Office Management

Ekene & co.  offers services for your office management such as:

Customer service and business developement
Seo and Sea
Website building
Social media updates
I and my team members has assisted the following companies to build their website/business plan

Viral marketing business plan for and sho nutrution
Parfum Star Rotterdam
Solite Travel Nigeria
Izi Fes Shoe company The Netherlands
Sephora ( marketing strategy for dutch market)
watch star in The Netherlands ( build the website and does the social media updates)
Business plan for Jacaranda Trading B.V.
Coached several students at Rotterdam University of Applied sciences on how to build a website
Maintenance of this website Ekene Patience
Sales representative for Van Vliet Trucks and luxury cars in The Netherlands, mainly emailing potential customers in african countries (introductory email)
Eneco ( door to door marketing, sales of Toon)
Dorcas – Collection of cloths for less priviledged ones worldwide) also assist in yearly food collection in Emte supermarket in The Netherlands. I have been working for dorcas for over 4 years now
Student mentor for University of Dundee Scotland , coaching new students and Mini marketing plan Snuggle

Prezi presentation – Here

See more of my business plan here

p.s. I have been a translator for over five years in The Netherlands. I help international students translate Dutch language  to English Language.

Komt u niet meer aan het huishouden toe? Hebt u een drukke baan of lichamelijke klachten? Wilt u uw schaarse vrije uurtjes liever beter besteden? Doet u meer dan goed is voor uw lichaam? Wij hebben de oplossing voor u: Ekene schoonmaakster in huis nemen!

Altijd een schoonmaakster die voldoet aan de door u opgegeven wensen en eisen;
Slechts €12,50 per uur;

Home Management

Do you need a great cleaner for your home, hotels or office building? Ekene  schoonmaak bedrijf offers you great service for your home. Our  services includes:

  • Housekeeping
  • office cleaning
  • Vacational home cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Gardening



We have worked with companies such as Roompot holiday homes, Hotel Middelburg, Fletchers hotels and Amadore hotels in The Netherlands

Mobile: +31657088182

WhatsApp: +31617339446

Skype : Ekene Patience




If you do need cars, trucks, generators, from The Netherlands, please do not hesitate to contact me – Here

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Working for Dorcas in The Netherlands























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