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How To Achieve Glowing Skin!!!

Hello Lovelies, I hope you all are doing well! Below is a video tutorial on how to achieve a beautiful glowing skin.

Drinking lots of water is essential to earn a glowing skin, you may want to exercise often. Using some good skin care products such as day and night cream, serum, face wash from brands such as Loreal, Channel, clarins, biotherm is an excellent way to achieve a radiant skin. I also love using bio oil on my face .

Essential vitamins such as vitamin A,C,D,E and vis oil helps alot aswell. Eating well balanced diet, sleeping enough also is paramount.

I hope these tips were helpful!!!

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience


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Well, Hello Summer 2017!!!

With the dawn of June, comes the expectation of summer around the corner and I for one am excited. They say summer bodies are made in the winter.

Now I’ve got you all pumped, today I’ll be spilling the tea on how to get yourselves ready for the season ahead, top to toe.

Let’s face it, getting your face in fabulous order is a surefire way to prepare for Spring. 10 Minute Mask from Origins is an absolute must for taking control of your complexion, combating skin problems and banishing impurities, in a simple step. Masks like this are a really effective and fast acting way to begin the transformation process. Also, I usually pamper my face by washing it properly at least for 15 minutes each time I go to bath with a face cleaning soap, not just your usual bathing soap from Nivea, Dove, A&H, Kruidvat.

Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup. For that summertime transition, put down the brown palettes and say hello to pink flirty colours. Aim for lightweight formulas that add a blush of colour to the face.  I usually use lipstick from Loreal, Mac, Ysl, and Dior. These are great brands and their lipstick last very long and are very pretty.

Goodbye sallow – hello glow
To achieve a super indulgent extra radiance boost, the Pure Gold Collagen 10-day-programme is simply amazing. This beauty supplement aims to fight the first signs of ageing from within, by aiding in collagen production in the deepest layers of your skin. This leaves it looking firmer, plump, brighter and more youthful.

For a gradual boost, I’m a huge advocate of exfoliating and bath salts like the Dr Kniep body scrub, body scrub from Lush, or from the The body shop is a must have!!! are a relatively easy, low abrasive way to do this. They work by removing dead skin to increase cell turnover, which releases the inner glow.

For perfume, I suggest going a little more understated than normal this summer. One million from Paco Robanne is great, you may use parfumes from Ysl, Hugo boss, Gucci Guilty and dior are great perfumes for summer. If you are really on tigh budget and cnt afford to buy perfumes from Douglas, Ici Parijs, Mooi Parfumerie in The Netherlands, You may want to visit Parfum Star in Hoogstrat Rotterdam for very affordable perfumes or  go online and shop at parfumenia!!!.

There’s something about the warmer weather that often makes us ladies want to switch up our hair. Experimenting with semi-permanent colour on extensions is my thing, so for those of you with colour treated hair – like me – you’ll know that maintenance is everything.

So there you have it, my top to toe readiness suggestions for the upcoming season – watch out Summer we’re coming for you!

Please check out my inspirational video below on how you can style yourself this season.

I love you


Ekene Patience


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Diana (19 of 32)

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Outfits in the Video

First outfit

Skirt from a shop in Mallorca Spain

Top – www.

Accessories – Dkny

Second Outfit

Skirt – Jane Norman

Top – Ralph Laurens

Shoes – Michael Kors

Third Outfit

Dress- Yellow dress from Amazon


Makeup items and brands I used in this video are from MaryKay, The Bodyshop, Dior, Lancome, Smashbox, La Girl, Black opal

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April Favourites!


Hello muffins! Please check out my April favourites! My birthday was on April!! Yuppie!!! I had so much fun!

I also created a video tutorial to inspire and show you the awesome items ( see below)

Please share with me what your current favourite items are!

I would love to hear from you.

bye for now Sugar!


Ekene Patience


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My Every Day Make-Up Routine

Hi lovelies, many people choose to do their makeup several ways, either to cover up or to express themselves! For me, I use make up to be more creative. To me makeup is like an experiment, applying my makeup reminds me of my university days while I was studying biochemistry, then i worked in the laboratory alot and drew alot of structural formulas such as dna, rna etc.

I have been asked alot, what is my job? well,  I am a photo model, Makeup artist and beauty consultant in The Netherlands. I also do haircut. Please find more here –

do find my awesome look  in the video below! My favourite makeup brand is from Mac, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Channel, Teez, Loreal, Bonjour, Ysl, Sleek, Nars, Smashbox, Lorac,Elf cosmetics and Mary Kay

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Thank you so so much for all your kind words, encouragements and support!

I love you.


Ekene Patience

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2014_07_30; Diana (01) Zeeland (07)