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Top Activities To Indulge In Amsterdam!

Hello, my amazing friends and family! I hope you all are doing great! Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities  I have ever seen. I love Amsterdam so much. The city is so clean, very international, great food, friendly people, highly developed and more!

Below are some cool activities to indulge in Amsterdam

  1. Boat ride/ ship cruise
  2. Visit the museum, Black is beautiful or Madam Tussaud is awesome. About ten years ago, I visited the Anna Frank museum and the fabulous zoo in Amsterdam.
  3. Visit great restaurants in Amsterdam. Amrath Hotel and restaurant in Amsterdam and Sheraton hotel close to Schipol airport is absolutely fantastic
  4. Go biking in the park
  5. You can order delicious food from African restaurant such as Obalande Soya restaurant or via uber and thuisbezorgd.
  6. Attend international churches in Amsterdam
  7. Attend a concert at the Heineken music hall in Amsterdam or visit cool night clubs in Amsterdam city center
  8. Shop with De Bijenkorf or other fabulous shops in Amsterdam. My dearest friends, how do you spend quality time in Amsterdam?

Planning to visit Amsterdam soon, you may fly with KLM and Turkish Airways, I have flown so many times with these airlines over a decade. I enjoyed my flight very much with these airlines. Planning to visit Amsterdam soon? Please shop with Solite Global Travels!


Ekene Patience


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Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! Yuppie! Yesterday was my birthday! I had so much fun, although, it was a very low key birthday celebration. I stayed in a very fancy hotel in Amsterdam, the room was sponsored by one of my well-wishers, Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes and gift. I also received a perfume, cosmetics, and other items as a present. I feel very happy and contented. Wishing all April celebrants lots of love and fun!

Some birthday party ideas are as follow:

  1. Party in a music studio
  2. Party in a very luxurious hotel room with Jacuzzi
  3. Invite friends over to your home or to a  restaurant for a birthday party.
  4. For kids, keep it low key, safe and fun. Buy kids or adult gift such as Ipad, lego, perfumes ( depending on the age),Nintendo, stylish outfits.
  5. Above all, have fun!


Ekene Patience



Hallo, mijn beste vrienden. We gaan het vandaag hebben over de verjaardag. De verjaardag is de dag waarop men zijn of haar geboorte viert. Bij een verjaardag hoort  een feest, dit gebeurt meestal thuis. Gasten, familie en vrienden feliciteren de jarige met zijn verjaardag en geven een cadeautje.

Het is ook traditie een verjaardagstaart te eten. Op de taart staan kaarsjes. Er zijn evenveel kaarsjes als het aantal jaren dat de jarige oud is. Het idee van de verjaardag kaarsjes stamt uit de Griekse oudheid. Volgens volksvertellingen  hebben kaarsen een magische uitwerking en zijn zij nauw verbonden met het laten uitkomen van wensen. Vandaar dat je na het uitblazen van de kaarsjes een wens mag doen.

Bekende verjaardagsliedjes

-Lang zal hij leven

-Er is er een jarig

-Happy birthday

-Hij leve hoog

-O, wat zijn wij heden blij

De oudste mens ooit

-Metusalem, 969 jaar, de oudste persoon in de Biijbel


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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Make-up done by me

Happy birthday to me! xo

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Happy birthday to me! xo




Happy birthday to me! xo

Happy birthday to me! xo


Four Awesome Cities To Visit In The Netherlands

Hello, my beautiful friend and family! Do you enjoy traveling and love visiting new places like me? Well, that’s awesome. Traveling is great. Whenever you are feeling lonely, bored, depressed, anxious, traveling a great way of easing up your self. My mummy who lives in Nigeria always told me, my daughter, whenever you are feeling lonely, travel, visit new places, its great for you. The Netherlands has developed infrastructures for traveling such as The ns train, tram, and metro.

I have such a loving, caring and understanding mummy. If you do live alone, I highly recommend traveling in order to avoid loneliness. loneliness can lead to depression and consequently heart attack. But if you do travel, spend quality time with friends and family,  visit fun places, that would help you a lot. Whenever you are at home, listen to great songs from Dua Lipa, Khalid, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jayz, Psquare,  Rihanna, Sam Smith, Flavour or watch Nollywood movies.

My favorite cities in The  Netherlands are;
1. Amsterdam
2. Rotterdam
3. Breda
4. Province Zeeland e.g Vlissingen

Why are these cities my favorite cities😍 ? Amsterdam is so lovely, very welcoming city, lovely ambiance, Schipol airport so clean, great hotels such as Sheraton, hotel levell, Hilton hotel, easy hotel Amsterdam, awesome shopping malls such as Hudson Bay, de Bijenkorf, you just can’t go wrong by visiting madam thaseau museum.

Rotterdam is such a glamorous city, i like making pictures at the Erasmus bridge. You may want to visit Bruno hotel, hotel NewYork, citizenm hotel, easy hotel, Hilton hotel during your stay in Rotterdam. The blijdorp is a great zoo in Rotterdam. You may also want to catch a movie at Pathe.

Breda is a romantic city. I enjoy shopping a lot in the city center. You may want to visit Van Der Valk hotel, Apollo Hotel,  Bastion Hotel, Fletchers hotels for a wonderful stay.

Last but not least is province Zeeland. Zeeland is such an amazing place to live if you do love peace and tranquility.  Hotels such as Amadore Arion, fletchers, van der Valk would blow your mind with their nice interiors, delicious meal and service.

