cough or congestion. Or try one of these 26 amazing home remedies to get you back to feeling 100 percent.

Get Rid of Static Cling – That pesky cold outside means the heat is on inside. That means static cling in your favorite dresses and sweaters is in full effect as well. I hope this tip inspires you!

I love you so much!


Ekene Patience

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With Love From Africa


Hello lovelies, these are some of my pictures wearing African head gear . I love wearing african head gear because it makes my look more fabulous and stylish . In Nigeria, a lot of women wear it to compliment their attire. It is also a trend among European women as well. Gele is a fashion statement. I also made a tutorial on YouTube to show you how to tie Gele. I hope this looks inspires you.

EKene Patience













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7 ways to apply makup For Summer TIme!


9Hello friends, here are tips on 7 way to apply makeup during summer time

Saturday Afternoon with the Girls

Step 1: Apply sunscreen to protect your skin, a creamy golden mineral powder to combat oil, and a bronzer for a sunkissed look. When applying bronzer, concentrate on your cheek bones, middle of forehead, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, and chin.

Step 2: Brush a light layer of shimmer eyeshadow across your lids. Place some lighter shadow in the corner of your eyes to help them pop.

Step 3: Complete your look with a fun lip in a peach or pink tone.


The Music Festival

Step 1:  Apply tinted moisturizer, BB cream, and bronzer. Tinted moisturizer and BB Cream are two fantastic products for the hot summers. They give your skin an even tone and provide lightweight coverage that still allows your skin to breathe. For oily skin, set with  powder.

Step 2: Apply eye makeup. To avoid that embarrassing moment in the summer heat when your makeup starts running, try switching out your normal eye makeup for waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Step 3: Finish your look off with a bright lip. Revlon’s Just Bitten lip stains
are a great selection of affordable, bright options for summer that provide
long-lasting color and resist wear. For something lighter, try a tinted lip


Beach Day

Step 1: Generously apply sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 35, tinted moisturizer, and bronzer. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

Step 2: Play up those lashes with some fabulous waterproof mascara and even a little eyeliner.

Step 3: To take your look to the next level, add a swipe of gold shimmer eyeshadow across your lids or a bright summer gloss.


Woke Up Late

Step 1: Apply moisturizer evenly across your face with your fingers or a foundation brush and follow with cream blush to the apples of your cheeks for a pop of color. This will brighten your whole face and make you appear awake.

Step 2: Quickly curl your lashes and then swipe on two coats of volumizing mascara. If you have time, use a pencil to define your brows. Filling in your brows can help make you look neat and pulled together.

Step 3: Apply lip gloss.


Morning Commute

Step 1: Apply primer which offers protection, evens out skin tone, and does a great job resisting heat. Top it off with a golden mineral powder for a natural finish that will keep you from looking oily. Apply blush using your clean two middle fingers. Smile and apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend the color backward.

Step 2: When pressed for time and in a sticky situation, opt for liquid waterproof liner that won’t run. The best way to apply is by gently stretching your eyelid at the outer corner so it’s taut. Start your line at your inner corner and stay as close to your lashes as possible. Instead of drawing one straight, create a few dashes. Then try to connect them. With practice, you’ll eventually be able to apply it in one quick swipe.

Step 3: Finish your look off with a red lip. I chose Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Live It Up because it is very creamy and a great red for all skin tones.


Dinner Date Al Fresco

Step 1: Apply foundation on your skin, following with concealer over any blemishes or dark circles.

Step 2: Prime your lid by patting on foundation to form a base for your makeup to stick to.

Step 3: Recreating a smoky eye is easiest with a multitonal eye-shadow palette. Rub the softest color in your palette above the creases and up to the brow bones to highlight. Sweep the light, pearly shadow around the inner corners of your eyes to make them seem larger. You can even dust a little of this shade under your lower lashes to offset dark circles. Next, dip the tip of a dampened makeup brush into the darkest shadow, and draw a line across your upper and lower lash lines as well as your crease. Smudge it with your finger, a brush, or a cotton swab for a blurred effect. Trace on one last layer of the darkest color as liner and smudge as well.

Step 4: Curl your lashes, following with a coat of the deepest, darkest mascara you have. Use a light brow pencil to highlight the brow bone and then fill in your eyebrows with a coinciding color.

Step 5: Swirl on a bit of blush along the apples of your cheeks. perfect enlightened flush.

Step 6: Whether you normally use lipstick or not, gloss is a must on a first date.


Summer Wedding

Step 1: Take a dense, flat top brush and dip it into your foundation. Dot this onto your nose, the cheeks, around the borders of your face, and your chin. Use circular motions to fill in all over face, and then apply blush. Choosing the right blush is essential for summer. Fair skin with warm undertones look gorgeous with a peachy-yellow shade. Fair skin with cool undertones naturally work best with cool pinks. Medium skin tones with yellow or olive undertones look beautiful with amber shades. Dark skin tones with warm undertones surprisingly radiate more with cool bright pink blush shades than with warm shades. Once you find your shade, lightly brush it along the apples of your cheeks.

Step 2: For your eyes, use light warm colors to prevent a mess in case the ceremony runs late and you are stuck in the sun. Brush a champagne color across your lids and accent your crease with warm tones like light brown or pink. Line your bottom lashes with liner, staying close to the lash line, then smudge over it with a lighter color eyeshadow. Swipe on two coats of mascara, starting first with closed eyes so you get the first coat on the top/back of the lashes.

Step 3: Finish your look with a sophisticated bright lip. Don’t forget to use a gloss so you can pack it in your clutch and avoid any melting hazards.


I hope these tips where helpful!


Ekene Patience