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How To Prevent Heart Attack

Hello, my beautiful angels! How are you all doing today? I hope you all are doing great! Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you all on how to manage your health better and tips on how to prevent heart attack. A heart attack is a very common ailment that could be suffered by old and young. During my biochemistry studies in Nigeria, I took some causes in food biochemistry and anatomy, I learnt some preventive measures on how to manage one,s health effectively with good food. These tips below would enable you to avoid heart problems.

  1. Eat healthy meals, lots of fruits and vegetables,  avoid food with a high amount of fat and cholesterol
  2. Engage in mild exercise, avoid intensive exercise if you have any health challenges or health problems
  3. Drink forever living products such as the Aloe vera juice, its very good for the heart.
  4. Travelling is excellent. Researchers have affirmed that loneliness can lead to a heart attack and premature death. In order to avoid being lonely, please practise travelling, visit different cities or countries, that would distract you and help you ease your mind.
  5. Are you experiencing constant heart pain, please visit your medical practitioner?
  6. Stay at a healthy weight
  7. Limit the amount of stress
  8. Listen to good exciting music, watch great films and have lots of fun!
  9. Spend quality time with your parent, grandparent, children, friends and family!


I hope these tips inspired you. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Please do share with me how you tend to manage your health and prevent loneliness and heart diseases, I would love to learn from you.


Ekene Patience



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How to prevent Heart Attack

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