Are you traveling to The Netherlands soon? Need a ticket? Hotel room? Airbnb accommodation?  Or a tour guide? I and my family in Nigeria manage Solite global travels, please contact me if you need our services.


Ekene Patience

Thank you so much for reading.


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I truely love wearing dresses especially during  the summer period. I admire top artist such as Kim Kardeshian,Naomi Campbell, Oluchi Onweagba,  Beyonce, Victoria Becham, beauty byjj, Michelle phan, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid Beautybybel in their awesome dresses

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Favourite cities in the Netherlands





I do Manicure, Pedicure, Makeup and Beauty Consultancy In The Netherlands

Hello, lovelies! I hope you all are doing well. I am a beauty consultant in The Netherlands. I do manicure, pedicure, and makeup for male and females! I am also a photo model. I offer my services on location too.  I have been a beauty consultant in The Netherlands for almost a decade now. I have diplomas in Perfumery, Skincare, Cosmetics and  Makeup. Please do contact me if you need my services


Ekene Patience




Makeup done by me!


After look manicure  done by me


Manicure donr by me

After look manicure  done by me




Style Your Dresses In Several Ways!

Hello, my fabulous friends! The weather is so nice these days, I truly enjoy summer days and love to style myself in stylish ways. It is so practical and fun to wear dresses during the summer period! Most of my blog readers, fans and family have been asking me what I do during the summer period, I enjoy styling my self in colorful dresses, eating out, hanging out in the beach, maintaining my skin, by taking my bath at least three times a day, use day and night cream from brands such as Nivea, Loreal,  spending quality time with family. Going for a walk in the park is a fun way to enjoy the summer period or just chilling in a nice terras, Amadore Stefano in Vlissingen in The Netherlands has a great terras.

Do remember to wear sunscreen cream on your body when hanging out on the beach tanning, and also wear sunglasses when the sun is shining to keep your self-hydrated by drinking lots of clean water. Media Markt has cool airconditioner to keep your room chilled because you might feel uncomfortable when your house is too hot.

My angels, how do you spend your summer days? I would love to learn from you!


Ekene Patience

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Ekene Patience Ekene Patience Ekene Patience Ekene Patience

Ekene Patience















How to Become a Good Student!!!

Hello my amazing friends, I hope you all are doing well. I have so many students (young and old) as friends, so I was inspired to write this blog post to motivate and coach you a little bit on how to become a better student. I have been studying for many years. I have my bachelor of science  degree in Biochemistry, Bachelor of art in International Business and Management studies, currently doing my masters in Management.  I also studied in beauty branch to become a beauty consultant and also a diploma as a professional secretary from Penn foster in Scranton U.S.A Here we go:

  1. Always be punctual.
  2. Attend lectures, when you are not able to attend classes, inform your lecturers on time.
  3. Be a decent student, be polite to your colleagues, do understand that we all are different, especially if you are an international student in a University, we all have different culture and background.
  4. Attend library, read your books, look up articles and journals online for information
  5. Dress up well, practice personal grooming before going to school such as, brushing your teeth properly, taking your bath, wear neat cloths.
  6. Listen to your teachers attentively in class
  7. When test is coming, do study for it
  8. Do not practice exam malpractices such as copying

I hope you are inspired. I do love to hear from you your tips on how to become a better student.

p.s. I give free coaching on English Language  and Dutch language.

If you need some tips on how to improve your language skills mentioned above, do let me know

Whatsapp – +31617339446

I love you.


Ekene Patience


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Shirt – H&M

Jean – Tommy Hilfiger


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Modelling Tips!!!


Hello beauty lovers! I have been a photo model for over a decade. I love modelling because am able to express myself with pictures. Like the saying goes, pictures speaks a million words. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to have worked with very talented photographers and models.

If you are aspiring model, you may want to send emails or messages to photographers via Facebook, twitter other social media asking them you would like to improve your modelling portfolio. You may want to register on awesome sites such as or modelmayhem, and many more.

I am a youtuber now, I love making tutorials and writing articles to share my knowledge and passion, I receive alot of feedbacks which am very thankful for!

In order to be a great model, great grooming is required, make sure you have nice skin,in shape, exercise often and watch what you eat. There are also plus size models out there but is better to be in shape.

You may also look for top models that inspires you. My role models are Oluchi Onweagba, Naomi cambell, Katemoss. I love their pictures. You may also search on google for top modes and style, pose as they do. Last but not the least tip, do not be shy, be yourself!

I hove these few tips inspires you.

I love you so much!





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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yuppie it’s my birthday tomorrow! I am so so so super excited. My amazing friends, Please join us in celebration 😊😀. Thank you lord for your grace and love! xo

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How To Be Happier!!!

Hello muffins, I hope all is well!!! Jogging is a great way to boost your happiness level. I tend to jog at least once a week. Eating healthy is also essentials. I do pamper my self by giving moi  a nice gift such as perfume, good cosmetics, dress up, washing myself properly.

Avoid being fearful! Be more confident and confront your fears. You are perfect just the way you are. If you are in a bad relationship, change it, if you are having a bad diet, change it.  Do Always what you love doing! I love modelling, food, cooking, writing,  sports, makeup and I do that everyday!

Spending quality time with my friends and family makes me happier too! One of my very good friend gave me a great advice few years ago, when I was having difficult times then, he told me, stay closer to your friends and the once that loves you more when you are having challenging times!

Reading a listening to motivational audio is also a great way to boost your mood such as audio from Bob Proctor, Brian Tracey  Dani Johnson, Partricia Bright! Below, I made a video to inspire you with more tips!

I hope you are motivated to become more happy.

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience



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