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 Hello my amazing friends I hope you are doing well. Here are some few tips on how to be happier. I have come to realise that happiness is a choice and have learnt to accept that in life sometimes circumstances arises that makes us unhappy but we should learn to refrain from negativity and become more positive and delighted.

Tip one, learn to love yourself and others. Try to give lots of Hug. If you do have a partner, hug him or her as often as you can. Hugging makes your body release hormones that gives you happy feelings.
Second tip try to meditate .meditation has been proven scientifically to help in healing the mind and soul.

My third tip is to surround yourself with positive people, people that are able to lift you up, inspire and motivate you. You can make friends by being active on social media such as Facebook Twitter Instagram.  YouTube is also a great place to find great inspiration.
Fourth tip is to learn to pamper your self. have your makeup, Manicure and Pedicure done, afterwards, you will instantly feel delighted and more beautiful. If you need beautiful Makeup, Manicure and Pedicure in The Netherlands, please contact me at

I hope these tips were helpful

I love you so so much!


Ekene Patience

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