How To Wear Black Dresses!!!

Hey sugar, I have a confession to make, I love black dresses!!! No matter what season or year we are in, black is always back! This being said, do not lie to yourself that black is out of style or not cool enough for summer. Let’s recap some styling theories.

Black is flattering, nonchalantly sensual and you can never get wrong with it. Black is always elegant, even if you upgrade your outfit with a sexier touch. Moreover, during summer black means being super stylish and always sexy! For example, sheer black dresses or oversized summer jumpers for the beach wear will be much more fashionable than the outrageous neon dresses.

Today I am showing you this magnificent outfits I wore during my photo sessions in The Netherlands. You may want to shop for your black dresses online on shops such as Zolando, Ebay, Amazon,, De Bijenkorf, Omoda,Wehkamp and many more.

I hope you are inspired.

I would love to hear from you what your favorite color is.

I love you


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Met dress – De Bijenjorf




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