Daily Skincare Routine


dscf7510Hello Loves! Hope you all are doing well. Here are some few tips on how I maintain a heathy skin. I do drink a lot of water and thee on daily basis. Water helps to keep you hydrated and ensures a glowing skin. I also bike a lot. I bike almost on daily basis, Biking helps  to tone your muscles and be in shape. I also use awesome affordable cosmetic products such as bio- oil, Nivea, Baby oil. Eating lots of fruits and vegetable is paramount. I do eat fruits such as Banana, Kiwi, Oranges everyday to gain some essential nutrients such as vitamins. Vegetables are also important such as cucumber, sla,tomatoes, onions etc.

Wearing good makeup , such as foundations, powder, applying bush and lipstick or gloss can also refreshen you and makes your skin glow.

A good night rest is also very important to earn a glowing skin. Avoid too much smoking and drinking too much alcohol..

I hope these tips are helpful!

I love you so much.


Patience Ekene

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