Hello there! I am a photo model and certified makeup artist founder of fab beauties in The Netherlands. I have been a makeup artist and a model for more than a decade now.  I am also on Patron

I have had the ample opportunity to shoot with several photographers in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Belgium, and France. I did the makeup of several models and individuals in The Netherlands. I have also worked in Makeup and cosmetic shops in The Netherlands for several years as a beauty consultant.

My photos and makeup work has been used for books, exhibitions,  calendars, DVDs, websites, billboards, art galleries, photography workshops, portfolios, postcards, and magazines.

 These are some pictures of me and my models!

Please do contact me if you need a makeup artist or a  photo model in the Netherlands.

I am also a beauty consultant in the Netherlands. I do Makeup, Manicure and pedicure

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Hello dear! I am a photo model and  a beauty consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you would like to work with me. xo Ekene Patience

Hello dear! I am a photo model and  a beauty consultant in The Netherlands. Please contact me if you would like to work with me. xo Ekene Patience

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Hello my very handsome men in da house!!!   I hope you all are doing great. I have received tons of request from my male fans and readers to post grooming tips. I usually share my beauty tutorials, tips with male and female audience.These are my grooming

Hiya. I am a beauty, model and health consultant in The Netherlands -

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Working girl in Rotterdam

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Hello my very handsome men in da house!!!   I hope you all are doing great. I have received tons of request from my male fans and readers to post grooming tips. I usually share my beauty tutorials, tips with male and female audience.These are my grooming


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makeup done by me

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Ekene Patience

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Fun Shoots in The Netherlands

Exactly what I need this ‪#‎winter‬ period! Wishing you all a gorgeous day xoxo Ekene Patiencemodel New post is up on the site! ‪#‎autumn‬ ‪#‎fur‬ ‪#‎pink‬ ‪#‎red‬ ‪#‎fotograaf‬ ‪#‎photographer‬

More pics here-

More pics here-


No matter how you feel, Get up, Dress up, show up, and never give-up!.  Accessories-  New video is up! #model #photographer #fotos #fotographer #manicure #pedicure #mua #makeupartist #beauty #lin


Model Ekene Patience

 Photo  Model In The Netherlands!

For the past few months I’ve been yearning and searching to rediscover my love of lingerie. Some of my feelings are because I blog a lot for work, so I simply see a ton of bras. Some of it is because this season all the lingerie kind of looks the same and I’m someone who tends to fall in love with unique and slightly kitschy pieces. I usually purchase my Lingerie from webshops such as Babes and Bitches in The Netherlands, Marlies Dekkers, H&M, Hunke Moller and other random shops in the Netherlands. Last week, I went with a photographer few blocks away from my home in Zeeland to make some lovely lingerie shoots! You guys love it. I got a lot of likes and positive comments on Facebook and Instagram.I believe everyone wears lingerie, no matter your size, ethnicity of religion.

I am very happy that am still able to wear lingerie after having two kids, the secret is I eat very little quantity of Sugar, no too much carbohydrates such as Bread, Potato and so on, A little quantity is ok. I use honey in my thee instead of sugar.

If you are a photographer and reading this blog, Pease do contact me if you do like to shoot. I would love to make some more sexy lingerie shoots!

My wish and advice for women out there is to learn to love their body, appreciate it and rock it the best you can.

Stay beautiful! Xoxo Ekene Patience






Hello loves! Welcome to my channel!

I just made my nails yesterday! I have a salon and I do Manicure, Pedicure and Make-Up.

Please do contact me if you need my services or have any enquiries.

For my Eye shadow- I am wearing Lorac and elf Eye shadow.

I am wearing a dress from

I wore the Peach colored show with the dress from New Look V&D. The second pink heel is from Amazon.

I am loving Prep and Prime Mac powder, Mac foundation, concealer and blush and lipstick.

I love Mac products!

I got my new hand bag (Bag hand bag I bought from Brussel airlines while I was travelling for holidays to Pain.

Please let me know your favourite handbag brands! I love bags such as Gucci, Prada, Guess, DKNY and many more.

Thank you so much for listening!

I love you!


Ekene Patience




Looking Lovely In Lingerie!

 Hello my amazing friends,I did rocked these lovely lingeries during my photosession at my home in The Netherlands few weeks ago! I am sharing these pictures to inspire you on how to style your self while wearing sexy lingeries. You can find some amazing Lingeries from shops such as Hunke Moller, Ebay, Amazon, Marlies Dekkers, De Bijenkorf.

I really love these outfits! I hope you do too!

Stay beautiful!


Ekene Patience

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Black Is Gold!

The most common way women give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any!
I am wearing a lovely dress from and African head gear around my shoulder!
Make-up and styling done me! xoxo Ekene Patience
Stay beautiful!

G-Star Jeans, Marlies Dekker Bra and White Bikini Shoot

Few weekend ago, I had a great photo session at my home in The Netherlands wearing one   of my favourite jeans G-Star, easy to do in the summer, somehow nautical trends always make their way back into our closets. I realised that for my shopping baskets, I was quick to pick up anything lined. I’m dreaming of the Sun Sea and sand right now, i am happy this summer period enjoying this tropical weather in Holland.  The one thing I do find a little difficult with these trousers is what footwear to choose! Barefoot, these obviously look great, but with the other options…it can be tricky. I opted for a barely there heel, but I’m totally open to suggestions on how to make this work if a flats alternative. . I have new video on my YouTube channel with the name Ekene Patience, feel free to check it out for your styling inspiration!

Have a great week!

I love you!


Ekene Patience