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How amazing! Autumn is finally here!!! I went to Primark few day ago, saw some cool Christmas decorations. Yes, it’s almost Christmas too. Vey soon we all are going to start hearing the old amazing song, jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way! So for as long as I can remember autumn has been my favourite season. In my head it reminds me that we are heading toward the end of the year and it gives me another push to get busy working on my goals for the remained of the year. I also think it’s a combination of the natural change in colours, with gorgeous browns, yellows, reds of the leaves everywhere, and the cooler temperature that I love. I get this slightly weird sense of excitement when I realise autumn has arrived, and my mind starts buzzing with all the colors, styles and outfits that I have been looking forward to digging out. I love layering up, and getting the boots, scarves, and jackets out, (SOOO many options!) Also I love the feeling that Christmas is around the corner!

Although, am going to miss my pretty colorful summer outfits! Well, we have to wait till next year. If you happen to live in a warm country such as Nigeria, Ghana, well done and carryon with the colorful clothing!

Some healthcare tips, buy some cool scarfs for winter at H&M, primark to cover your chest in order to avoid cold, dress proberly, always have three layers of clothing before leaving the house.

Drink a lot of hot thee. Eat properly, use warm blanket in bed.

I hope these outfits inspires you! I have a combo of summer and autumn look here!

P.s Does anyone of you know where to shop for very cool affordable winter cloths? In the Netherlands, there is a shop called ZEELAND HALL and also dorcas winkels for very affordable cloths if you are on budget. You may want to check out Asos, C&A, primark, H&M, Newlook and Van Haren for shoes

I love you so much!



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