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How To Clean Up Some Streets In Nigeria

Hello, my lovely angels! How are you today? I hope you all are doing great. I was asked by my blog reader to share with you this awesome idea on how to clean up the streets of Nigeria.

I am dutch and Nigerian. I love both countries. There are very rich Nigerians who may be able to invest in this great idea in order to make the streets of Nigeria look tidier.

I have visited Nigeria severally since I have been living in Europe, Some streets of Nigeria are very tidy, and some of the streets are not. The following tips below would help Nigerians cultivate the habit of keeping Nigerian streets tidier;

  1. Teachers and parents can teach their students and children not to dispose of dirt on the street. The average Nigerian mentality needs to be addressed.
  2. A mobile app (application) needs to be created whereby the reach can donate to it, the money gathered can be used to clean up Nigerian streets. The money acquired from the app can be invested in unemployed Nigerians so that they can assist in cleaning up Nigerian streets.
  3. Solar panels should be introduced to hotels, banks, estates, and homes more instead of generators. By so doing, the carbon monoxide in the air would reduce substantially thereby creating clean air for everyone.

Great philanthropists such as Aliko Dangote and multinational companies such as Uber, Spar, Shell, Total, Exxon mobile, Philips, MTN, Heineken can help Nigerians by so doing portray good corporate social responsibility by investing in these brilliant ideas mentioned above.

I am a business, it, beauty and health consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you would like to do business with me.

Thank you so much for reading.


Ekene Patience

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Listening to Love On The Brain by Lovely Rihanna

Hi ya! I am a aphoto model and a personal shopper in The Netherlands, I can help you shop for cloths, makeup,  cosmetics , electronics, flight tickets, hotel reservations,  please let  me  know if you  are interested.


Coperate Social Responsibility Ideas For Top Multinational Companies!

Hello, my beautiful friends and family! How are you today? I hope you all are doing great. I was inspired by one of my blog readers to share with you all and some top multinational companies on corporate social responsibility ideas.  Corporate social responsibility is an act of humanitarian service that can benefit businesses, their staffs and also individuals in the serenity where the business is operational.Top organisations such as Shell, Total, Chevron, Exxon mobile, Agip, MTN, Accenture consulting, KPMG, PwC, 7up Bottling company  and many others  can help their staffs and less priviledged ones in Africa or other countries by ;

  1. Providing Mobile Hospital trailers to rural areas with little or no medical health care facilities
  2. Build top Notch hospitals such as Erasmus, Amphia, AMC hospitals in rural areas of some African countries such as Nigeria or Ghana
  3. Donate free ambulances
  4. Build great universities such as Erasmus University, Vrije University Amsterdam and University of Dundee in Scotland
  5. Free food, shelter and clothes supply to persons in rural areas
  6. Volunteering in community service
  7. Charitable giving and donations to foundations.

I am the treasurer of Sticting Amor Agendo Foundation In The Netherlands.  Saaf helps less priviledged ones in Africa with educational and healthcare. Saaf is always on the lookout for volunteers who would like to help in the development and contribution of our projects. Donators are also very much welcome.

Are you a multinational company or an individual? Would you like to donate to Saaf foundation? Please contact me. your donations would be highly appreciated.


Ekene Patience


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Hi dear! I am a beauty, business and health consultant. Please contact me  of you are interested in my services xo

Hi dear! I am a beauty, business and health consultant. Please contact me  of you are interested in my services xo[email protected]/47594950521/in/dateposted-public/


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Corperate social responsibility for top multinational companies



Hi dear! I am a certified carer and beauty consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me for your homeware services. xo Ekene Patience

Hi dear! I am a certified carer and beauty consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me for your homeware services. xo Ekene Patience

Hello dear! I am a beauty, health and business consultant in The Netherlands. Would you like me to write an article regarding your business on my blog? Please contact me. xo


My December 2018 Favourites!

A very Merry Christmas and Happy new year my adorable friends! I hope you all are doing well! This year was terrific! I have a lot to be thankful for.  Today’s blog post, am going to share with you what I truly love this month of December! Below are some activities, shops, and items I am loving this month of December!

