Ideas On Styling Your Dresses!

Hello, my amazing friends and family! How are you? I hope you all are doing well. I have been asked to share with you guys great ideas on how to style your dresses. I love wearing dresses, dresses make me happy and feel very feminine. You need at least one nice black blazer to style your dresses. If you like to wear dresses to pick up your kids from school, to the supermarket, to attend a nice university in The Netherlands, Uk, Scotland, Belgium or Germany, you need to incorporate a nice little necklace, flat shoes, winter jacket, a simple day makeup look. Wearing dresses to a nice after the wedding party, you need to style the dress with a nice pair of black, green, or pink bags, with matching shoes.

My girlfriend in Middelburg sells really nice trendy dresses. Seven years ago, I bought a nice colorful dress with a green jacket, a green handbag, and some accessories, I really like the dress, I wore it to a party. I felt so happy I wore that dress after wearing that dress on the party, i wore the dress at home, to a dinner date, for my youtube video shooting in scotland during my masters studies, and so on. It is very important to buy and wear dresses that have high quality, because you get to wear dresses for many years, instead of buying very low priced dresses with low quality, i do recommend you invest your money in a good quality dress.

During the winter period, please wear a nice winter jacket, especially if you live in a country with a cold climate. A few years ago, I bought a very nice winter jacket from Bomont in Middelburg, I truly like the outfit.

If you are a male reader, It might interest you to know that women love men that are very romantic, Are you a husband, father, boyfriend or just a friend? would you like to make your wife, mother of your kid(s), girlfriend happy? if yes,  please buy her a nice dress from Ted Baker,  Met dress, AW bridal dress, Femme Luxe dress, Nelly, Fashionova, a nice winter jacket from shops such as H&M, De Bijenkorf and so on.  You may want to make your children very happy by gifting them with a nice toy such as Lego, Nintendo, baby cars from time to time

Women love very romantic men, in order to make your wife happy, please buy her a nice dress, lovely perfume, a nice pair of high heel shoes, a nice wedding dress or after wedding party dress, a nice ring, watches, hair, makeup, perfume, winter boot, nice lingerie, cosmetics, day and night cream, soap for taking her bath, nail polish from brands such as Opi and a nice handbag from Michael Kors. In my opinion, these items mentioned above are must-have for ladies.

My advice for you ladies out there reading my blog, please do care for your self and loved ones, use the right and suitable cosmetics, eat the right food on daily basis, exercise often, wear nice and proper dresses, wear a suitable winter jacket, right self-care essentials, have some cute shoe ideal for the season ( winter/summer) period.

Please avoid exposing your skin to harsh weather conditions, during the summer period, please avoid any circumstances that will damage your skin, such as sunburn,  skin discolorations, using expired cosmetics can damage your skin, leave very ugly scars on your skin.

I have been painting, sketching, and have been indulging in making nice pictures (photography) these days. I have also done lots of giveaways.


Disclaimer – Some of the outfits, cosmetics, and so on are pr products ( public relation) ( that means, these products were sponsored, so i am obliged to share them on my blog) I do wear these products/outfits only for promotional purposes.


Thank you so much for reading my blog, please do share with me, how you do style your dresses, what kind of accessories do you use to make your dresses look fabulous and fantastic, I would love to learn from you.


Ekene Patience

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