How To Find Your Fabulous Style!

Here are some few tips on how to find your famous styles that will suit you perfectly. Recently I made a cookbook wearing my favourite black dress as a look book. Personally black suits my skin tone perfectly. In the Netherlands, Black, grey and brown are most worn colours.

Make tweaks, don’t overhaul – Be real, how many of you want to start from scratch with your closet at times? I like to think of myself as always evolving, not completely transforming. As humans, it’s practically our jobs to change over time, slow and steady. Style works the same way. If you’ve changed from last year – You only need to buy items you really need.

Put an end to the comparison game – Now is the time to be inspired, not envious. Your peers and coworkers’ styles, the blogger of the moment, street style inspiration on pinterest there’s a wealth of information out there. But once you stop being inspired and start making comparisons, it’s time to separate yourself form those sources. If you struggle with comparison, try this: the moment your mind begins to compare your look to the one on your digital feed, shut it down. Do not be so spontaneous in buying, you have to really need a clothing items before shopping. You can check Instagram and Pinterest for styling inspiration. You can find some more inspiration in my tutorials below (youtube video)
I hope these tips inspires you!
I love you






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