  1. I am very thankful for the fact I finally met my nephew in Nigeria ( My younger sister’s son in Nigeria)
  2. Flying with Turkish airways was awesome.
  3. I enjoy the delicious food sold in Albert Heijn supermarket in The Netherlands.
  4. Chilling at McDonald in Middelburg and for good health.
  5. My ability to fix the lamps of my bikes! Thank you Piets Voskamp staff for teaching how to!
  6. The fact that I have two handsome adorable sons.
  7. My blessed loving family in Nigeria
  8. The very affordable skincare items at Action Supermarket in The Netherlands
  9. My new We fashion suits
  10. The fact that I am a photo model and a graduate of Masters of Marketing and Management.
  11. The pretty Christmas cards I received and gave out in The Netherlands!
  12. My very loving and caring friends, customers, and family in Nigeria and Zeeland in The Netherlands.
  13. The very pretty jewelry my cousin gave to me. My cousin makes and sells jewelry worldwide. I help her with marketing and sales!
  14. The lovely lipsticks I received from Duvolle!
  15. Marketing of Automobiles in The Netherlands
  16. My new Dior lipstick and perfume set I bought from Douglas shop in Middelburg!

My beloved friends and family, what are you thankful for? I would love to learn from you!

Thank you so so much for reading! I would love to learn from you.

I love you.


Ekene Patience


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I truely love wearing dresses especially during  the summer period. I admire top artist such as Kim Kardeshian,Naomi Campbell, Oluchi Onweagba,  Beyonce, Victoria Becham, beauty byjj, Michelle phan, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid Beautybybel in their awesome dresses

Hello my Angels, I hope you all are doing great!  I have been planning to post this post for few weeks now but I wanted to get some good answers from my friends and family before I share. I asked some of you on how you do manage loneliness, you guys gave[email protected]/27912211088/in/dateposted-public/




Good morning friends. My current favourites Do like the beads/jewelry am wearing in this pictures/video or do you need a customised bead? i and my cousin & co.  in Nigeria sells customised beads worldwide. please do contact me if you are interested email

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Lekkere @backwerknl

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My current fav. xo





Good morning friends. These are my current favourites! Do like the beads/jewelry am wearing in this pictures/video or do you need a customised bead? i and my cousin & co.  in Nigeria sells customised beads worldwide. please do contact me if you are intere

A very merry Christmas and Happy newyear my fabulous friends and family! Wishing you all good health, long life and happiness! xoxo Ekene Patience & Family! #Red #Redlips #fashion #Beauty #

A very merry Christmas and Happy newyear my fabulous friends and family! Wishing you all good health, long life and happiness! xoxo Ekene Patience & Family! #Red #Redlips #fashion #Beauty #


My Look Of The Day!

Hello, my beautiful angels! I hope you all are doing great!. This is my look for today! I hope you guys like my outfits. I am a fashion stylist in The Netherlands. I love being creative with my outfits. Ladies and gentlemen, if you do need a stylist, want to wear my clothes, shoes, bags for your photoshoots or for fun, please contact me! I love styling my male and female friends up! I am also a photo model, I enjoy making beautiful customized pictures of my self.

The looks below are ideal for the lent period. Summer is almost over in The Netherlands. You just can’t go wrong with great winter jackets! Shops such as Esprit, Bomont, Hudson Bay, The Benehams has cool winter jackets! Timberland has great winter shoes as well.

Enjoy the pictures below! I love you all so so much for all your love, support, encouragement, donations, and kind words.

I love you


Ekene Patience

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Ekene Patience

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p.s. The first few pictures I wore today, the rest are for your extra viewing pleasure![email protected]/30380336067/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/30380338377/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/30380336067/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/44551342354/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/40860978222/in/dateposted-public/[email protected]/26030381697/in/dateposted-public/



Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Ekene Patience 2018!

Hi lovelies! I hope you all are doing well. So many of my friends, family members and fans has been asking me so many questions, so I have decided to use this medium to answer all your questions

