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Hello lovelies, Thank you for reading my blog. There is absolutely great llove in giving, caring and sharing! I have been doing charity work in The Netherlands for over two years. I work for Dorcas, a charity organisation in The Netherlands ( I help to collect used cloths, shoes, utensils for less priviledged once accross the world.

Few years ago, I was called up by a man who own a shop in a city close to where I live in Zeeland The Netherland. He told me he wanted to get rid of all the items in the shop and he wish to donate it for the charity organisation I work for. So I contacted the charity organisation I am working for, and they made appointment with the man,  all the items where collected. such as Shoes, Scarf,Cloths, and many more ( see pictures). These items would be donated to people all over the world whom are in need of cloths and basic amenities. It feels great to help the poor and needy. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo Ekene Patience Makeup-Artist In The Netherlands


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