  1. Which village does your father come from, Answer Gbokoda Nigeria
  2. How many kids do you have? Answer Two boys. I gave birth to my first son in Lekki phase 1  Lagos Nigeria,My second son  was born in Goes Zeeland in The Netherlands. My oldest son lived in Nigeria while he was three months old till he was five years old due to some challenges we experienced trying to acquire a new dutch passport for him. I and my children has dual nationalities, Nigerian and dutch.
  3. How old are your children, Answer 9 and 4 years old respectively.
  4. Where did you live before coming to Holland, The Netherlands, I lived in Nigeria, grew up in Asaba, married my first husband at Ikoyi magistrate court in year 2008 before then we where living in Port Harcourt Nigeria since year 2005, gave birth to my first son in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. Lived in Treasure Garden estate Lekki phase 2 Lagos Nigeria for several years.
  5. What am I doing now? I am about to round off my studies as a masters in Marketing Management in Scotland
  6. How many languages do I speak, I speak dutch, English Language, Igbo, little French and German.
  7. How many sisters and brothers do I have? I have one elder sister, and a younger sister and one brother.
  8. How did I find my self in The Netherlands? Well I was 17 years old when I met my first husband in Port Harcourt, He is dutch (oyibo) expatriate He was working with QEDI in Nigeria and later worked for Exxon mobile in Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria, we married in Lagos Nigeria in the court  and with him I had my first son Kenneth Kroone.
  9. Are my parents in The Netherlands, No.
  10. Whats my favourite food? Rice and chicken, Nigerian jolly rice.
  11. Why do I love modelling? I am able to express my self better with pictures.
  12. Am I a certified beauty consultant ? Yes, I have a diploma in skincare, makeup, perfumery and cosmetics.
  13. What skills do I have?  Answer- I can braid hair, weave, cut, manicure, pedicure, website buiding, I worked in several hair salons in Nigeria, I also worked as a beauty consultant, sales representative in insurance company in Nigeria and laundry and dry cleaning companies Nigeria.
  14. Why do I enjoy blogging? Answer- I am a certified professional secretary, I studied online with Pennfoster Scranton U.S.A. During my studies, I learnt how to write professionally and I also acquired some book keeping skills.
  15. How many diplomas do I have? Answer – I am a biochemist, Masters In Marketing Management student, a beauty consultant,  a professional secretary,diplomas in Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint  and diplomas in dutch speaking (NT2)
  16. Am I planning to return back to Nigeria soon? Answer no, I used to visit my mummy and family members  often few years ago, but currently, my sisters are very happily married. My mummy would be retiring soon and she plans to join me in The Netherlands. My career goal is to stay back in The Netherlands and  find a befitting professional jobs aligned with my field of studies.
  17. Where have I resided in The Netherlands ? I started coming to the Netherlands since year 2008. I used to visit holland 6 times a year, flew all the time with KLM. Then I used to visit holland with my first husband, we stayed at bijmer Arena in Amsterdam quid, then we had a house at putterplantsoen. During the year 2010, I decided to stay back in The Netherlands. I lived in Rotterdam for few years, then in Dordrecht, and during the year 2013. I moved to s gravenpolder Zealand, whereby I later got married to my second husband that same year. In December 2013 I gave birth to my second son Timothy.  Few years later, I was able to acquire a new dutch passport for Kenneth and brought him from Nigeria to join us in The Netherlands.
  18. Which hotels are my favourites? I have spent over one month in Eko hotel Lagos Nigeria in the year 2008 with my first husband Mr. jan Kroone, before we finally got an accomodation in Treasure garden estate Lekki Lagos Nigeria. It was a very memorable moment for us then, I have also spent few nights at Sheration hotel at schipol airport in 2010, I did enjoyed my stay there then. I have also had the ample opportunity to work in cool hotels and restaurants in The Netherlands such as Fletchers hotel, Amadore Hotel,  Van der Valk etc. These hotels has quality interiors and great customer service.

My angels, I hope these answers all your questions for now. If you do have any more inquiries, or do wish to get to know me much better, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What are your frequently asked questions (FAQ) my lovelies? I do love to learn from you!


Ekene Patience


Ekene Patience –


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Winter Lookbook!

Hi beautiful 🙂 I hope everyone had a great new year celebration. I am so excited as always to share with you some winter outfit inspiration i do often wear and feel comfortable with! It is very crucial you keep warm  during winter period to avoid cold! River island, H&M, Mart Vissers , CA,Silver Creek, Tommy Hilfiger has an amazing winter outfits! Adding a scarf , hand gloves would keep you warmer!

I do love to know more about your favourite winter looks!

Thank you so much for stopping by

I love you.


Here I am wearing my favourite coat from Mart Vissers. I bought it in Goes few years ago, when V&D was still on in zee land. I miss v &d shop a lot

PicMonkey Collage

Here am wearing my favourite leather jacket from Silver Creek I bought in Open 32 in Goes, Zeeland.



A pretty skirt from



DSfZZxqX4AI9Ywr.jpg-large DSoNKMcXUAA22gT.jpg-large

A lovely makeup look done by me  ideal for winter period.

Above, a lovely scarf from River Island




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How To Find a Job!!!

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3fm serious request Eindhoven (glazenhuis)2010 in The Netherlands!!

Hiya Muffins, I hope you all are doing great. Have you guys been wondering how to find a new job lately?

Well here are some cool tips on how to do so.

  1. You can register your own business at chamber of commerce and become self employed person ( you may need a website as well. or wordpress can be used for building a website)
  2. Work for a boss, search website such as LinkedIn, indeed, monster board, studentjobs, Linkedin, jop rapido, for job offers.
  3. Become a photo model, actor, figurant in movies, search for casting calls on Facebook, twitter, goggle by using the right keyword.
  4. Become a you tuber, make movies and promote your self on other social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram.
  5. Promote products for other businesses or become a drop shipper.
  6. Start selling your own stuff you do no need on ebay.
  7. Contact companies directly, e.g if you are interested in cleaning jobs, search for cleaning job agencies in your area by searching on google, use the right key word, call or email them
  8. Search on Facebook for job coach, ask your friends who do work how they found their job.
  9. connect with alumni by attending events.

Remember, working would enable you earn money. money is important for enjoying a decent lifestyle such as spending quality time with your family and friends, going on vacation to Maldives, Barbados or other awesome countries, buying nice cars, houses and so on.

I hope you are inspired. Please do let me know if these tips were helpful.

I love you.




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p.s. I am currently looking for a job, if you have any tips, please do contact me – [email protected] Please find my digital cv HERE





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Autumn Hair!


This season, I have done autumn fashion, makeup look. Here is an autumn hair look book. I usually wet my hair a little bit before brushing it to make it nice and soft. I love blow-drying  curling my hair too, braids can be a great alternative this season because it requires less blow-drying. I do get my hair inspiration from a YouTube guru Luxy hair founder called Mimi Ikonn.

I’m also considering studying “HOW TO” braid tutorials on YouTube. For Makeup, now it’s Autumn and the nights are drawing in quicker and the leaves are turning brown and crispy, I thought it apt to change up my makeup up a bit (maybe I was feeling a bit daring this day). I treated myself to a new lipstick from the Mac counter, I picked up a dark red colour, I also love wearing viva glam by Rihanna too. For my eyes, I love wearing Lancome eyeshadow, smashbox, Givenchy and urban decay. giggle).


Are you changing up your makeup bag this autumn?

Check out my autumn makeup tutorial below.

I love you


Ekene Patience


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Makeup Looks For Different Occasions!!!

Hello my adorable friends, See below some cool pictures from my several shoots in The Netherlands few years ago. I wore several makeup looks to sooth my outfit, occasion and theme for the shoot. I hope you are inspired. Try to wear makeup (especially eyeshadow) that compliments with your accessories and dress. For example, if you need to wear a blue dress, blue bag, blue eyeshadow will match well.

I love you.



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Who Run The World?

There are so many ladies who have given me little nuggets of life wisdom which have all contributed to the woman that I am today. 

My Mum – She always encouraged me to explore my creativity and never put limitations on what I could or couldn’t do. She taught me how to self-motivate & be grateful for the smaller things in life.  She also taught me to be confident and believe in myself. She is simply my best friend.

My Friends – I have a girl gang that is seriously enviable. My friends are some of the most inspiring people to be around. All with different passions, life mottos and brimming with the best advice you could ever ask for. Every time I hang out with any of them, I leave feeling a little more inspired.  Although most of my girlfriend are in different countries all over the world, social media helps us to connect.

My Manager – My very good friend in Rotterdam is someone I have worked very intensely with for few months now and I have watched myself grow into a seriously confident, savvy, courageous and determined business woman. This isn’t something I think I’ve ever mentioned to anyone as he is always the one encouraging, supporting and praising me but he gives me the drive to improve myself in terms of building a stronger more resilient side of my personality that I often struggle with. When I see how he gets things done and takes control of difficult situations with absolute ease, I soak it in like a sponge! I also have a very kind lady as a girlfriend in Middelburg whom has always been there for me.

Adele – Adele is one of my favourite artist.  Simply for being so down to earth in a world where sometimes her feet probably don’t touch the ground. She has stayed so true to herself regardless of what she has achieved. She is a great musician. Some other great artist are Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye west and Coldplay.

My Viewers/Readers – I learn an awful lot from those who read, watch and comment on my social channels. You are all some of the bravest, strongest and most determined people I’ve ever come across. Every individual story or piece of advice you offer me has such an impact. It’s such a special thing that whilst you are learning about me and my life, I can also learn a lot from you too just by reading your comments and tweets. Some of my favourite life mottos or quotes have come from twitter mentions! 

I hope this has encouraged you to think about the ladies in your life that have an impact on you and if it has, let them know! 

 “When women support each other, incredible things happen!”

Thank you for reading!

I love you


Ekene Patience

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